nd they also slit his belly so that they could drink angel blood to improve their resistance to light. But the angel could only survive so long, because it is in the nature of these two races that angels have a higher power, because they actually stand for the ”order of the universe ”. The demons on the other hand, are the opposite and they want to destroy the balance between the worlds and conquer heaven.

However, before that happened and the angel died, he was teleported back to heaven.

”It was a special sign that is burned into the soul when you go to another world. This sign Escudo sign. The sign is a white tree, without leaves and with black background. On the right and left are white stars, which start at the branches and then run diagonally to the top. In total there were seven stars and under the seventh star, which was above the top, you could see a crown, which should show the majesty of this sign, the angel explained.

So you were immortal when you went to another world, Shay wondered.

Theoretically, if you went to another world, you were immortal, but when you die, your soul leaves your body and flies back to heaven. During this time, others can try to snatch the soul and consequently one would die despite the sign. However, if the soul manages to return to heaven, one is reborn in ones old body with all the memories and everything. The only downside to this is that the ”Escudo-sign ” grabs a part of ones soul so there is an exchange for being reborn. This is also the reason why angels who are reborn are weaker, because it uses the last state of the body before you die, making you easy prey.

Another reason for their weakness is that they are missing a part of their soul! The soul is the most important at every creature. But if then something is missing from this soul, what is stored in the soul is lost and can never be regained, one loses strength and potential for strengthening. Angels who are reborn are mostly again on the lowest level of angels and can not manage to ascend. There are exceptions, but these are creatures of the highest level.

However, this was not enough information for Shay, but the angel did not know anything else about it, which disappointed Shay. Instead, he asked something about the angelic plane he is on and what worlds there are.

[How many worlds are there? Is it just one where each summoned person is gathered or are there many different worlds?]

[There are many, many different worlds. No one can imagine how many worlds there really are, but there is every world with every reality. That is to say, there are worlds twice, but with different sequences of events, but to witness that is very unlikely because that is an anomaly among worlds. However, it is important that this world has access to magical power, because otherwise it is not possible to be summoned].

At this sentence, Shay became curious and pecked more closely.

[Magic power? You know how magic power works and can you use it?]

[No, no I can ! No lower-level angel cant use magic because our bloodlines are not pure enough. Magic = bloodlines. The bloodline of a lower level angel can be very different! You can have the bloodline of an animal in him or even that of an element, which the circulation in the body cannot control. The magic is determined by magic power and this is stored in the heart and from there it is conducted to the veins, which send this magic power where it is needed. To be able to use magic, one must be at least a middle-ranking angel, but there the bloodline is still not pure enough to be guaranteed to use magic. It all depends on an angels promotion. If an angel is unlucky, then an angel will end up on a bloodline of four different kinds, which is to much to become a mid-level angel. At that point, they will die as their bloodlines take over their bodies and destroy them. This means that one can have a maximum of three bloodlines, as this will determine their race after promotion. I don know how the promotion works, though!]

[Was that enough information? Im leaving now!]

[Wait! What about the high-ranking soul I smelled?]

[Eaten! Who would save such a delicious soul? I devoured it right away and it was breathtakingly delicious!]

Shay was disappointed! He would have loved to eat that soul and watched as the angel limped away. Shay saw how this angel could barely move and just wanted to kill it!

He ran toward the angel, who turned around when he heard Shay and realized Shays hand was squeezing his neck. The angel tried to yell at Shay to let go of him, but he just didn have the strength to fight back anymore and had to accept his death.

Shay stabbed his left eye with his hand and as soon as he took his hand out, blood poured from his ”eye ”. After that Shay took out the guts and finally took the heart and pulled it out.

Thus the first conversation with an angel was over, but not without a death.

”Death ” could rather not be called, but agony for the angel. He took his soul and thought about the information he had received.

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