Goru Sama in clean up duty

Chaos in the Crimson garden.


There may be many reasons for life to start and end. But, for that life to prosper what it needs is balance!

”These were the words master said to me when I first took on the role of an administrator. ” said a man dressed in white robes standing on the edge of a mountain looking over the barren lands below.

He was holding a withered plant in his hand. he murmured, ”Sigh… that old man will roast me on a grill if he finds out about this. ”

As the man was in deep thought, he felt a presence nearing him. As he turned around, he saw a beast-like humanoid flying toward him.

It was a red dessert lizard that was successful in cultivating and becoming immortal.

”Goru Sama!! ” called out the creature rushing towards the man.

”Walu !? why the ** is this lizard here, did that Old man find out what happened already? ” thought Goru.

”Goru Sama, I have been searching everywhere for you, ” said Walu looking at Goru.

Goru examining the plant in his hand with deep thought said ”What is it? ” with clear dissatisfaction.

”Goru Sama… I think this world is beyond saving… ” responded Walu dressed in red robes while looking at nearby dead trees.

”Well… anybody can say that much, tell me something I don know, ” said Goru with a glance of obviousness toward Walu.

”Haha… how can I ever know something Goru Sama doesn know, ” said Walu laughing out loud.

”This dim-wit Lizard can even read the mood, ” thought Goru with a sigh.

”Well… its not like we caused it, sometimes nature has its plans, ” said Goru Sama.

”Well, its not my fault for sure, and I wonder what Lord Roku would think of it, ” said Walu in response.

Beads of sweat formed on Gorus forehead, at the mention of Lord Roku.

”Come on now Walu! How many years have we known each other, can you help me a little here? you know how much that old man is obsessed with the crimson garden! ” said Goru with a fake smile covering his fear.

”My apologies Goru Sama, I would have taken the blame if it was any other situation. But this is something you have bought upon yourself so please try to understand. ” Said Walu in a stern tone.

”Walu… ”

the next day in the Crimson palace…

”Goru you idiot! ”

a shout resounded throughout the palace.

”you had one thing to do! one single thing! ”

”all you had to do was stay put and observe if life in those worlds is stable. but you had to mess it up ” shouted the old man sitting on the throne.

”But grandfather how would I know that it would turn out like this, all I did was reincarnate a few people or transmigrate a few people to different worlds with their memories intact. ”

”I thought this would bring a new perspective to the world and peace will be established in this chaotic cultivation world, ” said Goru sama to defend himself.

This further infuriated the old man.

”you idiot, there is a reason why memories of the souls get erased during the reincarnation cycle. its to maintain balance ” shouted the old man.

”But grandfather, its just one of the many worlds we oversee. its not like it will cause a huge effect on our Crimson palace, ” said Goru sama trying to defend himself.

”Child, that may be one of the many worlds we oversee but the worlds we oversee are not any ordinary worlds, these worlds contain the legacy and memories of the current ruling Lord of the eastern heavens, ” said the old man in a depressed tone.

”Goru, in a few decades you might be taking my position as the administrator of the Crimson palace but to have done such a thing at a time like this might affect this decision by the council, ” said the old man with a deep sigh.

After listening to his grandfather, Goru was feeling nervous.

”Goru, this is going to be the last time Im going to defend you, if this happens again you shall be replaced as the heir apparent to the throne, Now leave! ”

Even after his grandfather said him to leave Goru was standing still with sweat dripping down his forehead, as if he wanted to say something but couldn .

this alerted his grandfather, after living for millennia he could sense that something was wrong.

”Goru, this was not the only world you allowed such reincarnations and transmigrations right? ”


”Goru… ”


Gritting his teeth Roko Sama got up from his throne and came close to goru.

”Well, now that we know about the issue we can find a way to mitigate the situation its not something we can handle. So, never repeat it, and also you will be part of the mitigation team. Now leave before I get angry. ”


”Goru, Is there something else? ” Lord Roku asked with a serious tone.

”Be… Benefits… ” Goru murmured.

”Well.. at least you have not given them any sort of irrational benefits right ? ” Lord Roku started sounding a little anxious while approaching Goru.


Getting a little closer to Goru, Roku was feeling very anxious at this point.

”Well, at least its not

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