She suddenly got up and got defensive, trying to guard herself from Sora. The assassin could not help but chuckle. ”You know, I get that you are afraid of me because of what I told you, but we are much better than those hypocrites in your family, right? A bunch of stuck-up nobles who think they are the center of the universe, they show that they can do no harm and will always help the people. At least we proudly wear our murders on our sleeves. ” Sora said as she continued to chuckle.

”I-If I join you, I want to make it clear that I only wish to kill Uncle Garamond and once that is finished, I do not want to do anything at all anymore with Anathema. ” Amaranth said steadfast as she walked up to Anathema, staring straight up at her, as she towered over the princess.

Sora slowly shook her head. ”I do not think you understand the position you are in, Amaranth. With the looks of it, Elysia is finished. So, you are no longer a princess, you are nothing more than a commoner. A peasant who has no skills, no pennies in her pocket, nothing. ” Sora responded back with vitriol. ”You are in no position to discuss your demands for membership. Anathemas core tenets will not change because a pampered princess from a failed empire starts seeking demands. ” She added.

Amaranth gulped down her saliva. She thought about it long and hard and realized that Sora was indeed correct. She had nothing left, nothing but her vengeance and urge to exact revenge on her uncle.

She finally took Soras hand and shook it. ”Very well. I will join Anathema and become and assassin. ” Amaranth uttered calmly, but her nerves were shaking, her knees were as well, she was very frightened deep inside.

”Why did you save me, anyway? ” She asked Sora. ”I was not going to save you, kid. I do not have that sort of empathy within me, I just thought that it would be a waste to let a strong person such as you die in a fiery ditch like that. Notice that I left all the others to die but you. ” Sora said to her.

”S-Strong? ” Amaranth was confused. ”What about me seemed strong to you? I mean I was running away from the guards with all my life… ” She retorted back.

”One thing – because you had the initiative to run in the first place. You did not let fear and shock pin you down in one place. That was when I realized that your conviction must be strong. ” The leader of Anathema said with a smile.

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