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God and Devil World Chapter 61-70: Bath

As soon as he got out of the bar, Yue Zhong walked along the street all the way to the towering building that was so towering.

”Welcome, I am the receptionist Xiaomei! You have reached the standard level 10 of the first transfer. What kind of career do you want to change to? ” Yue Zhongyi walked into the transfer building, one grows Very beautiful woman wearing an OL uniform came to him with a professional smile.

Yue Zhong took a look at the little Mei, and said faintly: ”List me the profession I can transfer. ”

”Yes! ” Xiaomei smiled slightly, a little empty, a group of white light flashing, and a stereoscopic projection appeared in front of Yue Zhong.

In that three-dimensional projection, one by one career flashed, let Yue Zhong look at the eyes.

Doctors, soldiers, assassins, maintenance workers, blacksmiths, lawyers, translators, warriors, magicians, warlocks, summoners, animal trainers, hunters, all kinds of real world existence, fantasy world existence are listed above, all kinds of All inclusive.

Yue Zhongyi pointed to the doctors career, and the stereoscopic projection changed, and the introduction of the doctors occupation quickly appeared.

”Doctors: Doctors are an indispensable group of people. Pastors can quickly heal various injuries through magic. Doctors use traditional treatments to recover faster than pastors. But doctors can treat viruses through various drugs. The disease, and the development of a variety of new drugs, to achieve large-scale injury, disease treatment. After you become a doctor, you can get a skill: general medical skills. ”

Yue Zhongyi pointed to the soldiers occupation, and immediately realized the career introduction of the soldier on the stereo projection.

”Soldier introduction: Soldiers are one of the basic combat occupations. They are not comparable to warriors in melee, but they are proficient in the manipulation of hot weapons, and the close combat is not weak. After successful transfer, skills can be obtained: ordinary firearms manipulation. ”

Yue Zhongs eyes are bright. The skill of manipulating ordinary guns is very good for him. He has not undergone special training and his shooting skills are extremely poor. With this skill, his strength can be greatly improved.

Yue Zhong did not rush to choose a career, but constantly read those professional characteristics.

Every professional success in transfer can get a professional skill, which can make Yue Zhong become a part of that field from ordinary people. Yue Zhong skipped all the auxiliary occupations and directly inquired about the combat occupation.

Auxiliary occupations also have many uses, such as maintenance workers can repair cars. The blacksmith profession can create enchanted weapons. Doctors can treat diseases and develop new drugs. It has a great effect on the team, but the skills given by these professions are hard to compare with the combat profession.

Yue Zhong looked at the careers of many combat departments and felt that they could not match the skills given by the soldiers. The manipulation of the gun can make him more destructive with the stinger. And compared to the warriors, warlocks, and wizards of the magic world, the profession of soldiers can survive better in this real world.

The speed of the mages casting is too slow, and they will not be killed until they have finished casting. As for the warriors melee ability, it is indeed above the soldiers. However, a rocket launcher can kill the soldiers.

”Hey, this is! ” After Yue Zhong flipped through the second page, he saw a career with a flash of darkness. He pointed at it and immediately appeared in the profession hidden in the black light.

”Hidden occupation: Dark Knight. The fierce knight who manipulates the dark power. After the successful transfer, you will gain skill fear and night reinforcement. ”

After Yue Zhong glanced at the career introduction of the Dark Knight, he made a decisive choice: ”I chose to transfer to the Dark Knight. ”

Just at the extreme of Yue Zhongs choice, a black light surrounded by the magical array under his feet, he immediately disappeared from the place, and the next moment appeared in a temple full of magical atmosphere.

A series of dark forces surged from the magical array on the ground and entered the body of Yue Zhong. In his knowledge of the sea, two mysterious runes were once again condensed.

”Secondary skills: Fear. Active skills, launching this mystery, can make the mental power lower than your biological fear of less than 5 points, shake their will to fight. The lower the mental strength, the more susceptible people are affected. The skill can be used for a single target within 200 meters, or the target within 20 square meters of the target can be used without any difference. Launch once and consume 3 points of mental power. ”

”Secondary skills: dark nights. Passive skills. After learning this skill, you will gain night vision and look farther than the day. At night, your perception will be greatly enhanced, for a dangerous hunch. Also more keen. ”

After the transfer was completed, the dark power that wandered around Yue Zhong also dissipated.

Yue Zhong looked down at the application of a skill, and then strode toward the center of the temple.

At the center of the temple ~www.mtlnovel.com~ A dark knight wearing an inscribed black and white rune, full of black, exuding a strange black metallic lustrous full body armor stands as if it were a benchmark. The dark knight just stood still, giving a suffocating sense of oppression.

Yue Zhong walked to the dark Knight standing in front of him: ”I am Yue Zhong who is newly transferred to become a dark knight. Lord, I hope to be able to purchase the skills to study this profession. ”

The dark knight stunned Yue Zhong with a cold look, and a three-dimensional projection appeared again. The skills of a dark knight appeared in front of Yue Zhong.

In that stereo projection, there are a total of nine skills. Three of the first-level skills and six of the second-level skills.

Yue Zhong quietly browsed the nine skills, and thought to himself: ”Its so expensive! ”

Each of the three first-level skills requires three hundred survival points, and that each of the six secondary skills requires a thousand survival points for each skill to be purchased.

Yue Zhong browsed the six secondary skills, and there was a flash of burning in his eyes: ”Summon bone beasts, animal training, shadow steps… are good skills! ”

The six secondary skills, each one is extremely extraordinary, if Yue Zhong gets it, he can have more than one ability.

When Yue Zhong saw the sixth secondary skill, his eyes lit up, and a quick finger pointed above the skill, paying a thousand points of survival.

The skill in the black projection turned into a black light that fell into the sea of ​​Yue Zhong, and condensed a black rune.

”Secondary skill: fit protection. It can be combined with the undead creatures that you have summoned, and the undead creature will be used as a armor to protect your body. It takes 10 mental strength and 10 physical strength to launch this skill. Duration, 15 minutes. ”

God and Devil World Chapter 52: Stinger II

Yue Zhong suddenly went to the side of the dark knight and asked: ”Predecessors, do you have any advice to me? ”

The dark knight quietly glanced at Yue Zhong, cold and iced: ”Hey! You are not enough, you can live. ”

After the speech, the dark knight closed his mouth, as if the sculpture stood quietly in the center of the temple, without a word.

Yue Zhong silently, bowed to the dark knight, and then returned to the magic array.

Between the flashing lights, Yue Zhong immediately disappeared from the temple.

The Dark Knight has been quietly staring at the back of Yue Zhongs departure. His eyes flashed and nothing was said.

Leaving the temple, Yue Zhong went straight into the next equipment upgrade shop.

In the equipment upgrade shop, a bearded man, holding a bottle, and a naked man with naked traces of his upper body, sat there.

When I saw Yue Zhong coming in, the big man said a little faintly: ”To upgrade the weapon? ”

Yue key nodded and asked: ”How many surviving coins do you need to upgrade the 3rd level? ”

Dahan faintly said: ”500 survival coins, a magic gem. ”

Hearing here, Yue Zhong was relieved a little, and he survived these days. If he did not calculate the 1000 survival coins that were rewarded, he paid only 600 survival coins after paying for the cost of purchasing the guardianship. .

Yue Zhong took out 500 survival coins, magic gems, and stinging pistols from the backpack and handed it to the upgrader Dahan: ”Help me upgrade. ”

”Stinger, good thing. The young man can get such equipment and luck now. ” The weapon upgrader glanced at the stinger, and the spur pistol flew to the front of him. . He just kept a hand, and a magical array appeared out of thin air.

The magic gem flew into the magical array and burst into a dazzling light.

In the next moment, the stinger pistol also flew into the magic array, and instantly disintegrated. The thin rays of light inscribed on the stinger pistol inscribed a small magical array, and the reorganization of the stinging pistol , re-construction. The result was a silver-white six-bar revolver with a diameter of 20 mm.

