I left the dinning room and went to the garden where there was a bench. I sat there and just looked at the sky.

Is this really the right choice? I asked myself again.

No this is I thought as I got up and left.

” Gunther what is my work for today? ” I asked as I went inside the cassle.

” There is not that much ” He said as he handed me a papper.

It was just a list of the needs of the cassle and multiple mansions. There was not that much work and it was for the month.

Haa I guess this is my life now I thought as I walked past the training ground.

There were alot of people that was practicing swordsmaship. I was just going to pass through it like usual, Since I was a man and did not need to use any wepons.

” Hey wait ” A woman said as he bowed with one knee.

” What is it? ” I asked her.

” Do you want to try? ” She asked as she gave me her sword.

She had pink hair with black pants and black shoes. She had blue eyes, She looked like a noble woman.

” Gunther do I still have time? ” I asked as I looked at him.

” Hmm yes ” He said as he looked at his watch.

” Ok then ” I said as she grabed my hand.

” You can change you
e clothes here ” She said as she pushed me on a small hut.

There were swords and various weapons in here like alot of weapons. There were bowes to an axe.

” Where are the clothes for men? ” I asked since most of the things here was for woman.

” Here you go sir ” Gunther said as he gave my some clothes.

” Thank you ” I said as I locked the door.

I changed my clothes. It was similar to them. Black shoes black pants with a belt and white shirt.

I think ill chose this one I thought as I pulled the rapier.

I opened the door and they all looked at me. All the others stoped training and just looked at me.

” Are you sure you wan that one? ” She said as she looked at me.

” Yes ” I said as I pulled out the rapier.

” Ok then and my name is Von Elese ” She said as she bowed slightly.

” Oh the doughter of the Baron family ” I said as I looked at her.

” I am sorry if my possision is not…. ” She said a little sad.

here to teach me are you not? ” I asked as I looked at her.

” Y-Yes ” She said a little hesitant.

” Then why do you need you
family rank? ” I asked as her face changed into a bright smile.

” R-Right ” She said a sthe both of us walked to the training ground.

” This is how you use a rapier ” She said as she held mu hands.

She was a pretty good teacher. She knew the basics and was teaching me alot of things. We did this as all the people started to talk to each other.

4:00 PM

” Master, I think its time to go ” He said as I stoped.

” Ok, Good bye and see you again ” I said as I left and she bowed.

” See you again my lord ” She said as she bowed more.

I entered the cassle really sweaty and walked to the bathroom. The maids were already there and the bath was ready.

I changed my clothes and sat there. The other maids cleaned me up and put me into a formal clothing.

” My Lord please come this way ” A maid said as she opened the door to the dinning room.

Maria was already there on the head of the table and ws eating. I greeted her and then I sat on the right side of her and started to eat.

” So how was you
day? ” She asked as she looked at me.

” It was fine ” I said as I kept on eating.

” Ok ” She said as she just ate.

The entire evening was silent. I left the dinning room and changed my clothes and went to bed. The door then opened and it was Maria.

I forgot were married I thought feeling sad.

She was already on her pajamas and went to bed next to me.

” Good night ” I said as I loked to the left side.

” You two ” She said as she looked at the right side.

The both of us then fell assleep. We both looked at the oposite diraction of each other.

( Ginther P.O.V. )

I went to my room where there was no one. I locked the door and made an illusion of me and put it into my bed.

Time to go [ Teleport ] I thought as I teleported.

I teleported to the cassle of my lady Rin. I went to the usual place we meet in, In the throne room.

” How is my little brother? ” She asked as she skept the greetings.

” He is quite all right ” I said as I looked at her.

” Any special news? ” She asked as she looked at me.

” Yes, He did try the rapier ” I said as I brought up the sensitive topic.

” What!? Is my little brother a soldier? ” She asked as she was now boiling angry.

” N-No you
magisty ” I said as I stoped her from going to war.

” Then explain! ” She said as her aura was going to kill me at some point.

” Ahm, He chose to use the rapier him self ” I said as she calmed down a little.

” Why woud he wan to use a rapier? ” She asked as she looked confused.

” A woman said to try it out and he agreed ” I said as her expression changed again.

” What!! ” She said as her aura was going around.

” Ahm, Ever since his parents died he has not smiled maybe he can smile this way ” I said as I tried to convince her that this was a good thing.

” I guess that might work, Lets just wait ” She said as she calmed down completely.

( M.C. P.O.V. )

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