nothing to be afraid of. ” The student said as he rested his hand on my shoulder. ”Why don you follow us over there? ” and slowly led me into a back-of-the-isle alley. I shat bricks as I walked.

A not-so-pleasant potential outcome played out inside my head, an outcome involving the forceful insertion of a certain type of package into somewhere it doesn belong. I quickly relinquished that thought however, thinking there might be something terribly wrong with my head.

”Ack! ” I let out a rather undignified groan as he shoved me into the wall of the dark alley. There, I saw another student crouching down with his hands and feet tied together. This probably wasn important in the moment, but I remembered him. He was the person who sat next to me in the earlier carriage.

”Whats happening? ” I asked the boy, but the delinquents answered instead.

”You know full well whats happening. ” he outstretched his grimy hand. ”Money, we want money. ”

”I-I don have any money to give! ” I said as I trembled, it was the saddening truth.

”Really now? ” He walked up close to my face and said that, REALLY close, to the point were his face was mere inches away from mine, analyzing me from head to toe.

”Inspect. ” He said.

[Do you allow the profile inspection? (requested by Gakuro Manzaki)] A GUI popped up, displaying the messages.


I gulped and selected the YES option. A big window was displayed to him, featuring everything there was to know about me.


Name: Jin Ryuunosuke

Gender: Male

Current occupation: Farmer

Cash: 0


DEF: 13

STR: 25


SPD: 43

LUCK: 102

MANA: 25



”Lucky Fisherman ” E-rank: Rare fish catch rate increased by 8%.

”Cull and Harvest ” A-rank: Scythe and Sickle type equipment have their output increased by 100%


Farmer LV56 (+112 STAMINA)

Fishing LV42 (+84 LUCK)

Hunter LV7 (+14 SPD)


”Hey, what do you know. He actually was dirt poor. ” The delinquent Manzaki said before putting some distance between us. ”You can go now. Don rat us out or you
e dead meat. ” He warned, shooing me away.

The other two delinquents, whom I assumed were his lackeys, stepped aside and made way for my exit. I looked back worryingly at the ensnared boy, who was the new target for Manzakis attention.

”And you, what was your deal? ” Manzaki said, showing the boy the back of his hand, where a fresh burn mark was imprinted. ”Look at what you did… How do you propose you
e making up for it, huh? ” Manzaki picked the boy up by his collar and pressed his neck, along with his body, straight into the wall.

Even though the boy was anguished, he didn seem to be scared. Instead, he spat on Manzakis face, mocking him.

”Fire Pillar. ” The boy chanted a spell. Sparks of flame protruded from the ground where Manzaki stood and scorched his legs. The dark alleyway flashed bright orange in that instant. He groaned in pain and collapsed on the ground, letting go of the boys collar.

”Manzaki! ” The lackeys called out. One of them supported their leader and dragged him away from the boy, who wasn done retaliating.

”Thunder Embargo. ” The boy chanted another spell. Electricity ran through the ground, shocking both lackeys and stunning them in place.

[You are being affected by: Paralysis lv 6 (Effectiveness-32% due to LUCK)]

The area of effect was so big I also got caught up in it, which stung like hell.

e not getting away, bastards. ” The boy burnt the ropes tying his arms and legs together with fire magic.

”Shit, its a noble. Kenji, we gotta run! ”

”Thats easier said than done, jackass… ” A fair rebuttal, considering weve all been locked in place by that electric spell.

”O god of flames, heed my call- ” The boy then began chanting again, but this time, it was a long chant. That meant he was going all-out with this next attack.

That was when I realized my own predicament. If he unleashes that spell, Id undoubtedly be caught in the crossfire again, even though I was innocent. I tried my best to move, but my muscles were taking a leisurely nap, not listening to a damn thing Im telling them. I clicked my tongue in irritation as I braced myself for the inevitable.

”-return to ashes, Burning Nova! ” He finished chanting.

”Kenji, its coming!!! ” Lackey A screamed.

”I know, you idiot!!! ” Lackey B screamed too.

I started screaming as well.

And then, impact.

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