The silver pistol was formed and immediately fell on Yue Zhongs hand.

”Four-level weapon: Stinger II. It has more powerful destructive power than one type. It will never be destroyed before it is destroyed by external force. Two bullets are automatically generated every day. If the ammunition is sufficient, you can use it to hit the tank. Of course. You have to shoot superbly. ”

Yue Zhong looked at the stinger II in his hand, and his eyes were filled with joy. This enhanced Stinger II is not only more powerful, but also automatically produces two bullets per day, greatly enhancing the value of this stinger.

Yue Zhong left the room after thanking the upgrader: ”Thank you! ”

After leaving the equipment upgrade store, Yue Zhong turned and walked into a nearby equipment store.

When Yue Zhong walked in, a pretty waiter smiled at him and said, ”Welcome! ”

Yue Zhong said to the beautiful waiter: ”I want to see the equipment list. ”

”Yes! ”

The beautiful waiter smiled and pointed to the void, a list of all kinds of equipment appeared out of thin air.

Yue Zhong carefully checked this list of equipment. To his surprise, there was no space on the equipment list, even a level 1 protective suit.

”Special bullets for Stinger II, one for 50 survival coins. ”

At the bottom of the equipment list, Yue Zhong saw an equipment related to him.

”Its so expensive! ” Yue Zhong looked at the bullet of the stinger and smiled bitterly. Then expensive poisonous bullets he can afford.

Yue Zhong turned to the next page, and immediately turned bright.

In the second page, there are a variety of medical drugs, some can make people regenerate, some can quickly restore physical strength, and some can remove various toxins, the last one on that page The location is written: ”Six-level pharmacy: G pharmacy. It can treat virus carriers who have not been transformed into infected bodies. The price survival point is 50000/only. ”

Yue Zhong looked at the G agent very hot: ”It is too expensive. I am really poor. ”

If Yue Zhong has enough survival coins, he will definitely buy a G-agent for backup. After all, no one knows what kind of strong enemy will be encountered in the future.

After turning a few pages, Yue Zhong found that in addition to the various super-technical agents in the medical department, there were not too strong equipment.

After Yue Zhong closed the equipment list, he asked the waiter: ”Is there only such equipment here? ”

The waiter politely said: ”Yes! In addition to medical drugs, you can buy equipment from the system only after others have sold the equipment to the system. ”

”Thank you! ”

Yue focused and then turned and left here.

After leaving the equipment store, Yue Zhong entered the task hall next to him.

A very beautiful waiter smiled and walked toward Yue Zhong. She took it easy. A huge task release projection appeared in front of Yue Zhong: ”Welcome to the mission hall~www.mtlnovel.com~ here are various tasks , you are welcome to collect. ”

”Recovering the already-fallen Beijing City! To save the number of zombies within the five rings of Beijing City to 100 missions. The mission starts from the time of collection and the time limit is one year. After recovering Beijing City, the leader of Beijings forces will be recovered. You will receive a 5th-level protective clothing, 50,000 survival coins, upgrade level 5, skill points extra +2, Beijing regainer title. Mission failure without penalty. ”

”Recovering the already collapsed Nanjing City… ”

In the task section, it is the task of recovering the first-tier and second-tier cities in China.

Yue Zhong looked at the one task, and his eyes were full of shock: ”Is Beijing City already framed? If so, is the governments command system not awkward? ”

If the dragon does not have a head, if there is no guidance from the central government, then in this end of the world, the local government will evolve into what it is, and Yue Zhong cannot imagine. He seems to have seen the warlords who have lost control in the future in the land of China to fight for power.

Yue Zhong looked at the huge task projection, and the heart seemed to press a big stone: ”Too bad! ”

”Recovering the Nanning city that has been framed! The mission of clearing the number of zombies within Nanning to 100 or less is successful. The task starts from the time of collection and the time limit is one year. After the recovery of Nanning City, the leader of the Nanning Force will receive one 4th level protective clothing, 10,000 survival coins, upgrade level 3, skill points extra +1, Nanning recovery title. ”

”Has Nanning already fallen? ” Yue Zhong saw the news, and his heart sank to the bottom valley. His parents lived in Nanning and saw the news of the fall of Nanning. He could not wait to wipe his wings and fly back home.

God and Devil World Chapter 53: Take the task

Yue Zhongqiang pressed down his worries and asked the waiter: ”If I don get the task, I will take people back to the city and get rewards? ”

The waiter smiled and explained to Yue Zhong: ”No! You won get any rewards even if you don receive the task. ”

Yue Zhongwen continued to quietly flip through the task list and hope to see a good task.

In the list of tasks, in addition to recovering the tasks of the major first-tier cities in China, there are also tasks to recover the major first-tier cities in foreign countries. First-tier cities in New York, London, Tokyo, Berlin, and Moscow have all fallen. There are no other tasks besides regaining major cities.

Yue Zhong continued to ask: ”After I took the task, I did not finish it. Will it be punished? ”

This point Yue Zhong must ask clearly.

The beauty waiter continued to smile with a sweet smile: ”No! You will not be punished even if the task is not completed. ”

Yue Zhong smiled and took all the tasks on the taskbar.

In this mysterious area, in addition to the Shift Temple, the Mission Temple, the equipment store, and the upgrade store, there is also a store that has a variety of living materials to buy living materials, where you can purchase a variety of supplies with survival coins. A living coin can buy a pound of rice. A fortified temple, in the fortified temple, a thousand points of survival coins can strengthen a little attribute. In the fortified temple, Yue Zhong strengthened the agility of 1 point.

In addition to these five big stores, the rest of the place was covered with a mysterious halo. When Yue Zhong just approached, he was bounced off by the halo. At the same time, he got the hint in his mind: ”Your level is not enough, no Permission to enter the area. ”

Yue Zhong turned around and found that there was no area he could enter and immediately turned to the magic circle above the square.

Between the flashing lights, Yue Zhong immediately appeared outside the photonization gate of the Leijiang Bridge.

”Is it okay? ” Yue Zhongyi appeared, and Chi Yang came over and asked with a look of concern.

Yue Zhong smiled and said: ”Reassured, nothing! ”

Lu Wen also ran over and said: ”Yue Zhong brother, where have you been? I am worried about death. If you want to come out again, I will rush in to find you. ”

Yue Zhong looked at everyone else and came over and smiled at Lu Wen: ”Nothing! ”

Yue Zhong said to the people: ”This is the novice village, where you can transfer jobs, pick up tasks, buy equipment with survival coins, upgrade equipment, and purchase living materials. After transfer, you can get additional skills and can buy another one. Skills. Go in and have a look! ”

Ji Qing danced her eyes and walked toward the photonized gate, but she had just touched the photonized door and was immediately flew a few meters away.

Watching Ji Qing dance being blown by the photonized door, Yue Zhong browed and asked: ”What happened? ”

Ji Qing danced and took the dust on the clothes and stood up. Looking at the photonized door, the eyes were filled with disappointment: ”I don have enough grades to enter the novice village. ”

The rest of the people also came over and tried it. They were all flying by the photonized door. Only Chiyang could enter it.

Yue Zhong looked at the photonic door: ”It seems that the intensifiers with a level of 10 or higher can enter this novice village. ”

Yesterday, the Zengning Road Zombie was cleared. Chiyang also upgraded to level 10, and Jiqing Dance was only 8 levels. Because the L1 and S1 in the corpse were killed by Chi Yang and Yue Zhong. Evolutionary zombies can provide far more than ordinary zombies, and the more powerful evolutionary zombies can provide more light.

Chen Yao said with some excitement: ”In this way, then we only need to clean up a month of zombies here, everyone can go in. Everyone can change jobs. ”

Ji Qingwu gave the plant skill book to Chen Yao, and Chen Yao now wants to change his job to gain more strength.

Wang Shuang is also excited to think that after he changed his job, he will become a bright future for the strong.

