I was Betrayed then Reincarnated as a Kitsune

Side Chapter 13- The Delusion is String with These Two

[Luna POV]

After getting up the next day, we prepared for our journey to Onigashima.  Once that was done, I helped Soleil make some food with wyvern meat.  When that was done, I teleported us to Velvets home in Savanna.  We left the room that we arrived in and ran into the steward, Steward.

“Welcome home, Lady Velvet and friends.” (Steward)

“We wont be staying for long; do you know where mother is?” (Velvet)

“She left to deliver the monthly report to the castle about an hour ago.  She should be back soon.” (Steward)

“Tch.” (Velvet)

“Depending on what you needed, I may be able to help.  Thats what Im here for after all.” (Steward)

“Youd be able to help us with the first of the two things we are here for, but the second has to do with my personal life.” (Velvet)

“Then what was the first thing you needed?” (Steward)

“We need some of our people to be sent to the shrine village to watch over Luna and Soleils families.” (Velvet)

“Did you make someone into an enemy that would make this necessary?” (Steward)

“This person has always been an enemy, its just that he has recently learned about me.” (Luna)

“Can I know who so that I can assign the proper people to the job?” (Steward)

“Beryl Volkihar.” (Velvet)

“How long do you think I need to have our people there?” (Steward)

“Indefinite until he is dead, and his organization has a new leader.” (Velvet)

“Ill get our people ready then.” Steward said as he walked off.

“With that out of the way, all thats left is letting your mother know youre officially in a relationship.” (Luna)

“Even though Ive met her once, Im kind of nervous.” (Soleil)

“You really dont need to be.” (Velvet)

“Do we just stand here and wait, or should we go somewhere else?” (Ophidia)

“When she gets back, shell most likely go to her office, so we can wait for her there.” (Velvet)

We followed Velvet and entered the empty office.  Velvet sat down in the chair behind the desk.

“What are you doing?” (Luna)

“Looking over the things that have been happening here recently.” (Velvet)

She picked up a piece of paper, skimmed over it, and frowned.

“Burn this for me please, Soleil.” (Velvet)

Soleil got up and went over to Velvet.  She took the piece of paper that was handed to her and read a little before burning it.  She then hugged Velvet from behind.

“Mine.” (Soleil)

“I agree.” (Velvet)

Seeing the two of them like that made me smile.  Ophidia was sitting next to me and looking around.

“I know that this room was unoccupied when we arrived, but why is this whole place so dark?” (Ophidia)

“Do you not know what vampires are?” (Luna)

“I know of them, but nothing more than that.” (Ophidia)

“Vampires are a race of immortal people that need blood to survive and are weakened under sunlight.” (Luna)

“Its a bit more complicated than that, but that pretty much covers it.” (Velvet)

“But how can Velvet walk under the sun then?” (Ophidia)

“That is all due to Luna and her tendency to be friendly with extremely important people.” (Velvet)

“When I first met her, she had an item that allowed her to go out during the day, but after meeting the God of Creation, I got an item that got rid of the whole weakness to sunlight.” (Luna)

“I see.” (Ophidia)

Velvet handed Soleil another paper that she immediately burned.

“Why does she even keep these when she knows Im not going to accept them?” (Velvet)

“Because I need to reply and turn them down politely.” (Sonia)

“Hello mother.” (Velvet)

Velvets mother materialized out of the shadows in the corner of the room.

“You could at least act surprised when I do this like you used to.” (Sonia)

“Im not a kid anymore, of course I wont get spooked by you doing that.” (Velvet)

“Anyway, its nice to see you again, Lady Luna and Miss Soleil.  And who is this new person?” (Sonia)

“My name is Ophidia, serpent of master Luna.” (Ophidia)

“Dont you mean servant?” (Sonia)

“That too.” (Ophidia)

Sonia raised an eyebrow in confusion.

“Technically, Ophidia is a snake.” (Luna)

“I see.  To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit today?” (Sonia)

“Well, we originally had two things to take care of here, but Steward is handling the first thing.” (Velvet)

“Tell me what it is anyway.” (Sonia)

“We are currently adventuring in the Demon Empire.  Right now, we are in Beria, but are going to start heading to Onigashima today.” (Luna)

“So its close to the time that you are going to confront Beryl.” (Sonia)

“Yep.  Recently he has started seeing me through the use of his divination skill and we were going to ask you to send people to watch over my and Soleils families for a while.” (Luna)

“While smart, would they even be any help?  Your parents are very strong, Lady Luna, and Soleils arent any weaker from what I know.” (Sonia)

“Its just a precaution.  Better be safe then unprepared.” (Luna)

“What about your uncle in the Celestia kingdom?” (Sonia)

“If he did anything to either him or Nia, it would most likely lead to war, and I dont think he would take that risk.” (Luna)

“True.  What was the second thing?” (Sonia)

I looked over to Velvet and Soleil.

“We came to tell you that were in a relationship.” (Soleil)

Soleil went to stand in front of Sonia and bowed.

“While it wont be anytime soon, I also plan to marry Velvet one day.  I have prepared a gift for you as well.” Soleil said as she pulled out one of the smaller item bags we had and a painting.

