” A-Ahh ” I said as I woke up.

” Huh? ” I said as multiple doctors were on the room.

Maria was worried and was sweating alot and Gunther just looked with a worried exprition. The others were on a hury for some reason.

” Y-You
magisty you
e awake ” A dictor said as HE grabed my hand.

” U-Um yes ” I said as I said down.

” Why are there so many people? ” I asked them as they looked at me.

” You collapsed when you used too much mana ” Maria said as she got near me and hugged my back.

” How long have I been sleeping? ” I asked as I felt light headed.

” You have been assleep for 1 day ” Maria said as she looked at me.

My tummy started to grumble and I felt hungry. I was really embarassed and everyone saw my red face.

” Ill get some food, My Lord ” Gunther said as she left to get some food.

” Please leave ” Maria said as her death glare shook sveryone.

They then all left in fear that they woud all die if the word came out that I was hungry and my tummy grumbling.

” There is nothing wrong with you don worry ” She said as she put my head in the pillows.

” Yeah, I am just too weak for Blue Rose ” I said as I felt sad and wanted to cry.

” But Blue Rose allready accepted you as its master ” She said as she pointed at the ring that was on the middle of my finger.

” H-Huh? ” I said as I looked at my middle finger.

There was a blue rose with vines that was wraping my middle finger and it was next to my wedding ring. My wedding ring was a blue diamond incrested heart with a white solid diamont as a base.

” It accepted me as its master ” I said as I felt really happy.

” My Lord here is the food ” Gunther said as she gave me a tray of hot soup.

She then put the food in the side of my bed and went away to give the bothe of us some privacy.

” Here ill feed you like allways ” She said as she was feeding me with the soup.

” You shoud practice on you
mana reserves ” She said as she feed me with the soup.

” Yeah, I shoud ” I said as I ate the soup.

” Ill give you some everyday books on how to expand youre mana reserves ” She said as she pulled out a book under the shelf.

” Here ” She said as she gave me the book.

” Ill read it later ” I said as I opened my mouth.

We talked for a while as I ate the soup. I then was really tired and wanted to sleep more.

” I am going to sleep ” I said as I allready ate all the soup.

” Ok then ” She said as she called for Gunther.

Gunther entered the room and took the food and closed the door.

” Come here ” She said as she huged me.

We were on our regular sleeping position where i was the small spoon. She then kissed my foregead as I slept.

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