”No, we must leave Leijiang City today! ” Yue Zhongs words immediately ruined the excitement of the people.

On the one hand, Ji Qing dance stared at Yue Zhong and asked: ”Why? ”

Yue Zhong said with a deep voice: ”After the opening of the novice village, 24 hours later, there will be no restrictions on the zombies in Leijiang City. The tens of thousands of zombies on the other side of the bridge will be released without restriction. The evolutionary restrictions of the zombies will also be It is unlocked. In the future, it will be ten times more dangerous than in the past. We must flee here immediately. ”

After listening to Yue Zhongs words, all of them fell into silence. Standing in front of the photonicization gate, they were able to clearly see the dense sea-like zombies on the other side of the bridge. It was tens of thousands of zombies. Once pushed, they could only be crushed by the terrible corpse like an egg.

Chen Yao looked at the photonicization gate of the novice village, and she was unwilling to flash a flash in her eyes. She also wanted to be transferred to become a strongman. She is not an idiot, she is very clear that only by becoming a strong person can he live better in this last age.

About an hour later, Chi Yang came out of the photonized gate.

When Chi Yangyi walked out of the photonization gate, Chen Yao hurried forward and asked: ”Chiyang? The restrictions on the zombies in Leijiang City will be solved. Is this true? ”

Chi Yang is also a very intelligent person ~www.mtlnovel.com~ He stared at Chen Yao, his eyes became cold and cold, and Chen Yao was stared at by his eyes.

”There are still 21 hours left. ” Chi Yang left a cold and cold sentence and walked to Yue Zhongs side.

Chen Yaos eyes were slightly red, and he whispered: ”So what is it so fierce? I have not done anything wrong! ”

Yue Zhong looked at the people and said, ”Go! We don have time. ”

After the speech, Yue Zhong turned and left.

Chi Yang, Lu Wen and Wang Shuang followed behind Yue Zhong.

Ji Qing danced and shot Chen Yaos shoulder: ”Go! ”

”Well! ” Chen Yao bit her lip and chased it up.

”Stop! ” When the Dongfeng truck drove to a supermarket in Xingning Road, Yue Zhong stopped Wang Shuang and quickly rushed from the car into the supermarket.

The zombies on Xingning Road have basically been cleaned up by Yue Zhong and his party. There is no trace of anger in the entire supermarket except for some dark red blood and residual limbs.

Yue Zhong quickly rushed to the depths of the supermarket, put the hand wearing the storage ring on a bag of instant noodles, his mind was moved, the bag of instant noodles was included in the storage ring.

”Its really convenient! ” Yue Zhongxin thought, and the bag of instant noodles appeared again in his hands.

After the test, Yue Zhong did not stop using the storage ring to continuously collect all the useful materials in the supermarket, and it was filled with the storage ring.

”Go home! ” After filling the entire storage ring, Yue Zhong took a backpack and walked out of the supermarket and sat next to Wang Shuang.

Wang Shuang started the truck and headed for the direction of Shengshi Garden Community.

God and Devil World Chapter 54: Escape from Leijiang City

When Yue Zhongyi returned home, he immediately said: ”Everyone immediately carries the materials and moves all the materials in the house to the car below. ”

Seeing that Yue Zhong was so serious, the girls in the room were also nervous.

Zhang Li came over and asked: ”What happened, Yue Zhong! ”

Yue Zhong Shen said: ”We must leave here immediately and go to the Bohai Survivor Base. ”

Wang Fang said reluctantly: ”Can you go tomorrow? Everyone is very tired to carry materials today. ”

The meaning of Wang Fang also represents the voice of most girls in the room. They moved the materials of two Dongfeng trucks upstairs today, and the body is already very tired.

Yue Zhongs face sank and said coldly: ”People who are unwilling to leave can also stay. ”

Seeing that Yue Zhong was angry, all the girls did not dare to say anything more, and immediately began the handling of materials.

Zhao Li looked out through the window and saw that Yue Zhong and his party were carrying out the contents of the house and couldn help but scream: ”They are going to leave? ”

After watching these days, Zhao Li found that Yue Zhongs heart was still good, and in this end of the world he was willing to give some food to her. If Yue Zhong and his party left, she really didn know how to live.

This film of Resident Evil is very classic, and Zhao Li has seen it. She is well aware that the zombies in the infected body and the biohazard are usually carrying terrible infections, and they will be infected as zombies if they are scratched. If Yue Zhong and his entourage left, she could not find food to feed their mother and child.

Zhao Li bit her teeth and quickly dragged a box from the room with her son and rushed downstairs.

Downstairs, Yue Zhong sat on one side and quietly watched the girls carrying goods.

Zhao Liyi carried a big box and took her son to the front of Yue Zhong. ”This classmate, I am Zhao Li. What do you call it? ”

Yue Zhong stunned Zhao Li and said: ”I am Yue Zhong, what do you have? ”

Lu Wen, who was taking a break, came over and curiously asked: ”Yue Zhong brother, what is this woman looking for? ”

Lu Wen, Chen Yao, and Ji Qing Dance are women who do not need to carry supplies because they can provide combat and healing power for Yue Zhong.

Chen Yao also walked to Yue Zhong, curiously watching Zhao Li.

”Yue Zhong, please take me and my son to the Bohai Survivor Base. As long as you bring our mother and son together, these are for you. ” Zhao Li opened the box and revealed the whole inside. A bright red renminbi.

Chen Yao glanced at the renminbi with an estimated number of boxes of more than one million and then looked at Yue Zhong. Her family is very good, and a million is nothing to her. But a million dollars in cash is not a small amount, not everyone can resist the temptation of that one million yuan.

Yue Zhong glanced at the box of the renminbi: ”I don have any interest in the money. ”

Now that the world has changed, the most useful thing is food. These renminbies do not have the presence of merchants, and they are too hard to use.

Zhao Lis face was white, biting her teeth, putting the box down, and pulling out a small box from her arms, revealing three golden gold bars.

Zhao Li pushed the small box to Yue Zhongs body and said, ”This is also for you, I beg you, save our mother and son, take us to the Bohai Survivor Base. I will repay you. of. ”

Sheng Shizang antiques, buy gold in troubled times. As a world currency, gold has great charm even in troubled times. Zhao Li is also a clever woman. She knows that the renminbi will become a pile of waste paper, but as long as there is a human organization, gold will not lose its purchasing power, so she will hide the gold and finally give it to her. Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong said coldly: ”I don want your gold either. ”

Zhao Lis face is immediately white, and gold is her last card. If she doesn even want this Yue Zhong, she really doesn know what can be taken to impress Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong took a look at Zhao Li and said: ”I can take you and your son to the Bohai Survivor Base. But to go with us, you need to promise me several conditions. First, before arriving at the survivor base. You must obey my orders and do not act at will. Second, you must work and do what you can. Third, we will provide you with food, but not necessarily enough. We will give you food according to your performance. Fourth, I will try my best to protect your safety, but if there is a danger that I can resist, I will give up both of you and give priority to protecting my other companions. If you can accept these four conditions, you can join us. Go, if you can accept it, I am not reluctant. ”

Zhao Li listened to Yue Zhongs four conditions and nodded in a hurry: ”I accept! I accept! ”

Yue Zhong Shen said: ”Go to the materials. Don waste time. ”

Zhao Li quickly took her son to the upstairs. This is an opportunity, a chance to live, she will never give up.

Chen Yao looked at Zhao Lis eager look ~www.mtlnovel.com~ The heart is extremely complicated.

Under the joint efforts of the women, it took two hours to finally move all the supplies upstairs to the two Dongfeng trucks.

”Drive! ” Without any hesitation, Yue Zhong ordered.

Wang Shuangyi stepped on the gas pedal, and two large trucks immediately turned to the distance.

The next day, the tens of thousands of zombies standing still in the most prosperous business district of Leijiang City, like the tides, finally began to move toward the spread of the city.

