I was Betrayed then Reincarnated as a Kitsune

Chapter 91- Side Quest Complete

[Luna POV]

The next day we were preparing for our quick trip into the dungeon, but first we were stopping by the guild.  I wanted to get Soleil a pass for the gate to the 26th floor as well as to see if what Atmos promised me in that dream would come true.  We stepped into the guild and I went straight to Tomoe.  I asked her to let me meet Grey really quickly and she brought us to his office.  We entered and immediately Grey was hit in the face with a cake.  We all stood there in silence when I started to laugh uncontrollably.

“Hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!” (Luna)

“Well, that was unexpected, Ill need to have a word with Atmos later.” (Grey)


“Seriously, even you Tamamo?!” (Grey)

“Whats going on Luna?  Why did a cake hit the grand master in the face?” (Velvet)

“Hahahahaha! Dont-haha-dont worry about it.  Anyway Grey, can I borrow one more dungeon gate pass for Soleil?” (Luna)

“Sure, just keep it, youll need it for the next time you enter a new dungeon and we set up a gate.” Grey said as he finished wiping cake off his face. “At least she used my preferred flavor.”

“Thanks, well be back for you to uphold your end of the deal soon.” (Luna)

“Sure.” (Grey)

Like that we left the guild and I teleported us to the dungeon.  We went to the guild branch there and showed the receptionist our passes and were led to the teleportation gate.  We stepped through and entered the 26th floor.

“Cold?” (Soleil)

“Why is that a question?” (Velvet)

“Because I can tell its cold, but I dont feel it.” (Soleil)

“Like Luna?” (Velvet)

“No, I think its the effect of the pendant I gave her that one time.” (Luna)

“Yep.” (Soleil)

I appraised the pendant and when I read the name, I immediately assumed the pose for praising the sun.

“What are you doing?” (Velvet)

“Dont worry about it, just something from my past life.” (Luna)

“Do the wordsPraise the Sun also have something to do with your past life?” (Soleil)

“Did Blake say that?” (Luna)

“Right after appraising the pendant.” (Soleil)

“It does, but its nothing anyone here needs to worry about.  Now lets get to the 45th floor and finish this thing.  Ill even do all the work today.” (Luna)

“You sure?” (Velvet)

“Itll be the fastest way to get this done, so yes.” (Luna)

I deactivated the restraint skill and immediately felt a sense of freedom.

“Oooh.  This feels great, I should stop using the restraint skill more often.” (Luna)

“Ugh.” (Soleil)

“Whats wrong Soleil?” (Luna)

“Youre giving off a sort of pressure right now that is a bit much to handle.  Even Im struggling to stand up.” (Velvet)

“Then Ill reactivate the skill after teleporting us.” (Luna)

“Thanks.” (Soleil)

“No, Im sorry that this happened, I had no idea that I would give off pressure like that.” (Luna)

I grabbed onto Velvet and Soleil and concentrated on teleporting us to the 45th floor.  It took about a minute before we actually moved there, but we made it and I still had more than enough mana to finish everything.  Once we got our bearings, I reactivated the restraint skill.

“Hot.” (Soleil)

“I get that you think Velvet is good looking, but can you save it for later?” (Luna)

“Sure, but I meant the environment.” (Soleil)

“Well yeah, its a desert.  This is also the second most annoying floor.” (Luna)

“Whats the most annoying floor?” (Soleil)

““Floor 27.””

“Why?” (Soleil)

“Tropical forest, hellish humidity.” (Velvet)

“The enemy of fluff.” (Luna)

“Praise big sis, goddess of teleportation.” (Soleil)

“The proper term is goddess of space, but Ill allow it for now.” (Luna)

After bantering a bit, we started our trek to the staircase down.  Along the way, I killed every enemy that showed its face to us.  Just like last time, the most annoying things to deal with were the worms.  They kept burrowing every time I attacked them until I got fed up enough and just sent bolts of lightning down onto the ground, creating a pathway made of glass for us to walk on.

“Why didnt I do this from the start?” (Luna)

“I dont know, but its convenient.” (Velvet)

“Did you know this would happen?” (Soleil)

“Yes, glass is made from sand heated up to an extreme temperature and then shaped while its still in liquid form.  I sped up the process by mixing some ice magic into the lightning magic to make the glass pathway cool a little faster but not fast enough to shatter.” (Luna)

“You can do that?” (Velvet)

“I just did.” (Luna)

“Why is that surprising?  Youve seen me combine wind and fire magic before.” (Soleil)

“I know that; its just Ive never heard of someone combining ice and lightning.” (Velvet)

“Youre still a little stuck in common sense, Velvet.  Its magic, it can do a lot of things.  Mixing opposing elements?  All it takes is a little extra mana and BAM!” (Luna)

“Guess Ill try experimenting with dark and fire magic then.” (Velvet)

“Here is a good starting point, dark flames.  Good for stealthy things and using fire magic at night.” (Luna)

“Ooh.” (Velvet)

We made it to the stairs as we discussed the combining of magic.  The next three floors were also a cakewalk.  I got the idea to blast my intimidation on the 46th floor but decided against it since that means I would miss out on potential level ups for myself.  By the time we reached the 50th floor I actually leveled up twice due to the number of things I killed.

