I was Betrayed then Reincarnated as a Kitsune

Chapter 94- Setting Off Once Again

[Luna POV]

Over the next few days, we started to prepare the things we would need for spending a long time on the road.  More clothes, food, camping supplies, and various other things.  Today was our last day in the capital and we were all sitting around.  I decided to change it up for once and was spending the day in my fox form.  Soleil was doing the same and right now she was taking a nap in Velvets lap.  Velvet was being productive and practicing her sewing skill some and I was talking with Tamamo.

{Ive been thinking for a while now, and I think your fox form grew a bit bigger since you got your third tail.}

‘Really, maybe I wont have to wait as long as we thought for me to get as big as yours.

{Also, I was wondering about something else.}

‘What is it?

{That new brush you pulled out the other day, where did you get it?}

‘You know those dreams we sometimes get where Atmos and Grey also show up sometimes?

{Yeah.  It feels like there is one more person that shows up there, but I can never remember anything about them.}

‘Yeah, that person we know is there but can never remember gave it to me, I think.  When I appraised it, most of the description was garbled nonsense, but I know that it will help when it comes to getting everyone used to the Abyss.

{How nice of them.}

‘I know right.  Anyway, back to me getting bigger.

{I think your assumption about taking less time than we thought is right.  I still think you wont be as big as I am, but youll be close enough.  Well probably be able to completely encompass Atmos by the time you reach six tails.}

‘I know I was the one who suggested it, but do you think she will be able to handle it?

{She will.}

I looked over in the direction Velvet and Soleil were at as I was listening to Tamamo and saw Velvet had put down her sewing and was slowly petting the Soleil loaf.


{Would you like me to do that next time?}

‘If you dont mind.  Ill make you some kitsune udon in return.

{Were already practically married; you dont need to bribe me.}

‘Im not trying to bribe you; Im doing something nice for you because you will be doing something nice for me.

{You should let me spoil you more.  I cant be the only one getting pampered.}

‘But its so much fun pampering you.  Those are the few times I actually get you flustered.

{Thats no fair, I want to see your cute, flustered reactions as well.}

‘Then Ill let you spoil me the next time Im there.

{That was easier than I thought.}

‘Dont you see Tamamo, letting you do something like that is also a way for me to pamper you.  Not to mention that I like the smug face you make when you spoil me.

{Do I really make a face like that?}

‘You do and its so adorable that I cant help but want to kiss you when I see it.

{I would love to do that right now.}


“Hey Luna, do you mind if I borrow one of your brushes?” Velvet whispered to me.

“Sure.” I said as I made a brush appear next to Velvet.  It wasnt the new one since only I and Tamamo could touch that one, but it was still one of my better ones.  Velvet nodded her head in thanks and started to brush Soleil.

‘Hey Tamamo.

{Yes Luna?}

‘Do you think our mirrors can do more?

{What do you mean and why are you asking about that now?}

‘Well, I started thinking about it after I got that brush.  All of them are divine artifacts, but they dont seem very divine in their abilities.  I mean, the mirrors are just fancy phones, and the brush is just a good brush once the ones its used on reach a certain depth.

{Im not really sure.  I mean the mirrors sole purpose is for me and you to see each other at times other than the full moon, so maybe they will change once we are able to live together.  As for the brush, I dont know how good it is since you havent used it on me yet, but a really good brush is always nice to have.}

‘Your right, all we can do is wait and see what happens in the future.

{On a different subject, have you decided what you will name the snake?}


{Mind telling me?}

‘I could, but Ill wait for it to accept first.

{Ok.  I wonder how big it is.}

‘Well, if it was called large in that book, and that was an old book, it is probably giant by now.  I hope that wont make things inconvenient.

{If its as intelligent and powerful as we expect, it will probably get a transformation skill when the two of you make a contract.}

‘That seems a little too convenient.

{Thats just how this world works.}

‘I wonder just how good with space magic it is.

