Call You Mine

Palpitations In Denial

Natalies POV

Theres a knock on my door. ”Huh? ” I try to answer loud enough for whoever it is to hear me. ”Natalie, you have a visitor. ” Camila announces through my closed bedroom door. ”Tell them to go away! ” I yell, pulling my bed cover over my head.

”Its a guy named Chase. Should I still ask him to go away? ” she asks me. Chase? Who the ** is Cha…with a gasp, my eyes fly open, remembering the ocean blue eyed hottie from last night. Chase. What is he doing here?

”Im coming! ” I groan, throwing the covers off of me aggressively. He might be excessively pleasing to the eye, but I am extremely tired still. I reach over to my bedside table to look at the time on my phone. Emptiness. Theres nothing there besides my lamp. I sit up in my bed and look around for my phone, but nothing. Its not there. Where is it?

I get out of bed, my eyes seeing only a slight blur after rubbing my eyes awake. I open my door and make my way down the hallway. I stand at the top of the stairs and look down. Like any other person would, Chase is admiring the large portraits hung as decorations on our walls.

”What are you doing here? ” I ask, too lazy to walk all the way down the stairs. He turns his head around to face me and says nothing for a moment, until, ”Your phone. ”

He holds my iPhone up to show it to me. ”Why do you have my phone? ” I ask, my eyebrows knitted together in confusion. ”You forgot it in my car last night when I drove you home. ” he tells me.

”You drove me home? ” I ask as my eyebrows go up in surprise.

”Yeah, don you remember? ” he asks, moving to turn his body towards me. I seriously can help, but look at his dick print.

”Not really. ”

”Even what happened after I took you to your room? ”

”You took me to my room? ” Shit. ”We didn do anything, did we? ”

”No. You got dressed for bed while I looked away, and then I left after you got into bed. ”

I sigh in relief and he probably notices because, ”Am I that unattractive? ” he asks with an amused smile.

”Ha ha. I remember that part of last night very clearly. ” I say and I smile, but very faintly, hoping the distance doesn allow him to notice.

”Okay, so I don wanna be here as much as you don want me to be here so your phone. ” he reminds me, holding it up once again.

”Its way too early for me to have the energy to get that from you down there. ”

”Its two pm. ” he furrows his eyebrows and my eyes widen. ”Wow. ” I say.

”Ill just bring it up there, yeah? ”

”That would be awesome. ”

He then begins walking up the stairs to me. ”Sorry. I asked my parents for an elevator once and they said no because ”stairs are good for physical health ” or whatever. ” I roll my eyes at my parents, who aren even here on a Saturday.

”Speaking of which, where are your parents? ” he asks me. ”Take a guess. ”

”Work? ”

”Ding ding ding ding. ” I make the sound, and we both laugh. He gets to the top of the stairs. He actually laughs…and I like it. After a moment, he hands my phone to me. ”Thanks. ”

A smile lingers on my face as I look up into his intoxicating blue eyes. ”Uhm, how much of last night do you remember? ” Chase asks. Just then, my mom walks in through the front door speaking to somebody on the phone.

”…I will. Thank you so much. Bye. ” she finishes off her conversation and just in the nick of time, I push Chase behind the wall. I then lean my back against the corner of the wall and stare at the portrait on the wall on the opposite side.

”Natalie? ”

”Oh, hey Ma. ” I smile, a little too much than usual. ”What are you doing? ” she asks, palpably confused.

”I was just admiring that masterpiece. ” I say. ”Oh, I know darling. It cost as much as it appears. ” she just has to mention that before walking off down the hallway and I mentally roll my eyes at her.

I expect to see Chase, looking at me with an amused expression, but hes not even there. He probably went to my room.

I make my way to my bedroom and as expected, hes there. I get in and close the door. ”Why are you in my room? ” I ask him.

”Where else was I supposed to go? ” he asks, looking at one of my books that he mustve picked out from my large bookshelf covering the entirety of my one wall. ”I didn give you permission to come into my room. ” At this point, I don care if I sound like Im throwing a tantrum or not.

”I didn give you permission to push me out of sight either, yet here we are. ”


I walk over to my bed and get myself back under the covers. ”Whatever, just feel free to leave. ” I mumble, my body fully covered from head to toe with blankets. ”Are you always this… grumpy in the morning? ” he asks.

Honestly, ”Yes. ” Its like I can smell the amusement on his face right now. Im so **ing exhausted and I hope he leaves really soon.

For a second, I almost fall asleep, but then I suddenly feel hands around me, holding me, touching me, pleasuring me. Its almost like a dream, like deja vu, but then my eyes rapidly fly open. I uncover myself halfway to look around my bedroom for him. Hes not there. Phew.

I cover myself back up again and get myself to fall asleep. This time, I gently drift off to sleep. No weird one second dreams about hands touching me and shit – no idea what that was about. Just beautiful, black darkness.

I love the darkness. I prefer it over dreams. Dreams make me feel and I hate that. Wait, what if Im dreaming right now? What if my dream is just my own voice in the darkness.

Oh ** it. Its better than getting eye bags due to lack of sleep.

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