My name is Tasha Dale. Im an independent second class working lady… well, at least thats what I think I am. When I was little, my parents and I had a lot of fun, we were almost the perfect trio. I treasured every moment and wishes that things would never change and that I would never grow up; that was how happy I was.

They erected a swing for me in the garden, at the back of our house. There, we would play together. Id call my dad superman and my mom, wonder woman; because to me, they were my worlds greatest heros. They were perfect.

I was very happy with my family until it all fell apart. The older I got, the more that I saw that my parents weren heros. They were just like me, imperfect.

It all started the day I got back from school. I was 4 but unlike other kids, I didn take the bus because the school was just a few blocks away. I opened the front door with a cheerful smile ready to great my parents, but what met me was our familys portrait flying towards me. I quickly docked due to instinct and avoided it but still got hurt by the shattered glass.

I looked up in fright and saw my parents, fighting. My mom was screaming stuffs that I couldn understand and my dad responded the same way. I felt a sharp pain in my chest as I watched the harmony of my family fall into ruins for what I didn understand.

”Tasha, go to your room! ” Mom instructed

”Why send her away? ” Dad said ”Why not let her know? ”

”Kyle, get a hold of yourself. Shes still a child. ” Mom responded

”Yeah, our child! ” I was sure he emphasized on the word our as he stared at mom like he was going to kill her. I couldn do anything. With my little legs and my bag pack still hanging on my shoulders, I ran up to my room crying.

I shut the door and didn come out no matter what I heard. There were more things breaking in the kitchen and then the living room. Then, I heard my mom scream at dad.

”I love my daughter but I won stay with you for one more second. Im leaving! ” She declared but didn leave. She stayed but hardly showed her face to me. It broke my heart.

Everytime I got home from school, Id meet them arguing over little and big things. It happened everyday but I couldn get used to it. For a four year old girl, it was too much to take.

I got to middle school and that was when I realized that dad had started drinking, mom came home once in a while and we were running out of money. The few times mom came home were always chaotic. Id wish for those few times to at least be peaceful but my wish never came true.

This made me wonder what went

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