The zombie spread like a tidal wave in all directions, and soon the whole city of Leijiang was completely shrouded by zombies. The zombies who swallowed human flesh and blood began to evolve. A head of L1, S1, and even other kinds of zombies began to evolve.

In front of a small supermarket, there were five standing zombies standing there quietly.

From an alley, a survivor with a hand-painted imitation Tang knife quickly rushed out, and he launched the skills to move at high speed. The whole person stunned into the five zombies. The knife flashed, and the five corpses were immediately smashed by his head.

After the five regiments did not enter the body, the survivor flashed a ecstasy in his eyes: ”Upgrade! I finally upgraded to level 10. ”

On the occasion of the ecstasy of the survivor, a zombie body with a reddish body in a unit building opened a large mouth, and a fireball flew out of the zombies mouth as if it were a rocket launcher slamming into the body of the survivor. on. The survivor was instantly bombarded with a big hole in the upper body, and the blackened body fell weakly on the ground.

The two quick-moving S1s jumped from one side and fell on the body of the survivor, swallowing the body of the survivor.

God and Devil World Chapter 55: Robbery

The entire Leijiang City has become a zombie hunting ground from the time when the zombies in the bustling business district came out. In Leijiang City, the role between hunters and prey also began to change. In front of an evolutionary zombie, the human intensifiers who have been strengthened by the demon system are also being hunted by zombies, and the flesh and blood are swallowed.

Leijiang City has become a real hell. Those surviving human intensifiers have become more careful and their living conditions have become more difficult.

In the past, the car on the road to the car was uninhabited at this time. All the way was the wreckage of the car, wandering the scattered zombies. On that road, two Dongfeng big cards are driving.

Yue Zhong, the drivers seat, looked at the dead scene outside the window and asked Wang Shuang to one side: ”How much time can I get to Bohai City? ”

Wang Shuang smiled and said: ”I am not very clear. I have not drove to Bohai City. However, from the GPS point of view, we are halfway away from Bohai City. ”

Yue Zhong nodded slightly, no longer speaks, just looked out and raised the dangers that might occur.

Suddenly, more than a dozen abandoned cars appeared on the driveway to completely block the driveway.

”Damn! Blocked again! ” Wang double whispered, stopped the Dongfeng big card.

This kind of lane is blocked by abandoned cars. Yue Zhong has encountered many times on the road. All the cars that were abandoned by Yue Zhong were pushed away, and all the talents could continue to move forward.

It was because of the obsolete cars that were blocked all over the driveway. Yue Zhong and his team traveled so slowly. There was even a time when the driveway was blocked too long and had to switch lanes and spare a long way.

The car stopped, Yue Zhong just got off the car, and immediately rushed out from the two sides of the road. Six men wearing strange 81-type rifles, all shaved heads rushed out, pointing the gun at Yue Zhong and two Dongfeng trucks. .

There was a long knife on one face, and the bald-headed man with a fierce face gazed at Yue Zhong: ”Do not move! Otherwise we will shoot. ”

The girls on the two Dongfeng trucks saw the group of armed weapons, the fierce and sinister men, all eyes full of fear, and they were lying in the car.

Yue Zhong looked at the fierce bald man, his brow wrinkled, and immediately launched a level 2 skill step, and sneaked at the irregular pace toward the six people.

From the Dongfeng truck, the white bone jumped, as if a demon **** rushed toward the six bald men.

Looking at the white bones that were galloping, the six bald men were stunned and shot at the white bones.

A bullet that was shot on the bones of the bones was only embedded in the bones of the white bones, but it did not affect it at all.

After Yue Zhong launched the shadow step, the speed reached the limit, five times more than the average person. He rushed to the man in front of the knife and face, and the imitation Tang knife in his hand went to the head of the knife-faced man. .

The knife-faced man looked at Yue Zhong, his eyes filled with horror. He refused to take the other side of the bone and shot his gun at Yue Zhong.

Just as the man with his knife and face turned his gun, Yue Zhongs body swayed, and he quickly turned to the knife-faced man behind him, and slashed his head toward the knife-faced mans head.

”Little brother, stop! Or I can guarantee the life of your companion! ” Just then, a confident man voice came from the side.

Yue Zhongs eyes were swept away. I saw that there were 20 more bald militants armed with 81-type rifles and 79-type submachine guns on the avenue, and they surrounded the two Dongfeng big cards. Two agricultural tractors were also blocked behind the driveway, blocking the retreat of Dongfeng Dakar. Among the 20 well-equipped militants, a tall man, one meter tall, looks like a fierce middle-aged man standing in the middle of the 20 militants and staring at him quietly.

”Bone bones leave them a life! ”

Yue Zhongxin read a move, the knife light fell on the neck of the knife and face, he also rushed to the back of the knife face, with a knife to face the meat shield, staring coldly at the twenty-six The leader of the militants.

The knife and the face felt the cold touch of the imitation Tang knife on the neck, and the heart suddenly gave birth to a chill, and did not dare to act rashly.

Upon receiving the order of Yue Zhong, the white bone did not wave its big axe that could easily kill human beings. One foot and one kicked on the five militants. As a storm, the five militants flew and then strode. I walked to Yue Zhongs side.

The middle-aged man standing among the 26 militants smashed the bones standing by Yue Zhong and smiled slightly: ”Little brother, it is really good. I am Wang Guanghu! You can call me Tiger. You What do you call? ”

Yue Zhong stared at Wang Guanghu and said: ”My name is Yue Zhong. Tiger brother, I don know why you want to stop us. We don seem to offend you? ”

The 26 armed men were extremely fierce. Once they broke their skin and clash, Yue Zhong was not only wearing a level 3 protective suit but also a few people who could survive.

After Ji Qing Dance and Chi Yang have been continuously strengthened, their physical quality is far superior to that of ordinary people. It is very easy to hunt ordinary zombies. However, armed militants with fierce firepower are still fierce. Not to mention Lu Wen, her defense is basically zero. Once the conflict, she may be killed in the first time. It is not a last resort, Yue Zhong does not want to conflict with the opposing Wang Guanghu.

Wang Guanghu stared at Yue Zhong and said slowly: ”Yue Zhong, I will tell you clearly. This time I came out to find supplies and search for survivors. You will come back to Changguang Village with me. My Changguang Village has perfect protection facilities. After returning to Changguang Village, I promise that you will be able to eat and drink without worrying about the zombies outside. ”

Yue Zhong directly refused: ”Sorry, Tiger! We want to go to the survivor base of Bohai City. ”

Wang Guanghus brow slightly wrinkled and immediately dispersed. He smiled at Yue Zhong: ”There are people who have their own interests. Since you are serious, you want to go to the survivor base of Bohai City. I will not stop you. But its not easy for me to come out. I want you to have supplies on a Dongfeng truck. ”

Yue Zhong has been tightening the string slightly and loosely: ”Yes! ”

As long as people are not dead, everything is fine. With the ability of their team, it is no problem to be careful about searching for supplies.

Wang Guanghu made a gesture. His subordinates were about to put the guns down. He smiled at Yue Zhong: ”Yue Zhong, you should have let my brother Chen Si now. ”

Yue heavy hand loose, the imitation Tang knife removed from the neck of Chen Si.

Chen Si rubbed his neck and smiled at Yue Zhong. ”You are so **ing. Boy, you are the most famous person I have seen except Tiger. ”

God and Devil World Chapter 56: Wang Guanghu

Yue Zhong smiled faintly: ”More offending! ”

Chen Si strode in the direction of Wang Guanghu, but the bones took a step forward and blocked his way.