{That depends on how long its lived.  How old was that book?}

‘About 210 years old.

{Then the snake has probably lived for a lot longer than that.  If thats the case, then it probably fell into the mindset of a lot of the long-lived races in the world.}

‘Where they put stuff off because they have the time to?

{Yep.  Of course, this is only a possibility.  For all I know, it could have maxed the level out and be close to your equal in space magic.}

‘Maybe equal to me with one tail.

{True.  I doubt you actually need to worry about getting hurt in the event you fight it.}

‘Yeah, I mean, Im practically a snakes worst enemy.  I have ice magic and my ice mist, I wont be affected by venom, I can easily hide from any form of tracking it has, if I really need to, I have the chains that Grey gave me.

{What can those do anyway?}

‘They can restrain anything and will never break.  If they were an exact copy of what they were based off of, they would even have the power to seal a god based on how much divinity they possessed, but theses ones dont work like that.  Guess that makes me the same as that Archer, a faker.

{That feels a bit demeaning to yourself.}

‘I didnt mean it that way, I have no reason to demean myself.  I have basically everything I could want.  I have money, a beautiful wife, a prosperous future, a good family.

{You need more friends.}

‘I guess youre right.  The only people I can call friends are Shuten, Ibaraki, I think Tomoe, Jarls party, and Pneuma.

{What about that Shana girl and her maid?}

‘Ive only talked to her three times.  I wouldnt really consider that friends, more like good acquaintances.

{What about Grey and Atmos?}

‘Extended family through you, though now that I think about it, Pneuma is like that as well.

{And Velvet?}

‘Do I really need to answer that?  Shes my sister-in-law through Soleil.

{True, though that doesnt mean that she cant be your friend as well.}

‘I guess youre right.  What about you Tamamo?  Who are you friends with?

{Most gods and goddesses.  The most notable ones are Quetz, Fenrir, Java, Gear, and Norn.}

‘Whos Norn?

{The Goddess of Charity.}

‘The one that Greed follows?

{Yes.  She is the one who taught me a lot of things when I was younger, and weve been friends ever since.}

‘You didnt mention Crate.

{I can only see him as a grandparent like I can only see Atmos as my sister and Grey my brother-in-law.  I am friends with them, but they are more like family.}

‘Its kind of funny you see Crate as a grandparent and Gear as a friend even though theyre twins.

{Now that you mention it, youre right.}

I let out a yawn.


‘A bit, watching Soleil sleep like that is making me sleepy as well.

{Feel free to go to sleep, I might even take a nap as well.}

‘Guess our plush versions are going to be put to work then.


‘I guess…theyre…in the same…situation as…us. I said as I started to fall asleep.

{Ufufu.  Now that you mention it…youre…right.}

Like that our last day in the capital came to an end.

Author ’s Note:

Chapters like this are nice.

Atmos: You ’re right, though I feel a bit bad for them.  They need to spend more time than just a few hours together.

They ’ll get the chance soon.

Atmos: How long will you give them?

A week or two.

Atmos: How generous.

They deserve it, so when that time comes, don ’t bother them.

Atmos: I told you the last time that I won ’t.

I was just giving you a reminder.

Atmos: You need to trust me more.

I really should, sorry for doubting you.  Guess I ’ll let you out of the Author ’s Note again.

Atmos: Was the reason I haven ’t shown up that much because I was here?

Tamamo asked me to keep you here for a while.

Atmos: Why?

Because she was tired of you yelling every time you visited her and your habit of interrupting her and Luna ’s flirting.

Atmos: Really!?  I interrupt their kissing a few times and this is the treatment I get!

Would you like it if someone interrupted your alone time with Grey?

Atmos: They would be caked into oblivion-ooooooohhhhhhhh I get it now.  I ’ve done something bad.

And now you know to not do that in the future.  If you really want to spend time with the both of them, you ’re free to do so here.

Atmos: Ok.

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