“What are these?” (Sonia)

“In the item bag are several meals made with wyvern meat and this is a painting I made myself from atop the pyramid on big siss island.” (Soleil)

“Well, I already gave my blessing last time, so just tell me when you two decide to officially get married.” (Sonia)

“Of course, mother-in-law.” (Soleil)

“Oh, and good job, Lady Luna.  You work fast.” (Sonia)

“I didnt have to do anything, it was all Soleil.” (Luna)

“Oooh.  Then good job Soleil.” (Sonia)

“Thank you.  She was stubborn at first, but it didnt take long for that to go away.” (Soleil)

“You didnt immediately accept her feeling for you?” (Sonia)

“I didnt want to be seen as an easy woman that would get together with the first girl to confess to me.” Velvet said pouting.

“If it helps, she basically accepted after I confessed and just wanted to act like she wanted to be friends first.” (Soleil)

“You figured that out?” (Velvet)

“You were trying to hide it?” (Luna)

Velvets face turned red.

“Its alright Velvet, even if it wasnt an act, I would have made you fall for me eventually.  Mom taught me everything she knew, and she managed to get a hero to fall for her.” (Soleil)

“To be fair, Blake would have never turned her down anyway.” (Luna)

“You said you painted this?” (Sonia)

“Yes.  If this one doesnt suit your taste, I can give you a different one, I have plenty.” (Soleil)

“Thats not what I meant, its a stunning work of art that anyone would love to have.  I was just surprised that someone so young could paint something like this.” (Sonia)

“Im an adult you know.” (Soleil)

“Soleil, everyone in this room is young to me.” (Sonia)

“Actually, Ophidia might have you beat in that regard.” (Velvet)

“Yes, I am over 500 years old.” (Ophidia)

“Then were the same age.” (Sonia)

“Haha.  To think I would meet someone who isnt older or younger than me today.” (Ophidia)

“Well, I hate to stop a conversation from people of the same generation, but we do have a schedule to keep, sort of.” (Luna)

“Before you go, how many tails do you have now, Lady Luna?” (Sonia)

“Five.” I said as I took off my necklace.

“So fluffy.” Sonia said as her face lit up with an expression that I saw when the others first pet my tails.

When I put my necklace back on, Sonias face went back to normal.

“I forgot the pull of the Abyss gets stronger when I get more tails.” (Luna)

{Whats going on Luna?}

‘Hey Tamamo, were just getting something done before we start making our way to Onigashima.  Where have you been since you left yesterday?

{Thinking about how much fun we had and setting things up so that the stupid, delusional vampire cant see me anymore.  I need to make it so that the only person that can see me in every possible way is you after all.}

‘Fufufu.  Its a good thing he cant see into a domain I create, or he would have tried to hunt me down himself after everything we did together, not that he would survive any attempt on my life.

{That is good.  But since you arent in a created domain, cant he see where you are now?}

‘If he tried, maybe, but he hasnt yet today.

{Next time he tries, try destroying one of his eyes.}

‘Thats still too hasty, Tamamo.  But I will leave him with a shocking gift.

{What is it?}

‘Ive trapped some lightning in a ball of ice.  Ill drop it through a Gate and when it shatters, the lightning will destroy all the pictures and statues of you that he has.  If he gets hurt in the process will be a bonus.  I want him terrified of me before I kill him in person.  Sound good?

{For now.}

“Master, you have that scary look on your face again.” (Ophidia)

“Sorry, Tamamo and I were having a discussion about that filthy mongrel.” (Luna)

“I know I might be overstepping here, but can I make a request in regards to him?” (Sonia)

“As long as it doesnt involve sparing his life, then Ill consider it.” (Luna)

“Killing him is fine, I just dont want you to needlessly kill the other vampires in his organization.  We have a low population, so killing a whole group of vampires could cause problems.” (Sonia)

“You dont have to worry about that.  I was only planning on killing him and none of the others if it can be helped.  Im actually hoping to get his second in command to help us out.” (Luna)

“Mordred?  Shell gladly help, no one in that organization hates Beryl more than she does.  The only reason she hasnt killed him herself is because none of the other vampires over there know if his delusions are true or not.” (Sonia)

“Couldnt they just ask an oracle?  Im sure Tamamo would gladly give one to clear up everything.” (Luna)

{I would.}

“From what I know, he keeps all the oracles that are ever sent to that part of the world close to him and passes orders on from there.  As for going to ask other oracles from other countries, ones that have always fail to return after whatever mission they were sent on.  Of course, that makes a lot of the vampires over there doubtful of Beryl, but they dont want to risk doing something on the miniscule chance his delusions turn out to be true.” (Sonia)

“Change miniscule to nonexistent chance, but its good to know we wont have that much trouble getting to him when we get there.” (Luna)

“You do need to be a bit careful.  He has one subordinate that follows him without question.  His name is Mortem.” (Sonia)

“What is his deal?” (Luna)

“Beryls younger brother.  Was raised listening to Beryls delusions so he has blind faith in his brothers words.” (Sonia)

“Why am I only being told about him now?” (Luna)

{I try to ignore that vampires existence as much as possible, so I had no idea he had a brother.}

“I thought Velvet would have told you about him?” (Sonia)

“Sorry, I think I suppress every memory of him.” (Velvet)

“Oh right, you hate anything to do with Mortem.” (Sonia)

“Whats the reason for that?” (Soleil)

“He wants Velvet.” (Sonia)

Hearing this, Soleil got a sinister smile on her face and the temperature around her increased.

