Eastern Fangs

Council of Bones

”Are you sure about that name of choice, though? I mean I guess the name Mona is not as uncommon and rare that they might not recognize it, but I still wish to ask you a second time just in case, because as you know, that name will be the one that you shall be using throughout your entire tenure in Anathema. ” Sora said to her to which Amaranth replied with a nod. ”Starting today, even, I will let go of the birth name given to me by my mother and father, and I shall be known as Mona Fletcher. ” She said to which Sora responded with a smile. ”Very well then. ” As the two of them kept walking.

”I am just curious now, just what is the Council of Bones? What are they supposed to be and why are you taking me to them, exactly? ” Mona asked Sora, which was a definitely obvious question and one that made sense. ”Well, in the ranks of the Anathema, I am its leader, in here, the title of the leader is that of the Night Whisperer. You can think of the Council of Bones as a couple of seasoned assassins who have taken a much more comfy role just judging newcomers and other conflicts, think of them as the judges, jury, and the executioners all at the same time. ” The leader of Anathema said to Mona as she pat her on the head. ”Stop that, I am not a child. ” Mona said to her in response.

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