A peculiar clicking sound beeping from every monitor that perched on the circular incubators. These are the electrocardiograms. It counted the heart beats of these creatures. They
e alive, but not awaken. Nephilim was not the only monster-like creature here. I can tell by the sporadically different in size of the incubators. Some were massive and some just the size of a pickle jar.

”I don understand, Doctor. What are these things? They
e, they are … frightening. ”

”These are the primeval creatures from the past. The one who roamed this land way before the dinosaurs even exist. ”

”But we all knew, before the Mesozoic Era it was Paleozoic Era, Doctor. Its impossible for a species of an ape existed at this time. ”

He walked to another row of these incubators and stopped on the small one.

”You are correct, Mrs. Hope. The first ape in fact hadn existed in Paleozoic Era. If you
e referring to the first ape, lets say from Eocene Epoch in Cenozoic Era, you are correct. Unless, this astounding creature was not an ape. ”

”Huh? What are they? ”

”Hmmm, our ancestors in the past called them with different names, but i believe you are familiar with the conspiracy theorist these days. ”

”Im sorry, Doctor. It seems im lost behind. ”

”I mean the Reptiles, Mrs. Hope. ”

”The Reptiles? I apologize, Doctor. I don mean to be rude, but the Mesozoic Era where the dinosours exist were called the Age of Reptiles. So i think your explanation didn match up. ”

”Are you sure, Mrs. Hope? I can give you extra credit scores on this topic if you decide to take your PhD in the future. Ill be your professor. We can conferring about this topic. ”

”Thank you, Doctor. I suppose that answer mean im wrong. ”

”Yes. Mrs. Hope, Paleozoic Era was the time where the first reptile roved this planet. ”

”But why did they have the shape of an ape? Two legs, two hands and they have fingers. Oh wow, even five fingers on each hand. Almost like us, human, ” i speak with satirical tone.

”You have a Master degree in Biology, Mrs. Hope. You should have known it better. Most reptiles have five fingers. ”

”But still … the origin of these creatures bugged me, Doctor. If they emerged from the Paleozoic Era, could that mean they
e from the Amphibian Epoch? I don understand. ”

”Mrs. Hope. The truth is, they are not from planet earth, ” he said slowly with lower voice.

”What do you mean, Doctor? ”

”To be honest i don have all the answers. Weve been studied about them. Weve studied every historical monuments, ruins, cultures, every pages of the old manuscripts from the early human civilization. Yet, we only scratched the surface of the mystery. We don know why they came to earth millions of years ago. ”

”Did we know where do they come from? ”

He felt silent and looking at me before pressed the buttons on the perched monitor.

”I don think you want to know the answers, Mrs. Hope. Because i believe, you won like it. ”

”Just tell me, Doctor. Please. ”

”Fine. Yes, we know which planet did they come from. Your husband lied to you about the Mars Mission. Thats why he hasn come for you, because he cannot. Its one way ticket. They
e not landing on Planet Mars and setting up camping tents while studying useless rocks. They passed the red planet into the deep of the interstellar. He is light years away from you, Mrs. Hope. ”

”No, no, no. William lied to me? Ah, no way, Doctor. I don believe it. Haha, theres no way he did that. ”

Out of nowhere my cheeks felt warm. I didn want to believe, but my heart couldn take it. Its been ten years since William left the planet earth and me. He promised hell coming back for me. i did believe him. I did. Even today. I, i just, i, i couldn ….

”I understand, Mrs. Hope. Hes still alive. You know it because NASA keep forwarding Williams message for you. But don you asked yourself why it took so long for you now? Its because hes getting far away. ”

”Since four years ago i only received one message. NASA told me they had problem with the communication instrument. Im telling the truth, Doctor. ”

Professor Ivan beckoned me. We walked slowly between the incubators.

”In this case, NASA lied to you. I believe they did this in behalf or by the request of your husband. You don have to study astrophysics just for knowing how far your husband has travelled. NASA communicate with radio wave instrument. Radio wave traveled at the speed of light. 180.000 miles per second. Which means, he is about 2 light years away from you right now. ”

I froze. My eyes hurt and warmer. I kept breathing heavily so i didn burst out crying. I missed him. I just couldn believe he is light years away. Which meant, every message i filled with love and all of my yearning to see him again, floated in the deepest dark of interstellar space for years before it reached him.

”If i were you, Mrs. Hope. I would be so proud of him. He solved the mystery and found where were these creatures coming from. The zealot of his research was to find where did us human coming from and whats the purpose of our existence in the universe. Finding the planet of these creatures might be the first step to answer the question. ”

I followed him and stopped at another circular door. We left Sector-13 and entered a white room. There
e only small incubators in here. The size of a pickle jar. Literally. I didn see any living creatures inside these incubators. It looked dark green like a lava lamp, but without bubbles. We kept walking and stopped at another door. But this door looked different. Most likely a vault.

”Mrs. Hope. Before your husband soared into the cosmos. He left something in this secret room. The only problem was, he didn left us any clue on how to open this door. Weve been trying to circumvent the security he made, but we failed. Couple weeks ago we just realized something. This was made for you, Mrs. Hope. ”

”Made for me? Why? ”

”Thats what we are going to find out, Mrs. Hope. ”

Its a pale blue door. It had the same security instrument like the Sector-13s door. What is this, William? Its been ten years since you left me. What could be something you left inside this mysterious room?

Was it an apologize for me?

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