Chen Sis face turned to look at Yue Zhongdao: ”Yue Zhong, what do you mean by this? ”

Yue Zhong faintly said: ”It doesn mean anything. After the tiger brother let us leave, you can leave me. ”

Wang Guanghu glanced at Yue Zhong and smiled. ”Chen Si, you will be with the Yue Zhongxiao brother for the time being. ”

Chen Si should stand by Yue Zhongs side: ”Yes! Tiger brother! ”

Yue Zhongdao: ”Tiger brother, I am now letting people give you supplies. ”

Wang Guanghu said: ”No hurry, our transportation has been unable to hold so much supplies. It is better for you to come back to Changguang Village with me. Let me entertain you well. Yue Zhong, I admire your strength, I hope We can be friends with each other. You don want to give me this face? ”

Yue Zhongs gaze narrowed down and thought for a while, then nodded and said: ”Good! We will take a walk with you. But Tiger brother, in advance, we are going to the Bohai City base, at most only at you. Stay one day. ”

Wang Guanghu said with a smile: ”No problem, you are my good friend! Of course, come and go free. ”

Four Hummers and two farm tractors sandwiched two Dongfeng big cards in tandem, surrounded by twenty-six armed men, and slowly drove into a small village.

This small village is not far from the main highway, and the village is not large. There are more than 50 households.

At the entrance to the village, two armed men armed with 81-type rifles sat boring.

Outside the village, children in the age of eight to thirteen years old dig wild vegetables in the ground. They are covered in mud, just like a mud monkey.

”Tiger brother! ”

”Tiger brother! ”

As soon as the vehicle entered the village and stopped at a square, six armed men armed with 81 rifles gathered around and smiled at Wang Guanghu.

Wang Guanghu smiled at Yue Zhong, who was next to him: ”Yue Zhong brothers, let your people down. ”

In order to show sincerity, Wang Guanghu took the initiative to come to Yue Zhongs heart with An Yues heart.

”Lets go down! ” Yue Zhong said to the people on the Dongfeng truck.

The people above the Dongfeng truck have just come down.

”A beautiful chick! ”

”Good! Good! ”

”That chick is so long, it must be very strong! ”

”… ”

Seeing the women who had come down from the Dongfeng trucks, the eyes of the militants all showed lascivious and evil eyes, and they were unscrupulous about the heads of the women. I am afraid of the hearts of the women who have gone down the Dongfeng truck.

A militant who looks like a monkey like a monkey came to Wang Guanghus side and said with a charming face: ”Tiger brother, you are so powerful! Going out once and getting so much good stuff. Everyone can be cool this time. ” A cool! ”

A thin and tall militant also laughed and shouted. His eyes continued to move back and forth over Yuan Yings plump chest, as if to tear Yuan Yings clothes apart: ”Yes! Tiger brother! With so many good things, you have to keep a few good ones so that everyone is cool and cool! ”

Yuan Ying, Wang Qian, Zhang Xin, and Su Ruxue are all very beautiful women with temperament. That Chen Yao is more like a princess girl. Ji Qing Dance is full of beautiful and beautiful women. Such high-quality beauty, these militants have not seen many. They are all coveted by these beautiful women.

Wang Guanghu frowned and shouted: ”Every quiet! ”

When Wang Guanghu made a noise, the surrounding militants were quiet.

Wang Guanghu said: ”This is Yue Zhongxiao brother. I have made a good friend recently. These women are all things of Yue Zhong, without your share. Go to work! Dog, you bring a few people to get the car. The first half of the supplies moved down. Black face, you have to arrange it, I want to ask Yue Zhong brother to have a good meal. ”

When they heard the beautiful women, they did not divide, and the militants were disappointed and left.

The girls were slightly relieved.

Wang Guanghu smiled and invited Yue Zhong: ”Brother, please here! ”

Yue focused on the head and followed Wang Guanghu.

A group of people came to Wang Xiaohu with the most magnificent small villa built in the village.

After entering the villa, the guest was seated. Wang Guanghu glanced at Chi Yang and Wang Shuang around Yue Zhong and asked: ”Yue Zhong, are these two brothers? ”

Yue Zhong introduced to Wang Guanghu: ”This is Chi Yang, this is Wang Shuang. ”

Wang Guanghu smiled at the two people and said, ”Hello. ”

Chiyang faintly said: ”Hello! ”

Wang Shuang said a little nervously: ”Hello brother, hello! ”

Wang Guanghu, who has more than 40 equipment rifle firepower leaders, has exerted tremendous pressure on Wang Shuang every move.

Wang Guanghu pointed to the three people around him and introduced to Yue Zhong: ”I will introduce you to ~www.mtlnovel.com~ This one is my Zhang Xiang, this one is Lei Zhen, this one is Chen Yan! They are all three It is my best brother. ”

Zhang Xiang is a big man with a height of one meter and eight, his body is sturdy and majestic, his face is full of flesh, his mouth is covered with a beard, and his eyes look fierce. Lei Zhen is a trainer with a height of two meters, a strong body like a bear, and his hands are thick and thick with a thick old man. Chen Yan is a young man with glasses and looks very gentle.

Zhang Xiang, Lei Zhen and Chen Yan are the confidants of Wang Guanghu, and they are the only ones in Changguang Village who are second only to Wang Guanghu.

Yue Zhong said to the three people: ”Hello! ”

Zhang Xiang stunned Yue Zhong, his eyes filled with provocations, and he was not tamed: ”You are Yue Zhong! Listen to the tiger brother and say that your ability is very big. How do we compare the contest? ”

Zhang Xiang is the second strongest under Wang Guanghus men, and his strength is second only to Lei Zhen. For the first time, he saw Wang Guanghu so kindly entertaining a person, which made him full of embarrassment, worried that his status would be threatened by Yue Zhong.

Wang Guanghus face was apathetic: ”Zhang Xiang! Yue Zhong is my guest and friend. No fun! ”

Zhang Xiang looked directly at Wang Guanghus loud voice: ”Tiger brother, I know that you value him and want him to join in. You are the boss, you speak, the brethren naturally have to do it. But if you want me to be convinced, he must win me. ”

Chi Yang coldly stunned Zhang Xiang and said: ”You don cooperate with Yue Zhong, I will come and play with you. ”

Zhang Xiang took a look at Chi Yangs thin body and angered and laughed: ”Good! The world is really changing, even the fish are so arrogant. Yue Zhong, I told you, I am heavy, if you don personally Come out and hurt your brother, then you are embarrassed. ”

God and Devil World Chapter 57: Test

Yue Zhong took a look at Zhang Xiang and said faintly: ”Chi Yang, his men, don hurt his life. ”

Chi Yang nodded and walked straight out. He reached out and said to Zhang Xiang: ”Please! Rest assured, I will not hurt your life. ”

Yue Zhong and Chi Yang both sang one and made Zhang Xiang more angry. In his eyes, he sneered and walked over to Chi Yang.

As soon as he walked to the front of Chi Yang, Zhang Xiang immediately protected his hands on his chest, his body slightly bent forward, stepping on a small step, as if a cheetah was staring at Chi Yang.

In the former world, Zhang Xiang was a master of underground black boxing. Seven people died under his fists. Although he is unruly, he has an unruly capital.

Chi Yang just stared at Zhang Xiang quietly, did not make any action.

Wang Guanghu carefully looked at Chiyang for a while, and his brow wrinkled: ”Yue Zhong brother, are you sure you want to let Chi Yang and Zhang Xiang test? Zhang Xiangs fist is not light. ”

Wang Guanghu has read countless people, but he does not see any tyrannical aspects of Chi Yang. He did not want Zhang Xiang to break his plan to recruit Yue Zhong. The strength of Yue Zhongs strength, he saw it with his own eyes. If such a talent can be used for him, his ambition will be better realized.

”Tiger brother! You can rest assured. This trial will be hosted by you. ” Yue Zhong smiled slightly. Chiyang was upgraded to level 10 and was transferred to the strong. And Yue Zhong will also replace the 2nd-level protective clothing so that Chi Yang will also wear it. The strength of Chiyang is second only to Yue Zhong in the whole team. The ordinary people are not his opponents at all.

Wang Guanghu saw that Yue Zhong was so confident and turned to look at Zhang Xiangdao: ”Okay! Lets start! ”

”Kid, you are dead! ” Zhang Xiang smiled, as if hunting the cheetah, at a terrible speed, a step forward, slamming his fist toward the nose of Chi Yang.

