”Good morning, sleepy head. ” Irma chirped as she pressed a remote that opened the ceiling to floor curtains.

I groaned covering my eyes from the bright light coming through the glass wall. Rubbing my eyes, to get rid of the sleep, I sat up on the king-sized bed, in my new bedroom!

”Good morning, Irma. ” I yawned, slightly smiling at her. She grinned. ”Did you sleep well? ” She asked, staring at me and I nodded. ”Great. Why don you freshen up and come downstairs, while I go prepare breakfast. ” I nodded and she smiled before leaving.

I found myself smiling sheepishly in my new bedroom. I was very amazed when I saw it last night, the cute modern and feminine furniture, the big screen TV, the large and modern ensuite bathroom, Id seen it all except for the view. So I got up and went to take a look through the window. My mouth formed an O at the breathtaking view in front of me. The weather was a bit cold today and this only made everything look more amazing. I could see the forest from up here, I could also see beautiful mountains and the backyard. Wow. I was in love.

Mom wouldve loved this.

And I suddenly felt sad again, my mood was back to the way it had been yesterday and I wasn really feeling the excitement, Id been feeling, only a moment ago. Taking a deep breath, I went to the bathroom.

Maybe that shower would help.

Last night, I had thought I would meet my father during dinner but I didn . I had dinner with only Irma and my brothers, Liam and Harry. Walter had been asleep and I hadn really met him. It felt strange knowing that I had half brothers that I hadn known about. I felt anxious, when I thought about having to try and make a relationship with them and my father. I wasn very good at making relationships but I prayed that my half brothers and father, liked me.

I felt today was a special occasion and I wanted to dress well for meeting my father for the first time. I really wanted my new family to be impressed, so I put on my favourite outfit. My black and white turtleneck, tucked into my favourite brown mini skirt. I remembered how mom had bought me this outfit on my birthday, when I was turning 13, which was only a few months ago. I had only worn it a couple of times, but only on special occasions because it was one of my formal outfits.

”So you
e awake, little sister? ” Liam smiled at me as I climbed down the stairs. He was all sweaty and his hair was wet. I could tell by his attire that he had been exercising or running.

”Yes. Good morning. ” I greeted him shyly. ”It is a good morning indeed. ” He grinned and I chuckled.

”Lets go have breakfast. ”

Liam and I headed to the dining room. I was still astonished by it, despite having had dinner here last night. This place was simply out of this world. It sure as hell did look expensive, even the simplicity of some of the objects placed around the house.

Irma came into the room and placed some plates in front of us. Breakfast. The food looked yummy. She had made some pancakes, eggs, sausages, bacon and some slices of tomatoes on the side. It really looked good, I couldn wait to put it in my mouth. Soon after, Walter and Harry walked into the room, both greeting us before taking their seats. Irma brought them food as well before leaving the room.

We all ate in awkward silence, nothing but the sound of clicking cutlery and the slurping of drinks could be heard. Eventually, Walter broke the silence.

”Its nice to meet you, Juliet. ” He smiled at me.

It was amazing how he looked exactly like Liam when he smiled.

”Uh, nice to meet you too. ” I let out a little smile as well.

Walter and Liam made small talk with me, wanting to get to know me, but Harry never bothered, he just stared at his phone while eating, not even bothering to engage in the conversation. It was almost as if he wasn there.

”So, Joy, are you ready to meet daddy dearest? ” Liam had asked, making a funny face.

I couldn help but chuckle at that, which brought a huge grin on his face. Both him and Walter smiled. I still found it really cool how identical they were. If it hadn been for the black spot on the corner of Liams chin, I wouldn have been able to tell the difference. Walter also had one on his right cheek.

After breakfast, the boys disappeared somewhere around the mansion. I didn know where they went, so I was left sitting alone in the living room, awkwardly looking around with my hands intertwined on my lap. The TV was off and I really didn wanna get in trouble for touching anything.

Irma had noticed how bored I was and had told me that I should go explore the yard, since it had beautiful flowers. And thats how I ended up exploring the outside area. I had eventually wandered off to the forest. Looking up at the beautiful, tall pine trees. Wow.

I was somewhere in the middle of the forest, I could see the road from the gate to the house from here. It was the same one Ace and I had driven on.

Suddenly, an expensive looking car drove by. It had passed so fast that I had even failed to have a proper look at it. It was heading to the house. Could it be my father? I couldn help but ask myself. I decided just then, to head back. I had to see whoever this was.

Upon finally reaching the exit of the forest, I could properly see the car parking on the driveway. A person stepped out of the car, it was a man in a black suit. I couldn see his face but his body looked masculine. He walked up the stairs to the front door of the house and thats when I noticed a briefcase on his left hand. And a shining object on his right hand. Is- that-

”A gun?! ” I gasped.

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