Kefirah had finished bathing. She sat facing the mirror, holding the hair dryer. The woman wanted to dry her hair. While dispelling the water that still clung to every strand of her hair, Kefirah pondered Taylor and Aunt Shintas request.

”Should I come back here? ” Kefirahs mind and heart continued to fight. It was not that she did not want to handle the Taylor Company. Levi, the man she hated the most, was entrusted with being the CEO there. Kefirah did not want to deal with the man.

Eight years ago. Kefirah had just graduated and she was celebrating her 17th birthday. A lavish party did not make her happy. That afternoon only her friends were present while her parents were on a business trip abroad. Rista, her sister, also studied in the land of windmills, the Netherlands.

Kefirahs days were filled with solitude. She had a lot of money, but she rarely got together with her family. ”Shall we go to the club, ” one of her friends suggested, after the party was over.

”Club? ” Kefirah asked, frowning. She had never set foot in that place because she was still under 17 years old. Her parents and sister also gave a ban because she was still a teenager.

As a teenager, of course Kefirah was curious about clubs. ”Have you ever gone there? ” Kefirah asked again before saying yes.

”Of course. We have been to that place many times. ”

”You guys are the same age as me. How did you get in? ” The innocent Kefirah asked. It also invited laughter among her friends.

”Ke, as long as we have money, then we can arrange everything. We just bribe the door officers and security guards and we can definitely enter without a hitch. How? Do you want to follow us? ” One of them tried to influence Kefirah.

Her friends made an interesting offer. For Kefirah, the pocket money would not run out if it was only used to silence the mouths of the club guards. Kefirahs curious spirit struggled even more and she was also disappointed at the absence of her parents at her birthday party. Kefirah needed something to fill her loneliness.

”Okay. I want to go there. Because this is my birthday, I will treat you all, ” Kefirah answered. She did not care anymore about her parents rule.


Kefirah and her friends were already at the club. Actually the teenage girls head was dizzy. The noise and the flickering lights made her feel uncomfortable. Her friends invitations to drink alcohol began to shake herself.

”Come on, Ke. You are 17 years old. Theres nothing wrong with drinking alcohol, ” the female friend coaxed, sitting beside Kefirah.

Again Kefirah was affected. At first she felt bitter when the alcoholic drink touched her taste buds but the more it dissolved in her mouth, Kefirah had already finished two glasses. Not being used to drinking alcohol made the girl drunk.

One of Kefirahs friends smirked. This was their plan. They wanted to drop Kefirah in front of their friends and teachers. Of course Kefirah would get in big trouble from the Taylor family who really relied on a good name.

One of Kefirahs male friends took her out from there. An hour earlier one of them had rented a hotel room not far from the club.

Kefirahs body was lying on the bed. Her head was very dizzy. The teenage boy took off Kefirahs clothes, he wanted to do something forbidden to the girl. Kefirah wanted to fight but her body was weak and her head felt heavy.

”Don touch her! ” The voice of a 25 year old man filled the room. Kefirahs friend was immediately nervous. ”Get out from here before you have a problem! ” That person chased away and gave a warning

With hasty steps Kefirahs friend left. That man was Levi. He saw the upper body of his future sister-in-law exposed without a barrier. Levi was a normal man. Of course he was tempted.

Levi crawled and touched Kefirahs breasts. When Kefirah tried to speak, Levis thinking brain came back. He looked at Kefirah and immediately realized that the teenage girl would be his sister-in-law.

Levi hastily raised Kefirahs dress which had fallen to her waist. Not wanting to be tempted again, Levi immediately went to take Kefirah from there.

”Please forgive me, Ke. I didn mean to harass you. I really love Rista. I don want to disappoint her. ” Levi continued to speak when they were already in the car.

Levi escorted Kefirah to the bedroom. He could not possibly let the girl walk alone. Of course it did not go unnoticed by one of the housekeepers. Unbeknownst to Levi and Kefirah, some portraits of them together when they entered the bedroom were sent to Rista, who was still in the Netherlands.


The dark night was replaced by the light of the morning that managed to drive the moon out of the sky. Aunt Shinta pulled back the window blinds, causing Kefirah to blink.

”My head is so dizzy, ” Kefirah said, while she was still massaging her temples.

”Mr. Levi has already prepared herbal tea for you. I have put it on the table. ” Aunt Shintas eyes look at the table.

Kefirah followed the direction of the womans eyes. ”Levi? Is he Ristas future husband? ” Kefirah asked, surprised. Why would her sisters lover make herbal tea for her?

”Yes, Miss Ke. Last night it was Mr. Levi who drove you home. ”

Aunt Shintas report made Kefirah rethink what she had done last night. ”So…. ” the girls words paused. Even though she was drunk, her consciousness had not completely disappeared. She knew what her friend and Levi had done.

Instantly tears fell down her face. Kefirah felt like a cheap woman. She had never been touched by any man and now she knew that her future brother-in-law had been harassing her.

Aunt Shinta, who saw her employer crying, gasped. She did not know what made Kefirah shed tears. ”What is it, Miss? why are you crying? ” Aunt Shinta asked, closer to Kefirah.

Kefirah wiped her tears. She was not ready to tell what happened because it was too much of a risk.

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