Absolute Villain

Mental-image battle - I swear I am super fine.

ast results on the past days. Nothing happened and I still couldn sense the prana that Mother Elena was talking about.

At night, I trained all my senses in the dark. It was to sharpen them much sharper than the sharpest blade in the world.

If I think carefully about what I said, I realized that what I said was meaningless. But for me, it wasn . I am serious about it.

I also did not forget to shadow fight in the dark.

Pah pah pah!

Using my bare hands, I executed some combo of attacks against my self-created mental-image enemy.

Zing zing zing!

I slashed it a few times using the knife in my hand.

Despite that, the enemy was not an easy opponent.

Using a divine sword, a superb downward vertical strike is coming!


A blinding light from heaven merged into his sword?!

Emblazoned by its brilliance, my eyes shook at that moment. Contrary to mine, my enemys pair of golden eyes were gallantly shining like the sun.

”Thats e-excalib— ” my voice trembled. However, before I could finish my words, I bit my lip and…

”Hehe… ” I grinned. Then, darkness overshadowed my face at that moment.


Rang! Rang! Rang!

A BGM for boss appearance suddenly rockin rolled in my ears.

Hearing that, my mouth arched upward.

Showing a toothy grin, I stuck out my tongue and middle-fingered the enemy as I said in a fearless voice: ”Fool… An absolute villain can never be defeated! Hahaha! ”

Rang! Rang! Rang!

The strumming of guitars and rumbling of drums give a good chill into my soul. Along with melodic sound of the piano, I feel buffed.

I am unbeatable!


I heard the enemy muttered the word Begone.

Using my palms, I caught the blade: ”Bring it on! ” I screamed.

Rang! Rang! Rang!

Brrr… whoosh!!! Darkness and light collided which caused a supernova explosion that shook heaven and earth.

And then, to my surprise, my whole existence was exterminated completely. Blinding lights showered in the world.

While breathing heavily, I found myself lying on the floor with sweat trailing all over me.

Having a mental conversation with yourself and now a mental battle was truly exhausting.

I stared in the dark.

”I don like how the fight ended. I need to become stronger so that even the strongest heavenly attack could not obliterate and hurt me. ”

The next morning, I woke up late.

Anyway, I came to the cliff where I saw the giant worm yesterday.

”Oh, its not here… ”

I could not see it.

”Perhaps it has already left for good. ”

Hopefully. I said.

I approached the wood poles where the broken bridge was tied.

As I was tying up another rope on it, I suddenly noticed a sudden commotion.


Twerp twerp twerp!

”Eh? What was that? ” Reflexively, I looked behind.

The trees were shaking furiously. It was as if a gang of mischievous monkeys was swaying them wildly. And from those trees, countless birds flew at once.

A second after that, the ground shook and I heard rumbling noises coming closer and closer to me.

”Wha!! ”

The tall bushes not far from me made gushing noises as they trembled all over. I instinctively focused my eyes there. Already anticipating that something will come out.

As I thought…

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