A Simple Discourse

Clubs and Chocolate.

Himari has gone AWOL but is in very big trouble as I am very capable of holding grudges.

I spotted Tyler as I walked away from Jesse and all but ran to him complaining about my big mouth.

He soon had enough of me ruining his night and ordered me to look for Himari since she was the person who put me in that situation in the first place.

I searched everywhere.

Even occupied rooms, praying to find her in one so I could interrupt her fun time with the unfortunate soul she managed to sink her claws into.

Apart from a few glares and the occasional stiletto tossed at me to get the ** out, weirdo!, I was able to leave unscathed.

Himari has vanished, which is why I am sitting on an uncomfortable couch that definitely has a million STDs, listening to a drunk Annabelle rant.

”So he does this awesome backflip and winks at me. Well, to be frank, he winked in the direction of the cheerleaders but I was close to them and he just did a backflip so he could have been a little dizzy right? Anyway, what Im upset about is that he went ahead to ask Mira to be his plus one at the gala. ” She takes a deep breath, looking like a pufferfish and takes a swig of her beer.

I tried prying it away from her when she started her tale and I have a long scratch on my arm to show for it. The girl has deadly claws.

”Can you believe it, Killer? He asked her to be his plus one! She is not even hot or anything! I mean, she is so poor, the only people who would understand her would be other poverty-stricken students and you, no offense. She goes to school on a full ride! He could choose from a long list of billionaire heiresses at school who would be more than willing, but he goes ahead and asks an East Ender. Its like, its like Hunter Stallone asking you to accompany him to some gala. ”

She laughs at her analogy, probably finding it too hilarious to fathom.

”I mean, sure if he asked you out when your family name still held water, no one will bat an eye but now? Come on, thats like Patrick asking Mira to a gala. Oh wait, he already did! ” She begins to sob anew.

Her words do not offend me.

Annabelle Byers always says whatever is on her mind without caring about peoples feelings.

She doesn say these things to hurt anyones feelings either, so we all cut her some slack.

I don tell her Hunter did ask me to accompany him to some gala once; after the family scandal.

No need to make her blow a fuse.

I also don tell her that though Mira was not born into hospital gloves made of money- like ninety percent of the school, she is not poor, neither is she from the east end.

East Ender? Seriously though, Annabelle?

I don remind her that Patrick and Mira have been best friends since their diaper days and we all know there is some strong chemistry between them.

I don tell her all these partly because I am not drunk enough to care, but mostly because I doubt she would be able to hear me over the sound of her snores.

I let my eyes wander. Everyone is having a blast doing what they want to be doing and here I am watching a preppy ballet dancer drool on my lap.

This night cannot get much worse.

”Well, isn this a sight to behold? ”

”Go away Aaron. ” Just great, I jinxed myself.

He plops down on the couch and smiles.

”Now why would I do that? My favourite person on earth is sitting right here. ”

The fluorescent lights cannot compete with the lazers shooting out my eyes. If only I could obliterate him and escape divine punishment.

”Do you want a recap of where we left off in class? ”

”See, Im such a saint that I am willing to forgive you for your mean words. Only if you say sorry of course. ”

Silence is the best answer given to a fool. Such a nice philosophy.

”Ignoring me won do you any good babe. ”

I spot Tyler laughing away with Penelope Higgins on the dancefloor and I glare through the writhing bodies wishing I could burn a hole through him.

Just look at him, laughing away like he has no care in the world. While here I am, wallowing away on this miserable couch with a soul-sucking demon who refuses to look away.

Let me not get started on Himari. What good friends I have.

”I really really want to kiss you right now. Stop biting your lips if you don want that. ”

On reflex, I release my troubled lip. I didn even know I was biting it.

”Watch it Fletcher. ” I don care that Annabelle might fall off the chair without my support when I get up and storm off.

Idiot! Can I kiss you?

Yes, he did not exactly ask to kiss me, more like informed me he would if I did not stop doing something so normal to my own body.

He wants to control what I do to my body now, does he? Thinking he could control how angry I should get last Monday and now this. Oh Ill show him.

I spot my person leaning on the kitchen door and stomp over. His friends stop talking and suddenly all attention is on me, but mine is on him and him alone.

”Oh hey Tequi- ”

Jesses words are cut short when I place my lips on his. He is shocked still for a second before he grabs my hips and pull me into him.

His arms snake around my waist and run the length of my back, causing me to arch into him.

A few wolf whistles have us pulling away, although he doesn let go of my hips. I bite my lips as I look around and see the eager, scandal-hungry teenagers around us.

The girl who was clinging to his arm like it was her lifeline glares at me and I roll my eyes.

Delilah Devon, more like Debbie Downer.

I turn back to see Jesse watching me with hooded eyes filled with questions I understand.

I nod once and he immediately steers me towards the stairs.

The party continues once everyone understands that we would not be entertaining them anymore.

His room is spacious and furnished with galaxy-themed furniture that look too pristine to be sat on.

He locks his door and leans on it, not as eager as he was last time. My eyebrows scrunch up in confusion.

”What is it? ”

He sighs and runs a hand through his hair.

No! Thats my job.

”You aren sleeping with me to piss Fletcher off, are you? ”

My jaw slackens and he gives a half hearted chuckle as he clamps it shut for me.

Seems to be happening a lot around him.

”What do you mean? Why would I sleep with you to piss anybody off, much less Aaron? ”

He shrugs and leans back on the door.

”You ask me. I saw you two you know? He had that stupid oy in love look and suddenly, you were kissing me with a vengeance. It worked too cause he stormed away. ”

I catch myself before my jaw goes slack again.

Three times the charm, not.

”First, the look on Aarons face was lust. Pure, innocent, unadulterated lust. He- ”

”I don think innocent should be used in the same sentence as lust. ”

I glare at the interrupter.

”Second, I kissed you because you were standing there looking all ready-to-eat. ” I pause to smirk at his blush. ”And Aaron was just having a pissy fit. ”

”If you say so. ”

”I say so. Now come on, you need to compensate me for having the worst time at your party. ”

I insert my index finger through a belt loop on his trousers and drag him to his humongous bed.

He chuckles as he stumbles after me. ”Yes Mistress. Your wish is my command. ”

My chuckle sounds suspiciously like a giggle as he playfully nibbles my ear. I climb over him and straddle his waist, noting with a smidgen of pride his proof of arousal.

”How can I serve you, Mistress? ”

My hands have a mind of their own as they run through his soft curls. I lick the corner of his mouth and taste cola.

Jesse doesn drink.

He swore off everything alcoholic the day his brother caused an accident while drunk driving.

He is presently in prison as the accident had casualties.

My tongue stops at the hollow of his collarbone and he moans.

”How about we serve each other. ”

His head bobs eagerly as he lets me remove his top.

I play with the light dusting of hair on his chest and he chuckles, breaking the mood for a second.

”That tickles. ”

”Oh hush, you big baby. You taste like Cola. ”

”Thats because I drank cola, detective Wilson. ”

He flips us over and bends for a kiss I eagerly reciprocate.

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