”Now you take medicine first, ” Levi said. He took a pill from the nightstand drawer and helped his wife drink it with the help of a glass of mineral water.

”Have you already picked up the kids? ” Rista asked. She and Levi already have two children. The eldest was named Joel, while the three year old little girl had the name Havilah or often called the vilah.

”I will be picking them up in a minute, ” Levi answered softly.

Kefirah could not stand the sight. She also took the initiative to take his father out from the room. ”Dad, how about we get some fresh air? ” Kefirah asked Taylor.

”I agree. I really miss moments like this with you. ”

Kefirah saw Manuel so that the man wanted to follow them. Actually, Kefirah would love to introduce her lover but this was not the right time to share the happy news.

”How was your job there? ” Taylor asked while Kefirah pushed his wheelchair to pass the hospital hallway.

”Its good, Dad. ”

”Don you have any plans to return to Jakarta? you can help our company here. I believed in your ability. ”

Taylor had repeatedly offered this, but Kefirah always refused. The strongest reason was Levis existence. Since Taylors condition worsened, her brother-in-law was entrusted to take over the management of her familys company. So, Levi must hold two positions at once. As director of his advertising company, and CEO of his father-in-laws, Taylor Company.

”For now I haven thought about it, Dad. I still feel at home in Melbourne. ”

”I have been sick like this. Your sister is like that too. No one knows about age. I feel sorry for Levi. He had to manage two companies at once. Joel and Vila don get much attention from their parents. They often play with nannies because of Levis work and he must take care of Rista. If you help Levi, surely his burden will be reduced. I want you to think about that, okay? ” Taylor said softly.

”Yes, Dad. I will think about it. ”


Kefira asked Manuel to stay at the hotel. She did not want to confuse the atmosphere at home with the presence of his lover.

”I am sorry, ” Kefirah said guiltily when they sat on the edge of the bed. Before returning home, Kefirah took the time to accompany Manuel at the hotel.

”It doesn matter. We will wait for a good opportunity to share our wedding plans. Theres no need to worry about that. ”

Kefirah hugged Manuels body. ”Thank you for understanding, ” she said.

”Yes, darling. I will definitely try to understand because I love you so much. ”


Kefirah entered her bedroom. The room she lived in since childhood was still neatly arranged. Nothing had changed. Kefirah could guess if it was Aunt Shintas doing who had served her family for decades.

Kefirah was laying down on the big bed. She missed how soft the bed was. Kefirah only came home when she got the Christmas holidays.

”Good evening, Miss. ” Aunt Sita entered and greeted Kefirah.

”Aunt Shinta? ” Kefira was so happy. Aunt Sita was a woman who had taken care of Rista and her since childhood. Kefirah without hesitation got up and hugged the 60 year old womans body.

”I really miss you, Auntie, ” Kefirah said sincerely.

”I miss you too, Miss Ke. I am happy to see you again. ”

They wanted to exchange a longer story, but two little children of different genders entered the room and rushed to hug Kefirahs body.

”Aunty is home! ” Joel and Havilah exclaimed.

”Are you happy to see your beautiful aunty come home? ” Kefirah asked them. She embraced the bodies of her two nephews. ”Which one do you want? Candy or chocolate? ” Kefirah asked after the two little children were released from her arms.

”Daddy forbid us to eat candy or chocolate, ” Joel answered.

”It will damage our teeth, ” Havillah gave reason.

”Its okay, as long as you don eat much and you brush your teeth, there won be germs that damage your teeth, ” Kefirah said, who knew Levi and Ristas rules. Her sister and brother-in-law were very careful in choosing food.

”Its okay, as long as you don eat much and you brush your teeth, there won be germs that damage your teeth, ” Kefirah said, who knew Levi and Ristas rules. Her sister and brother-in-law were very careful in choosing food.

Kefira took out two candies and chocolates from the suitcase, then gave the sweet snacks to her adorable niece.

”Tonight we just want to sleep with Aunty, ” Joel suggested and Havilah immediately agreed.

”Sleep here? Is Daddy Levi going to let you stay here? ” Kefirah asked. She did not know that Joel and Havilah had been living at their parents house for several months.

”They have been here for four months. Since Miss Rista was sick, Mr. Levi was getting busier. Almost every night he stayed in the hospital. Mr. Levi is also busy leading two companies. Sometimes I felt sorry for Mr. Levi, thats why I asked permission to babysit them. ” Aunt Shinta explained while rubbing the heads of Joel and Havilah who were busy eating chocolate.

”Why are you talking about Levi in my bedroom? ” Kefirah asked disapprovingly.

”Sorry, Miss Ke. I just told you what happened recently. ”

”Thats enough! How about daddy? Is he all right? ” Not wanting to hear anything about Levi, Kefirah changed the topic.

”Mr. Taylor is also often sick. Since your mom passed away, Mr. Taylor often daydreams. Sometimes he expressed his desire. He wanted Miss Kefira to return to Indonesia, to help his company. ”

”I can , Auntie. I have a big responsibility in my office, ” Kefira reasoned.

”Why work for someone elses company if you have a big company here, Miss? ” Aunt Shinta asked. She was no longer awkward to give advice. She was not just a housekeeper. Since Kefirah and her sister were little, Aunty Shinta had been like a second mother to them. The two women were almost never against her words.

”Its not easy, Aunt Shinta. I have to think about it. ”

”Young master Joel, young lady Vilah, lets get out from this room! Let Aunty Ke take a bath and rest, ” Aunty Shinta invited Joel and Havilah out.

”Alright… ” the voices and expressions on the faces of the two little children were not excited. ”Come on, Villah! We can play with others. Aunt Ke needs to rest. ” Five-year-old Joel gave understanding to his younger sister.

”You two can sleep here tonight. I will read you a story. How? ” Kefirah bargained. She could not see her two nephews sad. She had guessed that the two children were rarely accompanied by Rista and Levi.

”Really? ” the two children of the opposite sex asked in disbelief.

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