”Azusa, get off your butt and get ready for karate! Your the person who wanted to learn how to protect yourself! ”

”Alright, alright Im coming! ”

Mom woke me up from a nap. Honestly I was enjoying it and she just woke me up. I got into my clothes for karate. I walked downstairs after getting dressed.

”Azusa, please make sure you hide ears and tails. ”

”Mom, Im not stupid. Just because Im part animal and its rare and Im magical, it doesn mean that I won stay safe. ”

”I know, I just don want you to get hurt. And I do know that there are others out there like you but even then. ”

Just like my mom said, Im part animal. Technically mythical creature. Only 10% Of the world population is like that, and thats a really small amount. There are other animals like raccoons, foxes, squirrels, etc. And then there are mythical creatures like me. Phoenix, Twin Tails, etc. We also have magical powers. Im a Twin Tailed Cat. My powers are athleticism and I have qualities of a natural cat.

e here honey. Now hide your ears and tails. ”

”Yes mother dearest. ”

I rolled my eyes and then hid everything. I hopped out of the car and headed into the building. I opened the door and saw kids in street clothes kicking eachother. I took my shoes and sock off and sat on a chair up close to the class. I stared in admiration of how advanced they were and looked. Then all of a sudden I felt something touch my shoulder.

”Hey, are new? ”

I jumped out of my seat and yelled. The class looked at me. I felt embarrassed. I would be surprised if I wasn blushing but I new I was. I sat back down in my seat.

”Sorry, keep going. ”

The class continued class. I looked at the boy. He had two different colored eyes. One was a light brown and the other was blue. They matched very well with his dark red hair.

”Are you crazy? I couldve been kicked out. ”

”Oh, our sensei doesn do that. Hes much nicer than he looks. Anyway are you new? ”

”Um, yea Im new. What about it? ”

”Just wondering. Me and my friends haven seen you around before. ”

”Your friends? ”

”Yea. We take care of check everyday for the classes. So we know everyone. Buuuut, your name was never in the program. ”

”Guess that makes sense. ”

”If youd want, Ill help you in class. ”

”Id like that. ”

”Alright. See ya in class. Im Blaze by the way ”

”See ya. And Im Azusa. ”

So I waited for the class to end. Once everything was done Blaze helped me throughout class and taught me some new things like strikes and blocks and etc. I had told mom that I would walk home so she wouldn be picking me up. Blazes parents and his friends parents were all chatting.

”This is Zane, Elias and Katelyn. ”

Zane was quiet and he wore tons of gray, black and white. Elias was energetic and always looking for action. Katelyn had unusual light blue hair. She was a real athletic sporty girl.

”Oh sweet, theres another girl. I could use a girlfriend. ”

”Nice to meet you! Im Elias! And thats Katelyn! Whats your name? ”

”Um M-m-my n-n-names A-Azusa. ”

”Jesus Elias. Stop it your scaring her. ”

Katelyn dug her knuckles into Eliass head. I sat down on a punching bag that was laying on its side.

”Why don you run that threw your thick skull. ”

”Im sorry, Im sorry! ”

I chuckled.

”You can call me Kate by the way. ”

”Ok, I like to be called Azu. ”

”Yo, Zane come say hi. ” Blaze called.

Zane looked over silently. He walked over and squated down. I scooched back against the wall. A golden light started to glow around his head and his back. When the light faded there was a pair of ear and a wolf tail.

”You sprained your ankle. ”

He looked down at my ankle.

”U-um its nothing. Im completely fine. ”

”It looks painful. ”

”Im fine really. And whats with the ears and tail. ”

”Im part wolf. ”

”Oh ok. ”

Someone like me huh? I didn think Id find someone in my town.

”Are you gonna walk around with a sprained ankle? I could easily heal it. ”

Um s-sure. Fine, I guess. ”

”It might hurt a little. ”

Zane stuck out his hand and gave me a small rag. I think it was for me to bite. He put his other hand near my ankle. This time a dim blue light illuminated. My ankle started to hurt. I bit down on the rag and gripped his hand. It stopped about 2 minutes later. I let go of his hand and blushed a little.

”Sorry. Was I holding too tight? ”

”Your fine. Keep the rag. ”

”Thanks. ”

”Ooooooh. Zane helped someone! ”

Kate nudged him with her arm.

”Is it that big of a deal? ”

”Oh yea. Heres the truth Azu, Zane doesn help many people. You must be special. ”

After that I started my walk home. I balanced on the edge of the sidewalk with my arms out.

”Mmm. I wonder if I should tell at least Zane about myself, him being like me and all. ”

I walked across an alley and heard something. It was like a scrape. I stepped cautiously into the alley. It was too quiet. I heard someone jump towards me. I allowed my ears and tails to show. I jumped up and clinged my tail to the wall. I knew then and there that it was going to be a rough battle.

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