“I wonder if it will be another hydra, or something else?” (Luna)

“It wont matter anyway, youll probably just kill it instantly.” (Velvet)

“True.” (Luna)

We opened the doors and walked inside.  To my surprise, instead of a hydra, this time we had a giant lion.  It stood there and let out a roar in an attempt to make us scared.  Its eyes were filled with an arrogant pride that really irritated me.

“So, its a narcissist, huh.” (Luna)

I walked forward and created a pillar of ice that towered over the lion.  I then opened hundreds of small openings in space behind me and let the bladed parts of weapons stick out of the openings.  I crossed my arm in front of my chest and gave the lion an equally arrogant sneer.  It looked up to me, a bit of rage filling its eyes due to me daring to tower over it.

“Who gave you permission to look upon me, mongrel?”

I then launched the weapons out of the openings, and they flew out at insane speeds.  Since I didnt have enough weapons stored, I produced several physical illusions to fill the gaps.  I kept this up for a few seconds, and when I stopped the attack, the lion was now a mass of meat that had swords, spears, and various other weapons sticking out of it.  I dispelled the illusions and ice pillar and went over to collect the real weapons and whatever was left of the lion.

“That was so cool, big sis!” (Soleil)

“While the acting was a bit much, I have to admit that it was impressive.” (Velvet)

{Even domineering Luna is alluring.}

“Hehe.  Sorry for the acting, I just always wanted to say that ever since I thought of making that spell.” (Luna)

“Was that offensive space magic?” (Velvet)

“More a mix of space magic, illusion magic, archery, and precise mana manipulation.” (Luna)

“How long have you been working on the spell?” (Velvet)

“A long time.  Anyway, lets touch the core and get out of here, we still have a lot of quests to finish and only two weeks to do them.” (Luna)

We walked over to the core and were teleported out of the dungeon.  The instant we made it outside, I grabbed Velvet and Soleil and teleported us to the capital.  Only then did I see the time, we were in the dungeon for half a day.

“Half a day, huh?  Not bad.” (Luna)

“What next?” (Soleil)

“Lets go to the guild and see if we can get anything out of the lion, then we can look for quests.” (Luna)

““All right.””

We headed back to the guild and the moment Tomoe saw us, her eyes widened in surprise.

“Back so soon?” (Tomoe)

“We have things to do, so we had to clear the dungeon quickly.” (Luna)

“Then please hand over your guild cards for verification.” (Tomoe)

We did as she said, and she confirmed the clear.

“Very good.  Miss Luna and Miss Velvet, you only need to complete a few more quests and youll reach A-rank.  As for Miss Soleil, all you need to do is complete the minimum number of quests and youll reach B-rank and set a record for one of the fastest rank ups in the history of the guild.” (Tomoe)

“I can understand Velvet, but how am I close to ranking up?  I havent done that many quests since reaching B-rank.” (Luna)

“True, but almost all of the quests youve completed since becoming B-rank were designated quests, so they count for more.” (Tomoe)

“Wasnt expecting that, but Ill take it.” (Luna)

“Now, was there anything else I can help you with?” (Tomoe)

“Yes, we have whats left of the boss monster of the dungeon and wanted an opinion on if any of it is useful.” (Luna)

“Follow me then, Ill bring you to the material appraiser.” (Tomoe)

We followed her to a different part of the guild that none of us have ever gone to.  It was a long hallway that ended in a very large room that was cooler than the rest of the building.  Inside the room were various tables that had several people sorting through materials and others that were dismantling monsters.  Tomoe led us to an older man with a handlebar mustache.

“What can I help you with today, Miss Tomoe?”

“These three have something that needs to be looked at.” (Tomoe)

“If its in a magic bag or space magic inventory, bring it out over there.” He said as he pointed at a large open space.

I walked over to the location he pointed at and took out the lion.  It was actually in better condition than I thought it was, minus all of the cuts left by the weapons.

“A Nemean Lion, eh?  Mediocre condition, but still sellable.  Do you want to sell it to the guild and get paid for the materials, or just want it dismantled?”

“What do you two think?” (Luna)

“I say sell it to the guild.” (Velvet)

“I agree with Velvet.” (Soleil)

“Then there is your answer.” (Luna)

“Understood.  Well have the payment ready in a few days, so dont leave the city unless absolutely necessary.”

“Thanks.” (Luna)

“No worries, its not everyday we get a big job like this, so Im grateful to you.”

We left the room and walked back to the main part of the guild.  We separated from Tomoe and went over to the quest board.  We looked over the available quests and picked some that could be finished by the end of the day.  We accepted them and set out to get them done.  We did this for the next half week and eventually all of us met the requirements to rank up.

Author ’s Note:

Grey: Do you want some golden armor to match the aesthetic?

Luna: I ’m good.

Grey: How about an anti-world class weapon?

Luna: No, I like this world, I don ’t want to be responsible for carrying around a weapon that can destroy it.

Grey: That second one was a joke, I don ’t own anything like that.

Luna: Why don ’t I believe you?

Grey: I seriously don ’t have anything like that.  Even if I did, I would destroy it so that no one could have it.

Luna: Fine, I ’ll trust you on that.

Grey: How about some chains that can hold back anything and never break?

Luna: I might take you up on that.  What kind of weapon do they classify as?

Grey: Surprisingly enough, they count as hidden weapons.

Luna: I ’ll take them.

Grey: I ’ll give them to you as a gift if you can convince Atmos not to cake me again for a while.

Luna: I ’ll do you one better and let her brush my tails next time we meet.

Grey: The next time you wake up they will be in your inventory.

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