It was late in the afternoon when a team of the Crusaders guild was gathered in a cafe. At this moment, they were waiting for the last team member to arrive before departing to the dungeon. Among them, Arthur was trying to hide his excitement.

E-rank gate! I managed to become a porter of an E-rank gate expedition! I am so lucky!

When Arthur was choosing his mission at the mission hall, he saw that in one of the posters, they were recruiting a porter for an E-rank gate! He promptly accepted it, and here he was.

Suddenly the door of the cafe opened and a man that seemed to be in a hurry entered while walking towards the group.

”Im sorry for being late. ”(Robert) He said politely before taking a seat.

”Now that is everyone here. we will go challenge the gate. Same old rules. Porter, you just need to do your job, don worry, we will protect you well. ” (Carlos)

Everyone nodded towards the leader, and then they got up and went towards the E-rank gate. The team consisted of five people besides Arthur. Two tanks, two mages, and one lancer, which was the leader.

When they came in front of the gate, everyone took a deep breath before entering. Again, Arthur was the last person to enter.


Inside the gate

Arthur could clearly see that it looked like an ancient corridor. Magic stones that emitted brightness were on the sides facilitating the vision of the surroundings. Of course, it didn matter to Arthur.

”Everyone, in formation! Advance! ”(Carlos)

They seemed to know each other very well, and the way they moved and acted was very professional. Carlos, who was between the tank and mages, had a calm look that immediately made anyone trust him.

As they advanced, they didn have to wait much before the first batch of monsters appeared.

”Three giant wolves ahead! ”(Robert)

Giant wolves! Arthur was starting to guess what kind of talents it would give to him when the fight started.

The wolves instantly arrived in front of the tanks, launching a claw attack!


They easily defended with their shields, then it was the mages turn.

”Wind blade! ”

”Greater fireball! ”

Their spells gravely injured the wolves and created an aperture to Carlos advance with his spear, quickly harvesting the lives of two wolves in succession! Then he used a skill.

”Instant Thrust! ”(Carlos)

All wolves reached their end in less than 30 seconds!

They are really experts. Now its time for me to loot the corpses!

Arthur calmly went towards the wolf and started to cut the wolves to get their mana stones. Of course, he didn forget to assimilate their hearts.

[Giant wolfs heart absorbed, talents acquired: enhanced smell, enhanced agility]

After assimilating all three hearts, Arthur opened his stats.

[Arthur Gold]

Job: None

Body- 15

Soul- 5

Energy- 5


Incomprehensive, Night Vision lv 7, Poison Resistance lv 7, Strong body lv 2, Enhanced Smell lv 3, Enhanced agility lv 2


Heart Assimilator


Arthur was surprised with how high his stats were, but at the same time, he was very excited! He was feeling that todays harvest would be enough for him to become strong enough to deal with the F-rank dungeon with ease!


After 5 hours of intense fighting and breaks, it was time to challenge the boss.


Inside the boss room…

The boss was a silver wolf that was two meters tall. He seemed to be in a frenzy, and it was going to be a hard battle.

While Arthur was guessing the talents that the wolf would give him, the clash between the two parties started.


A tank was pushed back when his shield was hit, seizing the opportunity Carlos used his speed to pierce the silver wolf.

”Instant Thrust! ”


It was as if the spear hit a thick iron plate. Although the spear pierced through the wolfs defenses, the true damage was very low. Seeing it, Carlos changed the approach.

”Defensive formation, mages prepare to launch spells! ”

The silver wolf seemed to be enraged by Carloss attack. It started to frantically attack both guardians. Seizing the moment, both mages took action.

”Greater fireball! ”

”Greater fireball! ”


Both fireballs landed on the silver wolf, one in the face, and one on the chest!


Seeing the aperture, Carlos immediately rushed over with his stronger attack.

”Heavy Thrust! ”

The attack landed right in the wolfs face, making a serious wound.

Like this, this battle soon ended 5 minutes later. From beginning to end, the silver wolf was completely dominated.

Looking at the silver wolfs corpse, Arthur couldn help but smile.

With the 114 wolves that were killed before, it will be 115! It is amazing to work with professionals!

Arthur then went forward to loot the silver wolf.

[Silver wolfs heart absorbed, talents acquired: enhanced agility, Iron skin]


[Arthur Gold]

Class: None

Body- 29

Soul- 5

Energy- 5


Incomprehensive, Night Vision lv 7, Poison Resistance lv 7, Strong body lv 2, Enhanced Smell lv 9, Enhanced Agility lv 8, Iron Skin lv 3


Heart Assimilator


I am much stronger! As expected of a divine ability, it is really divine!

As Arthur was looting the Silver wolf corpse, he noticed a silver chest plate near. Taking it, he asked the leader about it.

”Carlos, is this a drop? ” Arthur asked, uncertain

Everyone had their eyes wide open when the word loot came out Arthurs month. Carlos immediately arrived at Arthurs side and carefully took the armor from Arthurs hand.

”A light silver armor with good defense! Thats a rare item. We will become much stronger with it!. ”(Carlos)

Seeing that everyone was so excited about the armor, Arthur couldn help but go with the flow, but for a different reason, of course.

A few minutes later, everyone calmed down.

”Good job everyone, lets keep going like this, and soon we will become D-rank. ”(Carlos)

Arthur already handed over the bag with mana crystals to Carlos. Everything that they needed to do now was to leave the gate.

”Good, lets leave this gate! ”(Carlos)


At Arthurs home…

Arthur was currently making plans for the next week. Because of his divine ability, he was becoming stronger very fast, and he needed to make plans for the future.

In the following week, I will be working as a porter to F-rank and E-rank gates.

Thought Arthur with himself as he drank grapes juice.

Then after that, I will test my strength! I wonder how strong I will be then.

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