”Aaaaaaah… I am so tired, I don wanna get up… ”

My name is Arthur, and I am an average human.

I have dark brown hair and eyes, I am 6 feet tall, and I am 18 years old.

While I get up off my precious bed, I do the same thing I did every day since 6 years ago.

I raised my right hand and casually said

”Status. ”

I didn expect anything to happen as Ive tried it for years, and nothing ever happened. But there is nothing I can do about it, after all I can decide if I will or not become a chosen one.

As I prepared to head on to the kitchen, something unexpected that made my heart stop beating for a moment happened.

[Arthur Gold]

Class: None

Body- 5

Soul- 5

Energy- 5




Divine Right

”This… ”

A blue screen showing his status finally appeared to him after 6 years!

”I am awakened! ”

Arthur was almost moved to tears when he realized that his dreams were starting to become true.

Since the great catastrophe that happened 6 years ago, many things have changed. Portals, also called gates, started to appear all around the world, releasing all sorts of creatures and monsters. In the beginning, everyone panicked, firearms weren very effective against them, and many people died. That was when people called Awakens started appearing. They all had supernatural abilities that could go against these unknown monsters.

Today, the world was mostly in peace all because of the awakens. It was also the most popular profession and the dreams of many.

Since Arthur lost his parents during the great catastrophe, he ever desired to fight against monsters and protect humanity, and now his dream came to reality!

”I can believe I became awaken! Haha, I will become the greatest! The king! Hahahahaha! ”

Arthur couldn help but have an explosion of positive emotions because of his happiness… 10 minutes later, he finally calmed down and carefully read his status, only to lose control again when he read the explanation of his talent and ability.

Incomprehensive: Immune against mind and soul reading.

Divine Right: It is possible to create one divine ability.

”Oh my god! Divine ability! CREATE! Hahahahahahahaha! Thats it, I am invincible!

40 minutes later…

”Huuw, so I can create a divine ability… ”

At this moment, Arthur was eating breakfast while looking at the pancakes. He was calm and lost in thoughts. He was currently thinking about what kind of world break ability he should create.

After he finished breakfast, he finally decided.

”It must be a devour type ability, yes, now it is time to design. ”

Arthur seemed to have entered a mental world where he was surrounded by darkness, the ability divine right sended information to his brain about how to design abilities, and then he started testing all sorts of possibilities.

In his life, Arthur read many novels about fantasy, magic, and cultivation. He wasn a newcomer when it was about op abilities. He was doing his best to design the strongest ability possible. After all, it was going to decide his future.

One week later…

Arthur looked at the final result of his hard work, and he couldn help but smile.

Heart Assimilator: The user can assimilate hearts. When a heart is assimilated, the user will gain or strengthen talents and affinities. The user will have the physique improved when the first heart of one kind is assimilated.

”Perfect! Now, it is time to use the divine right to give life to this marvelous ability! ”

He then started chanting

”Divine Right! Bring Heart Assimilator to reality!

A shining golden light came from Arthur as his lips curved. He acquired a divine ability!

He opened his status to check the changes.

[Arthur Gold]

Class: None

Body- 5

Soul- 5

Energy- 5




Heart Assimilator

”I lost divine right and gained Heart Assimilator, fair enough. Now, it is time for me to register as an awaken in the Awakened Hunter Organization and get a license.


The process to get the license was smooth, everything Arthur needed to do was to place his hand in a special stone that can measure the amount of energy in ones body, and he got his license. The average stats of an adult human are around five to body and soul, and 1 to energy. It is known that every person awakened has a minimum of 5 to each stat, so it is easy to distinguish between awakened and non-awakened.

After getting his license, Arthur immediately went to the mission hall. He had already considered his growth path the moment he created his divine ability. After looking around for five minutes, he decisively chose a mission where he needed to be a porter to an F-rank gate. Yes, a porter.

Although Arthur awakened a divine ability, it didn give him any battle power yet. For that reason, he chose to become a porter until he got a decent combat power.

Many teams needed a porter to do some annoying but necessary tasks like carrying baggage, collecting mana crystals from monsters corpses, and helping carry loot. The reason why Arthur became a porter was to collect mana crystals from monsters to absorb their hearts!


2 hours later, at a meeting point decided by a certain team of awakens, three people were chatting, one man and two women.

”Is everyone prepared for the dungeon? ”(Elia) a woman that seemed to be the leader asked

”Yes! ”(Lila)

”Yes! ”(Gary)

The other two answered back with enthusiasm.

”I already received news from the new porter. He is almost here. Soon, he arrives, we will be departing to the dungeon. I don want any mistakes! ”

Soon after Elia finished her speech, a young man arrived.

”Is this the Ember 3 team? I am the porter Arthur ” Arthur said with a smile

”Yes we are. Great, we will be heading on to the dungeon immediately. Lets go! ”(Elia)

Arthur was a little surprised that they didn introduce themselves to him, but soon he understood. He was only a porter. He only needed to do his job, and anything else didn matter.

Arthur didn mind their behavior. He only had one thought in his mind.

What kind of monster will this dungeon have?

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