Asura The Monarch of Slaughter

Bull King\'s Nine Shifts

Ryan spoke again, ”Now let me get into the details. For you to meet the requirements of the empire and gain freedom at the minimum you must reach the peak of the Apprentice Knight realm. The higher your cultivation the better sect, clan, or academy you can join and or the higher rank you can achieve in the military.

”Now let me tell you all the five most important things you will need to be a cultivator. You will need talent, willpower, talent, diligence, and resources. Luck to encounter blessed opportunities, willpower to endure the pain, resources to support your cultivation, diligence to stay persistent, and talent to reach the higher stages. Are there any questions? ”

As Ryan had momentarily paused a hand instantly shot out from the crowd. It was a young girl. Everybody had turned their heads to look at her.

”What is your question? ” Ryan asked the young girl.

”My question is what are the cultivation are realms and what pertains in each realm? ” the young girl replied.

Ryan answered her questions, ”Small girl, asking the right question. I won be explaining exactly everything, but what you all need to know as of right now. First, there are two paths of cultivation; the Knight path and the Empyrean path, but all yall need to know about is the former.

”The first three realms of cultivation are Apprentice Knight, True Knight, and Grand Knight realm. In the Apprentice Knight realm, one tempers their internal and external body, so that it can withstand qi. The True Knight realm is where you start gathering qi into the meridians, unclogging them. Lastly, the Grand Knight realm is where you awaken your dantian and gather qi to flow through your meridians into your dantian to store the qi.

”For the actual part of how you all will cultivate. We have been given copies of the cultivation manual that could potentially allow you to reach the True Knight realm. Once you are all dismissed you can find the manuals in the front of the building guarded by a knight. Before I finish if anyone dares to show or teach the technique to another person outside of the age requirement you will be heavily punished! ”

Ryan made sure his last words made a mark in everyones heart. He had spoken in a calm and cold tone, signifying he meant his words. The seriousness caused all the kids to take a gulp and even made some of the knights feel a little fear.

Ryan had looked around for any hands to raise, but nobody did a thing for a couple of minutes. It was very quiet not even the wind was making a sound. So, he continued his speech.

”Seeing that everyone understands me Ill continue. During the two years, your children will be provided with lots of meats and vegetables because during cultivation will need a great number of nutrients to absorb. Also, youll get some training clothes and an opportunity to choose a weapon. Youll receive of that stuff tomorrow, so you may all leave. ”

Everyone exited the grounds through the back door walking happily to the front to claim their manuals.

A couple of minutes, later they all received the manuals and left for the resting area. The place was mostly empty as the other slaves were doing their daily mining.

In the back of the area were two people conversating about something.

”So, Bull Kings Nine Shifts, a technique to make ones body as strong as a bull. ”

The person who spoke was Kyren, he had read the name of the technique and its first sentence.

The Bull Kings Nine Shifts was a well-known one-star technique used in the Cira Empires military. It was created by a military commander knight known as the Bull King. He created the technique for soldiers to complete the first realm of knight cultivation. The technique made the body as sturdy as a bull.

All the technique consisted of was a stance and nine moves. One would perform the moves over and over until one was exhausted or couldn move a muscle. The specific moves help qi to reinforce the exhaustion muscle or organs. It was a great technique for ones foundation.

”Kyren do want to go give the technique a try in the training ground or wait till tomorrow? ” Emrys asked with a smile.

”Nah, I say we wait until tomorrow and enjoy this sweet sweet free time because once we start cultivation, we will be practicing all the time. Im pretty sure its going to be worse than mining all day, ” Kyren suggested.

”Then what should we do? ”

”Good question, lets go eat since we got an increase in the amount of food we can eat! ”

”Sure, lets go! ”

They both got up and walked to the cafeteria, an open space filled with tables, chairs, and a food station watched by the servers.

So, they both walked over to the serving area and asked about the increased servings they would get.

”Can we get our increased servings as Captain Ryan promised to kids like us? ”

Emrys and Kyren both made sure to add Ryans name in the mix, so they won get denied their food. Even though they were young they weren naïve about the rules of the world. They knew what jealously could.

Thanks to mentioning Ryans name they got their new food without a single delay or problem.

They had a variety of vegetables, a piece of warm bread, and some good quality pork. They ate that all with a drink of warm milk. It was the best meal Kyren and Emrys ever had.

It was so good they gobbled it all down within five minutes.


They had let out a big burp after their meal as they had never been so full.

Having finished eating they decided to relax in their beds and maybe read the manual over again just in case they missed anything.

The day went by fast with Kyren and Emrys doing nothing but enjoying their precious free time. They knew tomorrow was going to be arduous.


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