Looking at Zhang Xiang, who looks like a cheetah, Chi Yang took a step to the left, avoiding Zhang Xiangs punch, then a front punch, a fist hitting Zhang Xiangs abdomen, and a moment of strengthening power break out.

Zhang Xiang was as painful as a shrimp, holding his abdomen and curled up on the ground.

Looking at Zhang Xiang was so easily knocked down by Chi Yang, Lei Zhens eyes sitting around Wang Guanghu shrank slightly. He was the first master around Wang Guanghu, even if he could not easily knock down Zhang Xiang so easily.

Wang Guanghu looked at Chi Yang, his eyes flashed in his eyes, and his hands patted and smiled and said: ”Good skills! ”

”Over the prize. ” Chiyang faintly said, then sat back to Yue Zhongs side.

Wang Guanghu patted his hands, a woman who was about twenty-five years old, and a pretty woman came in.

Wang Guanghu said faintly to the woman: ”Wang Ying took the three masters to rest behind. ”

Wang Ying quickly went over to help Zhang Xiang.

”Get out of the way! Don touch Laozi, stink. Scorpion! ” Zhang Xiangs face was twisted, and the backhand gave Wang Ying a slap in the face. He stood up and stunned Yue Zhong and Chi Yang with a sinful look. Go back.

Wang Ying was slap in the face of Zhang Xiang, but she did not dare to be angry, but her eyes were red and her clothes were about to cry.

Wang Guanghu did not seem to see Wang Ying being beaten halfway. He said coldly: ”Go on! Wang Ying! ”

Wang Ying whispered a word, then left here: ”Yes! Tiger brother! ”

Wang Guanghu looked at the special cockroach bones standing beside Yue Zhong, and there was a burning hot road in his eyes: ”Yue Zhong, can you tell me how this cockroach around you got it? ”

In the battle between Yue Zhong and Chen Si, Wang Guanghu also looked in the eyes. Even though he was shot by the rifle bullet, the bones did not collapse and smash, but they acted agilely, far more than ordinary people. If it wasn for Wang Guanghu who took people around the two Dongfeng big cards as hostages, Bai Bian could kill Chen Si and his party.

Yue Zhong smiled and did not hide: ”This is my ability! ”

This is not a secret to be concealed, as long as it is not a fool, you can guess one or two.

Wang Guanghu continued to ask: ”How can I get this ability? ”

Lei Zhen and Chen Yan also erected their ears to hear the answer to this question. In this end of the world, the harder the fist, the better it will survive. Everyone wants to get such special abilities.

Yue Zhongdao: ”When the zombies are close to me, they have a chance to break out a skill book. Using those skills books can get special abilities. I use those skills books to get this ability. ”

This is not a secret. Everyone in the Yuezhong team knows. Just knowing that it is one thing, it is another matter to do, and few people dare to fight with zombies. After all, as long as you suffer a bit of injury with the zombies, it means your death is over.

After listening to Yue Zhongs words, Wang Guanghu, Lei Zhen and Chen Yan both frowned and looked at each other. Zombies also killed a lot of ~www.mtlnovel.com~ but they have to fight with the zombies, but they have not done it. After all, there are guns who use wooden sticks to fight with zombies. Isn that stupid?

A middle-aged man with a slightly fat and handsome appearance came to report to Wang Guanghu: ”Tiger brother, the food is good. ”

Wang Guanghu nodded and immediately smiled at Yue Zhong: ”Yue Zhong, you have a hard time coming from afar, eat a meal first. ”

Wang Guanghu patted his hands, and a pretty woman in a cheongsam walked over with a plate of dishes and placed them on the table of the people.

There are two kinds of dishes. Before Yue Zhong, Chi Yang, Wang Shuang, Wang Guanghu, and Lei Zhen, there are rare white-cut chickens, fried wild vegetables, fried snails, fried chicken and large bowls of white rice. Snowy hoe.

On the table of the girls of Ji Qing Dance, Lu Wen and Chen Yao, there is a mixture of corn porridge and wild vegetables.

Yue Zhong six people are eating in the house. Girls such as Ji Qing Dance were arranged to eat in the yard outside the house.

Some of the savage Zhang Xin took the corn porridge in front of him and took a bite of wild vegetables. A smell came from inside. She couldn help but spit out the corn porridge together with the wild vegetables: ”Hey! How do you eat something? Is this something that people eat? ”

Since being rescued by Yue Zhong, Zhang Xin has not been hungry, although the food is not before the end of the world, but white rice, instant noodles are not lacking.

The other women also spit out with a small sip, which is not something that people eat.

Looking at the women who spit out the corn porridge and the wild vegetables, the children who looked out from the door sneaked in. The children smashed the wild vegetables from Zhang Xin and other girls from the ground. Wipe the clothes and plug them directly into your mouth.

God and Devil World Chapter 58: Thief

A little boy ran to Zhang Xins body and stared at Zhang Xindao with his **** eyes: ”Beautiful big sister, you can eat these things, can you give us food? We are hungry! ”

Zhang Xin, the hungry little boy, filled with sympathy in his eyes, and found a compressed biscuit from his body and handed it to the little boy: ”How can these things be eaten! This is a compressed biscuit, for you! ”

The little boy took the compressed biscuit and thanked him while striding out to the outside: ”Thank you sister! Thank you sister! ”

”Beautiful big sister! Give me something to eat! I am hungry!! ”

”Beautiful big sister! You are a good person, beg you to order something for me! I am hungry!! ”

”… ”

Seeing that Zhang Xin was so kind, a famous child quickly surrounded Zhang Xin and pleaded with her.

Zhang Xin was a little overwhelmed, and finally gave all the snacks on his body to the children.

The other girls were also very kind, and they gave the children the snacks they had, and gave their corn porridge to the children.

Looking at the children who ate the corn porridge and fried wild vegetables, the girls who had been protected by Yue Zhong and had not suffered were a bit of a distress.

Zhang Xin looked at the children who gorged the corn porridge and fried wild vegetables. They gnashed their teeth and said: ”Its too odious. How can the leader here treat children like this? Is there any humanity? ”

Wang Fang was shocked by Zhang Xins words and immediately yelled at Zhang Xin: ”Don talk nonsense! We are still on the site of others? Do you want to die? ”

Zhang Xin took a look at Wang Fang and was not talking. She is not an idiot, but she is too angry. Here is the site of Wang Guanghu, she is very clear about this.

The children in Changguang Village have a huge amount of food. They eat a large pot of corn porridge and eat wild vegetables, and even the pots are clean.

After eating, the children immediately ran outside the hospital.

Outside the courtyard, a man with a 81-gun rifle kicked a child to the ground, and the candy biscuit on the child was sprinkled.

”Little monkeys, the harvest is good! Compress cookies, lollipops, haha, good things! ” The militant laughed and threatened the rest of the children: ”I will hand over the good things on you, otherwise I will I am dying you. ”

Seeing the emergence of the militant, all the children flashed a horror in their eyes, hesitated, and took out the candy and biscuits in their arms and handed it to the militant.

The former police officer Su Ruxue finally couldn stand anymore. She stood up and yelled at the militant: ”How can you do this? If you grab a child, you still have to be shameless? ”

The militant looked up and down the Su Ruxue with an unscrupulous gaze, and laughed loudly: ”The big cow, the thing of Lao Tzu is not yours! If you are willing to let Laozi play a shot here, I will give these things to me. ” Go back to them. Just give it to you. Hahaha! ”

Su Ruxue trembled and shouted: ”You bastard, you are shameless!! ”

Su Ruxue has a good higher education, and her swearing words will only be these two sentences.

The militant sneered at Su Ruxue: ”Do you dare to marry Laozi? Hey! You can be crazy and only now. There is a day of mourning for you. ”

After that, the militant immediately turned and left here.

