[Luna POV]

When I woke up, I felt the sensation of a fourth tail on my back.  I then remembered everything that happened before I passed out.  We spent several hours slaughtering wyverns and I hit level 40 after killing the last one.  I then made the stupid decision to ask Ophidia to catch me before I fell down.

I started to get up and check on everyone when I heard sounds of fighting.  I jumped up and went to the exit of the building I was laying in.  I saw a wyvern on the ground and Ophidia in snake form wrapped around in and about to bite into its neck.  When she did, I heard a loud crunch as the wyverns neck was broken.

“Good morning, Master.” Ophidia said as she transformed into human form.

“There was still a wyvern here?” (Luna)

“Only a few.  There is at least one more left, but the other two should be handling it as we speak.” (Ophidia)

“Can they handle it?” (Luna)

“Yes, especially Velvet, she took out one by herself yesterday.” (Ophidia)

“How long was I asleep?” (Luna)

“Two days.” (Ophidia)

I then heard the death cry of a wyvern a small distance away.  After a few minutes Velvet and Soleil came back here.

“Youre finally awake.” (Velvet)

“How are you feeling, big sis?” (Soleil)

“I feel fine.” (Luna)

“Good, then can you come and collect all of the wyverns we killed before they start rotting?” (Velvet)

“Im coming.” (Luna)

On the way to our fresh stock of ingredients, I checked my stats.

Name: Luna Reed

Race: Kitsune(Four-tailed)

Sex: Female

Level: 40

Class: Quad-mage

HP: 100%-SSS

MP: 100%- SSS

Vit: S+

Def: S+

Res: S+

Str: S+

Int: SSS

Agi: SS+

Dex: SS

Skills: Presence detection, Trap detection, Trap disarming, Trap creation, Dagger LV. 10, Short sword LV. 10, Archery LV.10, Poison crafting, Appraisal LV.10, Mana Regeneration LV.10, Stealth LV.10, Cooking LV.10, Sewing LV.10, Sleep Resistance LV.10, Restraint LV.10, Brushing Technique LV.10, Telepathy LV.10, Intimidation LV.10, Parallel Processing, Cartography LV.10, Singing LV.10, Woodcarving LV.6, Hidden Weapon LV.7

Magic Skills: Ice Magic LV.10, Lightning Magic LV.10, Healing Magic LV.10, Space Magic LV.10

Race Skills: Illusion Magic LV.10, Spirit Vision, Fox Fire, Fox Transformation, Enhanced Senses, Night Vision, Enhanced Physical Strength

Unique Skills: Status Effect Immunity, Ice Mist, Language Comprehension, Infinite Inventory, Divine Fluff Technique

Blessings, Divine Protection, and Titles:

Divine Protection of the Moon Goddess, Reincarnated, Fated One of the Moon Goddess, Abyssal Fluff, Master of Ice, Master of Lightning, Master of Illusions, Short sword Master, Magic Swordsman, Master Healer, Master of Space, Sage, Master Archer, Trap Master: Dismantling, Dagger Master, Master Chef, Ninja, Dungeon Clearer, Master Seamstress, Master Cartographer, Master Songstress, Master of the Ancient Serpent, Wyvern Slayer

Depth:[email protected]#%^#%

‘A good overall increase and some interesting titles.

Master of the Ancient Serpent: Title given to one who has made the ancient serpent that guards an ancient place their follower.  Allows both to locate each other from anywhere and gives the ability to share the others sight.

Wyvern Slayer: Given to one who has slain hundreds of wyverns in a short amount of time.  Makes it easier to hunt down wyverns.

{Congratulations on the fourth tail.  Im looking forward to hugging it.}

‘And Im looking forward to hugging you.

{I look forward to that as well.  By the way, Atmos and Grey want you to cook some wyvern meat for them.}

‘I guess I can do that, I just need to collect and prepare it.

We reached the area with all the wyvern corpses, and I got busy collecting them.  It didnt take long since I just pointed at them, and they disappeared into my inventory.  I picked up all of them but one.  I then pulled out my short sword and started to dismantle it.  After about two hours, I was finally done.

“You could have helped me, you know.” (Luna)

“Luna, the only thing I have on me that can cut a wyvern is my sword, and thats too big to dismantle anything properly.” (Velvet)

“My daggers are too small to do anything.” (Soleil)

“I dont see the point in doing all of this.  If you want to eat it, just pull the scales off and eat.” (Ophidia)

“Ophidia, when Luna is done with this, you will never be satisfied with raw meat again.” (Velvet)

“Oh?” (Ophidia)

I stored the bones, scales, skin, and meat and walked over to everyone.

