Black Spire

3 Stone Solitude

His thoughts were only interrupted by a growl coming from his stomach. ”Hopefully some of them carried food. Actually now that I think about it I don even know what I have ”

Now that he finally took a moment to inspect himself. He found he was about 56 ” tall and average as far as muscles go. ”Could be worse, ” he thought optimistically. He still had on iron amor and a few pouches around his waist. The iron armor was overall grey with leather between the joints. The chest plate had a crest on it. It was of a lion holding a sword and shield. Underneath the armor he had chain mail. He walked over to the helmet he threw off. The helmet had a slight dent at the top of it. He touched the top of his head afraid there would be a dent there too. Thankfully it was just a little blood and a bump. He searched through his pouches only to find a knife and a couple gold coins. ”I wonder how much this is worth ”.

In the room there was still about 20 bodys. All of them deader then a door nail. By now the blood was dry and dark red. Most of them were mutilated and there armor destroyed. ”Guess I got out lucky ” he chuckled to himself. He slowly started to search each of the bodys. Most of them only had a couple coins or an herb or two. He then moved closer to the giant. The closest body to the giant was different from the rest of them.

He was wearing white armor, although it had a large dent in the chest plate. ”Must have been our leader or something. ” The chest plate also had a crest. This one though had a horse with a horn on its head. ”I Wonder if the horn is meant for stabbing? ” He began rifling through the white knights pouches. He found a large gold coin and a flask. The flask was filled with a red liquid with a cork at the top.

He then walked right in front of the giant. Even in death it was terrifying. It had bulging muscles and must have stood at 11 tall. Its hands were larger than a mans chest. The tree it was using as a club was practically painted dark red. One thing stood out though. Slightly above its left pectoral there was a sword deep within in it. It pierced its heart. The sword was a claymore with a white hilt. It was no doubt the white knights sword. ”Now thats a sword. ”

He walked on top of the giants legs and began to pull the sword out. It came out in one smooth motion. Although the sword was covered in blood, it was still sharp and hadn rusted. Now that he saw the full sword it was about 4 long. Even though he couldn remember anything the sword felt right in his hands.

Further looking at the giant he spotted two sacks at its waist. He opened the first bag to find a severed head. He jumped back and yelled ”what the f**k! ” Luckily when he dropped it the sack rolled over covering itself. Now he was afraid of what could be in the other sack.

He slowly opened it to find a lot of meat. Only problem was he couldn tell what kind of meat it was. Another growl from his stomach and a hunger pain left him little choice though. He took a bite of it praying he wasn biting into someones thigh or forearm. The taste was much better than he expected. He quickly ate it all and burped.

Now that he searched everyone he currently had a lot of gold coins, herbs, his knife, a red flask, and the claymore. Now there was only one problem, what to do now.

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