After Su Ruxue sat back in his position, he couldn help but say with anger: ”Where is this, there will be such scum. ”

Chen Yao smiled bitterly: ”I am afraid that it is like a bandit. We should have entered the thief. ”

Zhang Wei was afraid to say incomparably: ”What are we going to do? ”

In this power, children not only have to eat enough, but also are arbitrarily bullied. Zhang Wei is very scared of his future. And obviously this force does not have any gender equality, the concept of womens priority. From their food they can see that the leaders of the forces did not regard them as human beings.

Lu Wen smiled and said: ”Don worry, Yue Zhong brother will have a way. ”

Lu Wen is very confident in Yue Zhong, I believe he must have a way to take everyone out of here.

”Its good, there is Yue Zhong protection, no matter how, she will not be hurt. ” Yuan Ying stunned Lu Wen. She saw it very clearly along the way, knowing that Yue Zhong had been taking care of Lu Wen. If something happens, it is definitely those who have not had much to do with Yue Zhong.

The girls looked at each other and the girls except Ji Qing and Lu Wen were caught in a cloud. Zhao Li is holding her sons eyes and flashing a fear of the future.

Among the women, only Zhao Li, Wang Fang and so on did not give the children snacks. Looking at the experiences of the children in Changguang Village~www.mtlnovel.com~ Zhao Li is full of worry about her and her childrens future.

On the dinner table, Yue Zhong also ate the white-cut chicken and fried snails in a big mouth. These past ordinary home cooking has become extremely rare in the end of this mutating. In Leijiang City, Yue Zhongs meal is cooked like luncheon meat and ham sausage. The taste of chicken is almost forgotten.

Soon, all the dishes in the table were eaten, and only three big white hoes were left in the bowl.

The two women walked in and took down a table of cold soup and left only three big white hoes on the table.

Wang Guanghu smiled at Yue Zhong and said to the backyard: ”Yue Zhong brothers! In order to celebrate our two acquaintances, let me send you a gift. You guys come in! ”

Wang Guanghus words just fell, and the six women looked quite beautiful. The women with light makeup came out from the backyard and squatted in front of Wang Guanghu and Lei Zhen, respectively, pinching their legs for Wang Guanghu and Lei Zhen.

Wang Shuang looked at the six women who were Wang Guanghu and Lei Zhen pinching their legs, and the eyes flashed an incredible amount. These six women are quite beautiful and have good temperament. In the past, it was a white swan-like character sought after by countless men. Now he is honestly squatting in front of Wang Guanghu and Lei Zhen. This made Wang Shuang somewhat unbelievable.

Wang Guanghu smiled at Yue Zhong faintly: ”Yue Zhong brothers, which of these women you have seen directly said. These women do not have much effect, but the warm bed is still good. ”

Yue Zhong took a look at the six women who were beside Wang Guanghu. I saw that the six women were more beautiful, but they were numb, and there was no sensation in their eyes. It seemed that there was no hope, just like a walking dead. .

God and Devil World Chapter 59: Wang Guanghus ambition

Yue Zhong said to Wang Guanghu: ”Friends and wives can be bullied. Tiger brothers, these women are women of the tiger brother. How can I have a tiger brother and your woman? ”

Wang Guanghu smiled at Yue Zhong, and then as if he was kicking a dog, he kicked a woman wearing an OL uniform next to him. ”I know that these women are not as good as the Yue Zhong brothers. ” The best women. But these women are better than obedient. Wang Lan, in the past, I have been waiting for Yue Zhong. From today, he is your master. If you are not satisfied with the Yue brothers, you will go inside the chicken coop. ”

Wang Lan, who was dressed in an OL uniform and looked quite beautiful, climbed up to come to Yue Zhong and bowed his head to Yue Zhongs leather boots.

Yue Zhong brows and wraps his feet back. He is not used to such a service.

Yue Zhongyi shrunk, Wang Lans face brush turned into a gray color, turned to look at Wang Guanghu.

The chicken nest is a place in Changguang Village, similar to the camp. Women who enter the chicken coop should serve all the militants in Changguang Village. Not only that, but the woman inside the chicken nest eats porridge that is thinner than the soup. If you convince the Wang Guanghu people to live a humiliating life, then the woman who enters the chicken nest is living a life that is not as good as death. Serving Wang Guanghu, these bosses can at least eat enough.

Wang Guanghus face became gloomy, and the cold eyes flashed in his eyes, and he glared at Wang Lan. He treats Yue Zhong with courtesy. It is because of the strength of Yue Zhong. He can be merciless to those who are disobedient.

”Sorry, Master! Sorry, Master! I beg you, let me serve you! I will do anything, as long as you say, I can satisfy you. I beg you, let me serve you! ” Wang Lan was Wang Guanghu Then, a stunned, scared to the feet of Yue Zhong, hugged Yue Zhongs calf, and rubbed Yue Zhongs calf with his soft chest and cried and pleaded.

Wang Guanghu glared at Wang Lan, who was holding a big leg of Yue. His face sank and his voice became cold and cold: ”Come, pull this woman out. ”

Two armed men carrying the Type 79 submachine gun immediately came in and glanced at Wang Lan with a greedy gaze, then reached out and grabbed Wang Lan.

The most beautiful women are naturally divided by the leaders of the armed elements, Wang Guanghu, Lei Zhen, Chen Yan, and Zhang Xiang. There are some beautiful women in the chicken nest. There are not many beautiful and temperament women like Wang Lan. Even if there were a few, they were quickly tortured by the cruel environment there, and lost their former appearance. Wang Lans going can also make them feel good.

”Don ! Please! Master, I am willing to do anything! Please help me!! How can you play, I will do it, save me! Help me!! ” Wang Lan hugged Yue Zhongs calf tightly Hard pleading.

Yue Zhong looked at Wang Lan, who was crying and became a tearful person. He turned and said to Wang Guanghu: ”Wait a minute! Wang Da Ge, Wang Lan, I accepted it. ”

Wang Guanghus face turned better. He waved his hand and the two men withdrew their eyes with disappointment.

From death to life, Wang Lans heart seemed to have been a roller coaster. After Wang Guanghus two men retired, she immediately squatted in front of Yue Zhong, carefully helping Yue Zhong hammering her legs.

Wang Guanghu saw that Yue Zhong accepted himself to send out a woman. This smiled and opened the door to Yue Zhong: ”Yue Zhong, you can do it with me! You see that the world has changed, it is a good time for us to rise. ”

”In the past, the upper class was all stupid pigs and wastes that depended on the fathers shadow. What do they have? It is not because their fathers overthrew the old regime and established a new regime that they can become the upper class. Enjoy the extravagant and luxurious privileged life. The law is for the upper class, the action is illusory. They can easily and unscrupulously enjoy the most beautiful woman in the world, the best wine, the coolest vehicle. And we have worked hard for a lifetime. Maybe I can buy a house. ”

”But now it is different, the world has changed. The chaos in the world is a good time for us to rise. As long as we work together, gather the survivors, establish a new political power, and eliminate the zombies in the future. After unifying the country, our children and grandchildren will be able to Ronghua is rich and rich. ”

Wang Guanghus eyes flashed with the ambition of his ambition, and his ambition was revealed to Yue Zhong with great enthusiasm.

Wang Shuang was still listening to him. He didn think that Wang Guanghu had such a big ambition.

Yue Zhong also made a slight glimpse. At this time, he just wanted to go to the gathering base of Bohai City and hand over the cumbersome girls to the government~www.mtlnovel.com~ Looking for some strong teammates to go home to find relatives. There is no such thing as the establishment of a new political power.

”Theft of the stalker, the thief of the country! Wang Hou will have a kind of relationship! Yue Zhong, the upper class of the past. Their fathers are only mud-legged. The Ming Dynastys Zhu Yuanzhang used to be a shackle, the Nurhachi of the Qing Dynasty Its a squatting slave. They can all succeed. We are highly educated civilized people with guns in their hands. Its impossible to be worse than them! ”

”Even if we retreat 10,000 steps. We have failed to establish a new political power. As long as we have a huge strength in our hands, we will be able to live on a rich family or above by relying on any other force. You think about history, countries change their dynasties. When the princes who hold the heavy powers take the initiative to vote for the new regime, which one is not rich and rich, if you are just a civilian, then when you change the dynasty, you can only take the fish and take everything away. ”Seeing that Yue Zhong is thinking, Wang Guanghu continues to drum up.

