[Luna POV]

I woke up the next morning a bit groggy.  The last thing I remember was cuddling with Tamamo under the tree and the combined sensation of Abyssal Fluff and Divine Fluff.

‘Tamamo, did I actually fall asleep?

{Ehe.  Lunas tails, so fluffy, so soft.  Never give them to anyone else.}



‘Guess we both fell asleep.

I got up from the bed and changed into something more comfortable.  When I finished getting dressed, I frowned a bit.

‘I really need to get some new clothes, these are getting too tight.

I left the room and went to find something to eat.  When I got to the dining room, I found Soleil being hugged by Velvet.  When Soleil noticed me entering the room, she told me to keep quiet.

“Hehe.  Soleil.” (Velvet)

I whispered in a voice only loud enough for Soleil to hear.

“She still half asleep?” (Luna)

“Yes.  That and she drank some blood earlier.” (Soleil)

“I cant wait to see her reaction when she comes to her senses.” (Luna)

“It will be quite the show, wont it.?  By the way, how was your night?” (Soleil)

“Quite good.  I had some trouble keeping my reasoning, but I managed.” (Luna)

“While I dont quite understand what you mean, at least you had fun.” (Soleil)

“When is your test today?” (Luna)

“In two hours, Im ready for it since its just a mock battle with an examiner, but now I want to just sit and watch this side of Velvet.” (Soleil)

As she said that, Velvet pulled out a brush from her bag and started to clumsily brush Soleils tail.

“Oh this is nice.  Have you been teaching her, big sis?” (Soleil)

“Yes, shes been increasing her depth by brushing my tails every so often.  Last time she did that, she managed to keep control of herself for nearly the entire time.” (Luna)

“I guess I need to catch up then.  Let me brush one of your tails before we leave to find the island, please.” (Soleil)

“Ok.  Ill make sure to do that a few days before we leave.” (Luna)

Some breakfast was brought in, and we started to eat.  The ones that brought the food were even nice enough to ignore Velvets current condition and put a plate down for her as well.  We ate everything and were sitting there chatting when Tamamo spoke up.

{Morning Luna, do you know what happened after we sat down under the tree last night?}

‘What can you remember?

{We sat down, kissed a bit, then we snuggled up to each other and, after that, I dont know.}

‘I think we fell asleep.  The combined comfort of our tails is a dangerous thing, even for us.

{Makes sense.  I cant wait to tell Atmos and see how jealous shell be.}

‘Let me know her reaction.

{Youll probably hear it.}


“Is something wrong?” (Soleil)

“No, I was just explaining to Tamamo what happened last night.” (Luna)

“What…happened?” (Velvet)

“We both fell asleep on a bed of our combined tails.” (Luna)

“Envious.” (Velvet)

“Now, now, I know I dont have multiple tails, but Ill happily let you use mine as a pillow.” (Soleil)

“Hehe.  Soleils tail…all for me.” (Velvet)

“Guess all thats left for you to do is get her to admit this when shes sober.” (Luna)

“I dont think Ill have to wait long.  All that time you gave us has been very well spent.” (Soleil)

“So you figured it out?” (Luna)

“It was obvious, you know.” (Soleil)

“I guess it was.” (Luna)

“What are you planning on doing today, big sis?” (Soleil)

“Buying myself some new clothes.  Everything I have is getting too tight.” (Luna)

“Again?” (Velvet)

“Yes, again.  But that can wait for after your test, I want to watch you pummel the tester.” (Luna)

“Guess I cant hold back then.” (Soleil)

It was at that moment that Velvet started to fully wake up.  She blinked a few times and looked a bit confused about why she was holding a brush; but realized what she was doing when she saw Soleil smiling warmly at her.  Instead of getting flustered, however, she continued to brush.

“Finally accepted your fate?” (Luna)

“Guess so.  I still somewhat remember what was going on and I cant lie to myself that that wasnt what I actually thought deep in my heart.” (Velvet)

“Then take care of Soleil from now on.” (Luna)

“Will do.” (Velvet)

I got up from my seat and left the room to give the couple some alone time and went to the garden.  When I got there, I found Nia doing practice swings with her sword.

“Morning Nia, not training with the knights today?”

“Today is their day off, so I have some time for myself and decided to do this.”

“Mind if I practice some magic here as well?”

“Not at all.  What are Velvet and Soleil doing?”

“Velvet finally completely fell, so they are flirting.”

“Good for them.  I just hope Soleil remembers about her test.”

“Ill go and remind them in a bit.”

I spent about an hour refining my Gate of Babylon which is almost ready to be useful in real combat.  My only problem with it now is that I dont have enough weapons to use with it.

“I need to start collecting weapons.”

“Do they have to be in good condition?”

“Not necessarily, but better condition will lead to better results.”

“Why not just use physical illusions?  I know youve told me that they take absurd amounts of mana to maintain, but if all youre doing is making them projectiles that are disposable, it shouldnt take much effort to shoot them then dispel them if the miss or do the damage that was needed.”


I fell to my knees.

“All that hard work, just for a simpler method to show itself in the end.”

{Its alright Luna, at least now, you have two methods to do this, so your hard work wasnt in vain.}

“Youre right Tamamo.  Now I have a second method that I can use to throw off an opponent.  Just mix illusions with the real thing and physical illusions, and Ill have nearly unlimited ammunition that will confuse the opponent.  Hahahahahahaha.”

“Sorry for almost ruining all your hard work.”

“Its fine.” I said as I stood back up.  “I guess its time I get Soleil to the guild.”

“Tell her I said good luck.”

“I will.”

Like that, I went back inside and found Velvet and Soleil still sitting together.  Velvet was still brushing Soleils tail and Soleil was feeding Velvet the breakfast she hadnt touched.

“Sorry to interrupt you, but its time we left.  You dont want to be late now, do you?” (Luna)

“Is it already time to go?” (Soleil)

“I guess it is.  Well be watching and cheering you on, so good luck.” (Velvet)

“Thanks Velvet” Soleil said as she kissed Velvet on the cheek.

I walked over to them and we teleported someplace close to the guild.

Author ’s Note:


Tamamo: See, I told you it would be like this.

Luna: I never doubted you.

Atmos: I demand compensation!  Once Luna gets nine tails, I WILL get to take a nap in a pile of 18 supreme fluffs.  This is my right as Tamamo ’s big sister and Luna ’s sister-in-law.

Luna: What do you think, Tamamo?

Tamamo: I ’m fine with it.  It ’s not like she hasn ’t done that before, just with nine fluffy tails instead of 18.

Luna: Guess I have no choice but to agree, however are you really sure about this, Atmos?  You would only stop at that?

Atmos: What do you mean?

Luna: Well ’ I ’ll have a fox form as big as Tamamo ’s some day, right?  Are you sure you want to feel the Abyssal Divine Fluff before you get to be completely enveloped in it?  It seems like a waste to me.

Atmos: …

Tamamo: Very good Luna, I never would have thought of that.

Atmos: It seems like I have much to think about.  Ignore my poorly thought out request from before, and here take this.

Luna: A cake that smells like coffee?

Atmos: At first I was going to throw it in your face as a prank, but now it is an offering.  As the second follower of the Fluff, I beseech you to grant me mercy for ever thinking of caking you in the face.

Luna: Your sins are forgiven.

Atmos: Thank you, oh benevolent Abyssal Fluff.  Your kindness is as deep as the Abyss.

Luna, your inner cunning kitsune is showing.

*Luna passes over a piece of cake*

I saw and heard nothing.

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