”Accept! Accept! Accept! ” It was the sound of cheers from Kefirah and Manuels friends. Melbourne, Australia. Yes. This land of kangaroos brought Kefirah Chana Taylor and Manuel DC together. The couple has been in a relationship for five years.

Kefira, a 25 years old woman. She had a beautiful face, sharp nose, white skin, height 167 cm, long honey-colored hair, slightly oval face. Kefirahs father was from America, while her mother was Indonesian. The combination of Asia and Europe made her face so perfect to behold. Meanwhile, Manuel, a handsome man with Australian blood also had the same age as Kefira. His body had a height of 185 cm. His hair was blonde, his jaw was firm, giving off an authoritative impression.

Kefirah nodded her head when her lover knelt in front of her while holding up the hand holding a diamond ring.

Getting approval, Manuel pinned a ring on his lovers ring finger, then when he got up from his position, he immediately hugged Kefirahs body. ”I really love you, darling. ”

Kefirah received Manuels hug and rubbed his lovers back. This was her dream since having a romantic relationship with Manuel. Good guy, gentle, and always did what she wanted. ”I love you too, ” Kefirahreplied, tightening the hug.

”We will go to Indonesia. I will formally propose to you, ” Manuel said softly, then he left a kiss on the top of the head of the woman he loved so much. Five years into a relationship with Kefira, Manuel believed that his woman was the best life partner for him.

”Yes, we will go to Indonesia. ”


Two days later, the couple who were ready to get married set foot at Soekarno-Hatta Airport. They had mentally prepared themselves to meet Taylor, Kefirahs father. Manuels heart beat faster but he had to go to his lovers parents to ask for the marriages blessing.

”Why is my heart pounding? ” Kefira asked in her heart. Only counting the minutes, the taxi they were riding would arrive in front of her house.

”Are you nervous? ” Manuel asked. He pulled Kefirahs hand, then placed it on his thigh.

”So nervous. ”

”Stay cool. Everything will be fine. I am sure that your daddy and your sister will agree with us. ”

”Hmmm… ” Kefirah landed her head on Manuels shoulder.

Kefira and Manuel got out from the taxi. The security guard guarding Kefirahs parents residence immediately opened the gate.

”Miss Kefirah? ” the security guard was surprised. His eyes also noticed the face of Manuel who was standing next to his employer.

”Yes. We want to meet daddy, ” Kefirah answered, smiling. Two years ago the woman who gave birth to Kefirah had passed away. After that her fathers health condition was not good anymore.

”Mr. Taylor is not at home. They are in… ” the security guards sentence paused. The man had to arrange the words so that the youngest daughter of his master would not be surprised to hear the news he wanted to convey.

”Whats the matter, sir? Where is daddy? ” Kefirahs question was getting urgent.

”Mr. Taylor is in the hospital, Miss. ” The security guard answered nervously.

”Hospital? My dad is sick? ” Kefirah could not wait for an answer until she had to squeeze the shoulder of the security guard who had worked at her house for decades.


Kefirah ran to the room where one of her family members was sick. Manuel was forced to balance his footsteps to follow his wife-to-be who was already in front of him.

”Where is my sister? ” Kefirah asked one of the nurses who had just come out from the patients room. Not getting an answer, Kefirah rushed inside.

A woman lay weakly on the bed. For the past three years, Kefirahs eldest sister, Rista, had been battling liver cancer. Now, her sister has entered the final stage. The doctor had explained that she would not live long. It might only last at least three months.

”Sister, ” Kefirahs voice was muffled by more domineering sobs. She approached Rista and sat on the chair next to the patients bed. ”Why is it like this? You promised me to get well. ”

Ristas pale face smiled. She grabbed Kefirahs hand. ”I have been fighting all this time. You must know about it. ” In her illness, Rista could still calm down. There was no fear even though she already knew that her life would not be long.

Rista saw Manuel who was standing right behind Kefira. ”Who is he? ” Rista asked. Even though they had been in a relationship for five years, Kefirah had never explained her relationship with Manuel to her family. Not because she did not want but for almost eight years she always kept herself away from her family.

After two years of being in a relationship with Manuel, Kefirah had great faith in the man. She could not wait to share her relationship with her family but she heard the news that her sister was diagnosed with stage two cancer. A year later, a bitter experience must be accepted. The woman who gave birth to and raised them with love passed away.

”Is he your lover? ” Rista asked. Her eyes looked inquisitively.

”H-he… ” Kefirah wanted to answer, but their attention was drawn to the open door. A tall, well-built man, with a firm jaw but had a gentle impression, stood before them. The man pushed the wheelchair. A man of more than middle age was sitting there.

”Wh, you are home, ” the man in the wheelchair said. He was Mr Taylor, owner of a foreign company established in Jakarta.

”Daddy! ” Kefira immediately rushed to hug her father. She spilled tears and longing in the mans body.

”Don cry! My daughter is a great woman. Everything will be fine, ” Taylor answered. He wanted to rub Kefirahs back but his weak hands could not do it.

”How are you, Kefirah? ” The bass voice came from the man standing behind the wheelchair. He was Levi Benjamin, a man of Chinese descent who married Rista six years ago.

”Good, ” Kefirah said curtly. There was not the slightest smile on the womans face when she talked to her brother-in-law.

Levi walked to the bed. He rubbed his wifes face gently. He gave Rista a look full of love. The sight evoked an old wound in Kefirahs heart.

”So disgusting! ” Kefirah said in her heart.

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