Wang Guanghus sentence is very powerful, and Yue Zhong is also in silence, thinking about his words.

Yue Zhong slowly said: ”Tiger brother, you have thought that the system without government can not completely collapse. If the central government reacts, as long as one order, transfer a camp, it is not good. ”

Wang Guanghu did not know where to get dozens of 81-type rifles and 79-type submachine guns to arm his team. However, they did not have formal training at all, just a group of people. As soon as the real army comes in, as long as one company can annihilate these people.

Yue Zhong has been strengthened by the magic system of the gods, and his combat power is extraordinary. He dare not say that he can win the battle of PLA. A rocket can kill him.

God and Devil World Chapter 60: Tong Yan Guo Yu

Wang Guanghu laughed loudly: ”Ha ha! Yue Zhong brother, you don know. The central part of the area is estimated to have fallen. If there is no fall, they will definitely release a stable notice to settle the hearts of the people. More than half a month, except for the Bohai Sea nearby The city survivor base is still releasing broadcasts and calming peoples hearts. But the information on the central side has not been transmitted at all, and it is estimated that they have all become zombies. ”

Wang Guanghu made a promise to recruit: ”Yue Zhong, if you come to help me, you are the five grandfathers of Changguang Village! I am in the position of Zhang Xiang, Lei Zhen, Chen Yan, the next time I go out to find survivors, I will let you Pick the three most beautiful women. ”

Yue Zhong was silent for a while and said slowly: ”Tiger brother, sorry. I have to go back to Nanning, my parents are there. I have to go to them. I am afraid I can help you. ”

Wang Guanghus eyes flashed in the cold, his legs swayed, and he was silent for a while, only to sigh a long sigh: ”Where! You are a good man with affection and righteousness. People are aspiring, I am not reluctant to you. I have a request, I hope you can help me out and leave. ”

Yue Zhongs eyes condensed and slowly said: ”Tiger brother, you said! ”

Wang Guanghu smiled at Yue Zhong and said the words that made Yue Zhong very surprised: ”I know a arsenal that collects and collects military equipment. I need your help, we will seize the arsenal together. ”

Yue Zhong thought for a while before continuing to say: ”Tiger brother, your firepower is so fierce, can you still win the arsenal? ”

With the firepower of Wang Guanghu, as long as the bullets are sufficient, the ordinary zombies will only be killed. Wang Guanghu opened his mouth to Yue Zhong for help. Obviously things are not that simple.

Wang Guanghu did not conceal, directly said to Yue Zhong: ”It is not the opposite! In the arsenal, there are four mutant dogs. The four mutant dogs are too powerful. The last time I folded five brothers did not kill them. This time, I don see your brother, you don dare to play the idea there. ”

”Four percent! The four mutant dogs, if I solved them. I want the arms in the arsenal of 40%! ” Yue Zhong thought for a while, said.

Wang Guanghu frowned, Shen Sheng said: ”Two percent! Yue Zhong brothers, after taking the arsenal, I can give you two arms in stock. ”

Yue Zhong shook his head and said: ”Tiger brother, I have to take the life to fight with the four variants of the military dog. One accident, my brother and I will die under the dog of the variant. If it is not seen in the tiger brother You are so cool and heroic. I will never ask for the price. ”

Wang Guanghu stared at Yue Zhong for a while and called to the backyard: ”Light rain! You come out! ”

One of the skin was white, like a black waterfall-like long hair scattered on the shoulders, with a baby face, choppy chest, and a small, delicate girl walked in a white dress.

Seeing that the girl named Xiao Yu walked in, Lei Zhen and Chen Yans eyes all showed a greedy gaze, staring at the chest named Xiao Yu who was not fit for age.

The little girl named Xiao Yu walked in, and the beautiful women who were kneeling at the feet of Wang Guanghu, Lei Zhen and Chen Yan were completely compared. The delicate and pretty face of Xiao Yus childishness and her plump figure formed a fascinating charm. It can be called a model of Tong Yan.

Wang Shuang also stared at the chest of the rain.

It is Yue Zhong, and I can help but see a little rain. In modern society, the nutrition is abundant, the girl develops early, and the little girl with good shape is not without. Lu Wens figure is very good among her peers, but she is still inferior to this girl named Xiao Yu.

The girl named Xiao Yu said to Wang Guanghu: ”Tiger brother! ”

Wang Guanghu pointed to the girl named Xiaoyu and said to Yue Zhong: ”Yue Zhong brother, this is Guo Yu, the most beautiful virgin on my hand, now I have given her to you! She is no better than you bring. How many are the difference. The most important thing is that she is obedient. And you know? She used to be the daughter of the mayor of Leijiang City. The virgin daughter of a mayor, the value is far above the 20% elimination of arms, you say? ? ”

Listening to Wang Guanghu giving himself as a cargo, Guo Yus eyes flashed a humiliation. However, she did not dare to show any dissatisfaction. Wang Guanghu is facing the corporal of Yue Zhong Li Xian, but he is never soft on women. Guo Yu once saw a beautiful woman who violated Wang Guanghu. He was interrupted by four limbs and thrown into the chicken coop. The woman died after two days. She was stunned when she died. There is also a woman who violated Wang Guanghu who was directly alive to feed the zombies. When she saw the woman being bitten by the zombies and biting down the flesh of the body, she did not dare to violate Wang Guanghu. . In the face of Wang Guanghu, the young ladys temper, the princess is sick, and she is completely looking for death.

Yue Zhongs eyes flashed a few times before he smiled: ”Okay! Just follow the instructions of Tiger Brother. ”

Wang Guanghu also smiled and said to Guo Yu: ”Light rain, don you go to see your new owner? ”

Guo Yu took a fragrant wind to the side of Yue Zhong~www.mtlnovel.com~ Yingyingyibai, then squatted in front of Yue Zhong, looked at Yue Zhongdao with those bright big eyes: ”I have seen the master! ”

Looking at Guo Yuxi in front of Yue Zhong, Lei Zhen and Chen Yan have flashed a glimpse of their eyes. They have more than four beautiful women in each room, but none of them are so beautiful as Guo Yu, and their body is so good.

”Tong Yan., Yue Zhong really is not a blessing. ” Wang Shuang, sitting next to Yue Zhong, looked at the beautiful and charming Guo Yu, and his eyes flashed a sizzling heat, and could not help but whisper.

Wang Guanghu looked at Guo Yu, who was next to Yue Zhong, and smiled. ”Now it is too late, Yue Zhong brother, you must have a hard time coming from afar. Take a hot bath and rest. ”

Yue Zhong asked: ”Tiger brother, is the water not polluted? ”

Bathing is a very wasteful act of water resources. In Leijiang City, only Yue Zhong, Ji Qing Dance, Chi Yang and Lu Wen can bathe. Others are only able to wipe their bodies with water and do not dare to take a bath. After all, no one knows that water pollution is not.

Wang Guanghu explained to Yue Zhong: ”We take the living water in the river. The living water in the river will not have any problem after it has been boiled for five minutes. If you drink raw water directly, you may or may not be infected. Something went wrong. ”

Guo Yus body trembled a little, and she knew that in order to reach this conclusion. Wang Guanghu took more than twenty people to experiment, and one of them who drunk raw water was directly infected and mutated into a zombie.

Wang Guanghu saw that Yue Zhong had no doubts and recruited a tall and thin young man to order: ”Liu Shui! Take the Yue Zhong brothers and their companions to rest. ”

Liu Shui nodded and led Yue Zhong and his entourage to go out: ”Yes! ”

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