“Soleil, get a fire started, were eating good tonight.” (Luna)

“YAY!” (Soleil)

“Should I bring some more people over here?” (Luna)

“You can.” (Velvet)

“Then Ill be back.  Ophidia, come with me so you can increase the places you can teleport to.” (Luna)

“Yes master.” (Ophidia)

For the next two hours, I teleported to my home and the Capital of Celestia Kingdom and invited the people that I was close to, to the party on my island.  I also introduced Ophidia to everyone.  When I was done with that, Soleil had a good fire going and I pulled out the things I needed to start cooking.  When I pulled out the wyvern meat, everyone let out cheers.

“Hahahahaha!  Im happy youre fulfilling the promise you made so long ago, Luna.” (Deacon)

“The one where I said that I would give you some wyvern meat when I hunted down a lot of them?” (Luna)

“Thats the one.” (Deacon)

“How old was I when I said that?” (Luna)

“Was it three?” (Deacon)

“If I remembered, I wouldnt have asked.” (Luna)

“Deacon, leave her alone and let her cook.” (Amagi)

“Alright.” (Deacon)

Mom pulled dad away and let me cook in peace.  While I was doing this, everyone else was chatting with each other about the island or what has been going on in their lives.  I learned a few things from bits and pieces of conversations like how Pneuma, Zeke, and Shana were going to go to the academy in the Elf country soon or how Blake is lonely now that Soleil is travelling with me and he finished learning everything from Old man Reve.

‘I dont remember Blake being like that.

{I guess hes like that because Soleil is his daughter.}

‘Since were on the topic, Im guessing gods have ways for people of the same gender to have children, right?


‘Do you want children one day?

{Not particularly.  Do you?}


{Then we wont have any.}


It was then that Grey came over to me.

“Hello Luna, can I ask you to make a few portions for Atmos as well?” (Grey)

“Dont worry about it, I was going to do that when I invited you here.” (Luna)

“Thanks, I dont know what she would do if I didnt ask.” (Grey)

{“You would probably get several cakes to the face for a while.”}

“Hearing the two of you say that at the same time is scary, especially since I agree with you.” (Grey)

He left me alone after that and after a while, I finished cooking everything.  I laid it out on a table I pulled out and called everyone over to get their fill.  When everyone had some, we all started to dig in.  To say that it was the greatest thing I had ever eaten would undersell just how good it was.  A few people even had tears streaming down their faces.

{I really want to try some as well.}

‘Ill get Grey to bring you some when he picks up Atmoss share.

{You really do care!}

‘Of course I do.  I would never leave you out.

{I would kiss you right now if I could.}

‘And I would kiss you right back.

As I was flirting with Tamamo, Drome came up to me.

“Lady Luna, is there anything I can do for you as thanks for inviting me and my family here today?” (Drome)

“Then do you know of any vacant houses in the capital that wouldnt be missed if they were gone?” (Luna)

“There are a few mansions that were sold by nobles in too much debt.  You can have your pick of one, but can I ask what you will do with it?” (Drome)

“I was going to move it here.  At the moment all that is here are jungle and ruins and I dont have the skills to build something like a house myself.” (Luna)

“Come and see me tomorrow and Ill have all the paperwork done, all you need to do is choose the place.” (Drome)

“Thank you.” (Luna)

“Dont mention it, its a simple thing.” (Drome)

After saying this, he went back over to his family.  Ophidia then ran up to me.

“Master!  This is the best thing Ive ever eaten in my life!  How have I never tried thiscooking thing before?  I have missssed out on ssssso much!” (Ophidia)

“Youre slipping into how you talked before.” (Luna)

“There issss no time to worry about that.  I mussst eat more.” (Ophidia)

‘And shes gone.

{Shes an interesting one, for sure.}

‘Ill agree to that.

We all spent the rest of the day and some of the night eating wyvern meat and chatting when it came time to send everyone home.  Since Ophidia was still worked up over cooked food, I had to bring everyone back.  When I did that, the only people still on the island were my party and Grey.  I walked over to him and started speaking.

“Here, there is enough in here to keep Atmos satisfied for a while.  And this one is for Tamamo, please hand it over to her.” (Luna)

“Got it, and thanks again for inviting me here.” (Grey)

“No need to thank me.” (Luna)

“Haha.  Then I better go, I can already feel Tamamo staring at me in impatience.” (Grey)

{Grey.  Please deliver Lunas cooking to me.  I have been watching everyone there enjoy themselves and I cant take it anymore.}


“I feel like someone wants to say something about that.” (Luna)

{So, Im not the only one that feels that?}

“Anyway, Ill take this and deliver it.  See you again Luna and friends.” (Grey)

After he left, I cleaned up everything and we all went back to the place I woke up earlier.  We all went to sleep feeling satisfied that night.

Author ’s Note:

Luna: I ’ve brought some wyvern meat here today.

Truly a goddess.

Luna: Are Atmos and Tamamo not here today?

They ’re over there asleep after eating your cooking.

Luna: Take this, I ’m going to go and stare at Tamamo.

Have fun.

*A few moments later*

So good.

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