One week later…


[Arthur Gold]

Class: None

Body- 73

Soul- 5

Energy- 5


Incomprehensive, Night Vision lv 9, Poison Resistance lv 9, Strong body lv 8, Enhanced Smell lv 9, Enhanced Agility lv 9, Iron Skin lv 4, Enhanced Vitality lv 8, Sharp Teeth lv 7, Enhanced Strength lv 8, loud voice lv 7


Heart Assimilator


Arthur nodded to his stats with satisfaction. Last week, he worked very hard as a porter to gain such strength.

He entered gates that contained goblins, giant rats, kobold, bears, wolves, hobgoblins, hounds, and zombies. These varieties helped him to get many talents and to strengthen the ones he already had.

At this moment, Arthur was preparing to fight his first gate alone. He already chose an F-rank gate and was ready to slaughter his way. The only weapon Arthur chose was a single sharp knife. Maybe it was arrogance, but Arthur didn feel that he needed to bring anything else to clear a mere F-rank dungeon.

Because of his many talents, Arthurs body was very well constructed, and his teeth were sharp. Doesn matter what he ate. Everything was easily chewed.

Its time to go.

Arthur looked at the clock and got up from the chair. He was ready!


In front of an F-rank gate…

”Good luck to me! I wish there were no rats inside that gate. ”

Arthur said to himself as he entered the gate.

But maybe it was bad luck, but one thing that he didn notice was that when he entered the gate, its color suddenly changed to red before it disappeared!

If anyone was there to testify to this scene, they would exclaim in surprise because the gate Arthur entered was a rare red gate!

Everyone knows that a red gate is a rare kind of gate that disappears when anyone enters it. It is impossible to detect if a gate was a gate without entering it. So usually people would send a person willing to test if the gate was safe or not. Of course, if something happens to that person, their family would be heavily rewarded by the Awaken Association.

But, poor Arthur. He was so confident in himself that he didn even send anyone to test the gate. He can only be described as a really bad lucky guy.


Inside the gate…

Arthur already noticed the anomaly that the gate had disappeared, and he couldn help but break in cold sweat.

”Red gate! I am dead! ”

Arthurs face immediately went pale, and he dropped to his knees.

”No, no… that can be the end! I have a divine ability! I will slaughter my way out of this gate! And also it is only an F rank gate, it can be that hard! ”

Arthur convinced himself and got up. His eyes were shining!

He looked around and discovered that he was in a dark cave without any light. Thanks to his night vision, he had no problem seeing. He carefully began to advance.

Arthur was tense for 3 minutes while walking in the darkness, and it wasn longer when he saw his first opponent.

A wolf!

When Arthur saw the wolf, he immediately advanced!

First to move has the advantage!

Before the wolf could react, Arthurs knife was already on his neck. It was dead!

Arthur sighed in relief before taking a close look at the wolf. It had black fur and red eyes, very cool in Arthurs opinion.

He then started to do what he did all the time last week, loot the corpse!

[Demonic wolfs heart assimilated, talents acquired: enhanced speed, conceal]

Uau! It gave me a very good talent, it will help me a lot in surviving.

After entering this dungeon, Arthur finally smiled. After killing this demonic wolf, his confidence that was shaking now was firm as Iron.

It is right. With my divine ability, I am invincible! Lets go! ”

Demonic wolf after Demonic wolf fell before Arthurs knife, doesn matter how many wolfs appeared in front of Arthur, they would be easily killed with one strike each.

After killing the 100th wolf, Arthur started to feel bored. These wolves were just too weak to him.

Just when he was thinking that things were too easy, an old and rusty door appeared in his sight.

He didn need to think much to discover that it was the boos rooms door!

”Finally, it is time for the truth. ”

Arthur took a deep breath and opened the door.

When the door was opened, Arthur noticed two things. The first was a giant demonic wolf, while the second thing was a red portal!

Arthur was in ecstasy after seeing the red portal. He didn want to drag things too much, so he immediately sprinted against the giant demonic wolf!

Holding his knife, Arthur was attacking like a professional hunter. When it was time to dodge, he perfectly did. When he saw an opportunity, he immediately seized it, and when it was safe, he attacked!

The whole fight was like he was playing with the wolf, with his superior attributes and movements. The giant demonic wolf fell in less than a minute when Arthurs knife went all the way in his eye socket.

”Hum, it was easier than I thought, so a red gate is only in this level. ”

Arthur said that without realizing that this F-rank boss was way stronger than any F-rank boss, it was only slightly weaker than an E-rank boss

”Anyway, time to loot! ”

[Giant Demonic wolfs heart absorbed, talents acquired: enhanced speed, conceal]

”Nothing new… ” said Arthur while holding the wolfs mana crystal.

When Arthur got up and looked around the wolf, he found something that made his heart happy.

”A drop! The boss dropped a very cool dagger! I am really lucky! ”

Arthur shouted as he looked at the black dagger in his hand.

”Now, lets take a look at my stats before going back. ”


[Arthur Gold]

Class: None

Body- 75

Soul- 5

Energy- 5


Incomprehensive, Night Vision lv 8, Poison Resistance lv 9, Strong body lv 8, Enhanced Smell lv 9, Enhanced Agility lv 9, Iron Skin lv 4, Enhanced Vitality lv 8, Sharp Teeth lv 7, Enhanced Strength lv 8, loud voice lv 7, Conceal lv 8


Heart Assimilator


”Good! Now lets go home. Even though I am not tired, this red gate almost gave me a heart attack, haha. Who would have thought that it was so easy! ”

Arthur said before immediately entering the gate.

What he didn know was that he wasn going home…

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