“Is that so?” (Soleil)

“Yes.  Originally, he was infatuated with Elizabeth from Celestia, but after she nearly killed him for… What was the reason again?” (Sonia)

“He came close to killing one of her close aides after they told him off for harassing her.  The thing about Elizabeths clan is that they treat their subordinates like family and will hunt down anyone that harms one of their own.” (Velvet)

“Right, after that incident, he decided to move his sights to Velvet since she is the only other vampire he would considerequal in status.” (Sonia)

“It seems delusions are a normal thing for Volkihar vampires.” (Soleil)

“Soleil, calm down, youre about to start a fire.” (Velvet)

“Sorry, I lost my composure for a minute.” (Soleil)

‘I think I rubbed off on Soleil a bit too much.

{I wouldnt worry about it, kitsune tend to be possessive of their loved ones.  Compared to others Ive seen; this is relatively tame.}

‘Good to know.

“Anyway, we have other things to do, so we should get going.” (Velvet)

“One last thing, congratulations on reaching S-rank.  I got the news earlier when I was at the castle.” (Sonia)

““Thanks.”” (Luna and Velvet)

“Why would you learn something like that at a castle?” (Ophidia)

“S-rank adventurers are extremely powerful individuals so its only natural the rulers of every country know about them, though I wish you would have popped in to tell me sooner.” (Sonia)

“Sorry, we were busy after the promotion.” (Velvet)

“Yeah, a kraken showed up in Beria then big sis got her fifth tail, we didnt have much time to come over here.” (Soleil)

“But that happened a week ago.” (Ophidia)

Velvet and Soleil facepalmed.

“Looks like Im going to have to teach you that there are some times that you shouldnt say anything, Ophidia.” (Luna)

“Why couldnt you come and tell me after that?” (Sonia)

“The only person that can teleport here is Luna since this is Ophidias first time here, and she was spending that time with the Goddess.” (Velvet)

“Fine.” (Sonia)

We all got up to leave.

“Do you want us to pop back over here after the Volkihars are dealt with?” (Luna)

“If you dont mind.  Ill need to know so I can recall the people watching over your families in the shrine village.” (Sonia)

“Got it.  Well be off then.” (Luna)

We teleported away and ended up by Berias guild.  We headed inside to get a delivery quest for Onigashima then left the city.

Author ’s Note:

Grey: Something tells me Beryl ’s brother isn ’t going to live much longer.

Skadi: What gave you that idea?  I mean, sure, Soleil will probably end him if he tries anything, but if he gives up on Velvet, he ’ll probably only be half-killed.

Tamamo: If he ’s anything like his brother, then that he won ’t give up.

Atmos: Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha!  Tamamo, you need to come watch this.  The stalkpire ’s entire room just got obliterated by lightning.  He ’s so mad.  Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha!

Grey: Will Luna erase my memories again if I come and watch with you, Atmos?

Atmos: No, everything he had that Luna would erase your memories for seeing is gone now.

Skadi: By the way, where is the owner of the place? Ever since he moved his friend to a spare room, he disappeared.

Tamamo: He went to his own room, said he was out of coffee and needed sleep.

Skadi: Got it.

Grey: Hahahahahaha!  Why does he keep doing this to himself?  Does he enjoy it or something?

Atmos: I hope not, if he does, it will ruin Luna ’s plan for how he dies.

Grey: Then maybe the lightning earlier damaged his mind even more than it already was.

Atmos: I think that ’s it. Pfffffft.  Grey, giving Luna those things was the best idea ever.

Grey: I know right.  Maybe I should make them a mandatory item all adventurers need to carry.

Atmos: Maybe not mandatory, but you should make them something the guild sells.

Grey: I ’ll figure it out later.

Skadi: What are you talking about?

Atmos: Grey gave Luna a lot of bottles filled with lemon juice and called them potions of greater hurting.  She drops one on the head of the vampire every time he looks at her with his diviner skill.

Grey: Do you think he ’ll be traumatized by the sight of glass bottles and the smell of lemons by the time they make it to Onigashima?

Tamamo: I hope so, though I hope she starts mixing poisons into them at some point.

Atmos: I understand why you want that to happen since I would want the same thing to be done to someone who constantly tries peek on me, but be patient Tamamo.  This is still only petty harassment, once Luna gets bored of it or he does something to piss her off even more, she ’s going to make poison the least of his worries.

Tamamo: She ’s going to use ’that ’ on him right?

Atmos: Oh yes.

Skadi: What does Luna have that will make poison a negligible worry?

Tamamo: I ’ll tell you later.

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