[Mordred POV]

Around the same time the Stellaris party set out from Beria, a vampire was making her way through the Temple of Night.

‘What does the delusional bastard want now?

I was making my way to ourleaders office since I was called.  Over the past few weeks, hes been acting weirdly, so it might have something to do with that.  When I was almost there, I ran into the second worst person in our organization.

“Tch.  Seems like you were called as well.” (Mortem)

“Yeah, I like it even less than you do.” (Mordred)

“To think we can actually agree on something, how infuriating.” (Mortem)

A frown spread across my face as Mortem opened the door and went inside.  I followed him and the first thing I noticed was the smell of lemons and something burning.  Sitting behind the desk at the back of the room was Beryl.  He looked like hes been to hell and back and I had to try my hardest not to keel over laughing.  Even his normally immaculate suit was ruined.

“What happened brother!?” (Mortem)

“That damn black-haired kitsune, Luna Reed.  I dont know how, but every time I look at her through divination, I get retaliated against.  Ive had enough of it.” (Beryl)

“If youre tired of it, why not just stop watching her?” (Mordred)

“If I wanted your input, I would ask, but since Im such a magnanimous person, Ill humor you.  I dont want to see that infuriating thing, its just that every time I try and check on my Tamamo, she is what appears.” (Beryl)

As if to prove a point, he gets a distant look in his eyes and immediately after the space above his head distorts and a glass bottle falls out and smashes on his head.  A lemon smelling liquid splashes all over his face and I can see that he is in pain.  He then stands up from his seat and nearly flips his desk, but before he can I hear a loud impact and he falls back into his chair and starts holding his foot.

“DAMN IT!” (Beryl)

I looked over to see Mortems reaction to all of this and I see his face warped in a grimace.

“Do you want me to go and take care of this stupid fox that keeps doing this to you brother?” (Mortem)

“Thats why I called the two of you here.  I know that the two of you hate each other, but I have no choice but to send the two of you off to kill these pests.” (Beryl)

“It will be done, brother.” (Mortem)

He was about to leave the room, but Beryl stopped him.

“Hold on Mortem, you dont even know where to go.” (Beryl)

“Sorry, Im just so infuriated that you are being made a fool of that I lost my composure.” (Mortem)

“Its fine.  To start with, you main job is to kill three of this four person party.” (Beryl)

“Only three, thats not like you.” (Mordred)

“Shut up Mordred.” (Mortem)

I started grinding my teeth in frustration at Mortems words.

“Yes, the reason for that is that Mortems soon to be betrothed is a part of that party.” (Beryl)

“Velvet Belmont?  She actually became an adventurer?” (Mortem)

“Yes, and she is S-rank to boot.  The same is true for the despicable Luna Reed.” (Beryl)

‘Reed, where have I heard that last name before? I thought to myself.

I pondered the name for a few more seconds when I came to the realization.

“Isnt Reed the last name of the General from Savanna?  Does that mean one of our targets is the daughter of a Marquis?  If we actually kill her, it could cause serious problems for the country!” (Mordred)

“That doesnt matter in the slightest.  She is a walking blasphemy to my Tamamo.  She needs to be obliterated as soon as possible.” (Beryl)

“What did she do?” (Mortem)

“I cannot say.  All you need to know is that if she continues to live, it could pose a danger to all of us followers of the lovely Tamamo.” (Beryl)

I didnt believe a single thing he was saying, but I played along.

‘Maybe I can use this chance to finally get rid of these two.  Beryl wouldnt normally go as far as sending me and his brother on a team assignment if it was something some of the others could pull off.

I dragged myself out of my thoughts and asked a question.

“Velvet aside, what can we expect from the others in the party?” (Mordred)

“From what I was able to piece together from my brief divinations, Luna Reed is a competent mage with very strong ice, lightning, and space magic, and most likely a unique skill.  Like I said before, she is also S-rank.  Then there is the other kitsune named Soleil, she, by the looks of it, is Velvet Belmonts lover and can at least use fire magic.” (Beryl)

At those words, Mortem nearly lost it.

“So, a lowly fox thinks she can have what is mine does she?  Im going to make sure she suffers before she dies.” (Mortem)

I scoffed internally.

‘Yeah right, every one of us vampires from notable clans knows that Velvet would never go for someone like you.  If she did, she would have married someone by now.

“Whats with that face?  You have something to say?” (Mortem)

“Not to you.” (Mordred)

At my words, he glared at me like I was a piece of trash.  I returned a similar glare.  We would have stayed like that if Beryl didnt start talking again.

“The last one in the party I have very little information on.  All I know is her name and adventurer rank.  Her name is Ophidia and she is D-rank.  Skills and magic, unknown.” (Beryl)

“Where do we go and are there any limitations on how they die?” (Mortem)

“They left Beria an hour ago headed in this direction.  The two of you will intercept them in the town of Mid, two weeks journey from here.  Get one of the space magic users to teleport you there.  As for how you kill them, I dont care.  Use poison, traps, monsters, whatever you want, just make sure Luna Reed is dead.  Just do me a favor and make her suffer.” (Beryl)

“Heheheh.  Understood, Ive recently got my hands on a particularly nasty poison and Ive wanted to test it.” (Mortem)

“What will it do?” (Beryl)

“Once ingested, it causes the afflicteds body to experience excruciating pain.  Its to the point that they would beg to die in order to be relieved.  The pain comes on fast, but after that, it gets worse over the course of a few hours until they die.  I will use this on all of them but Velvet.  I will paralyze her and let her watch.” (Mortem)

“Because doing that will make her love you, am I right?” I said with as much sarcasm as I could muster.

“She will learn to love me.  If she doesnt, then I have other ways.” (Mortem)

“If you are going to do all of this, then why am I even needed?” (Mordred)

“Youre going as backup incase it turns into a fight.  As loathe as I am to admit it, you are the most skilled vampire with a sword we have.  You are to protect Mortem, even if it costs you your life.” (Beryl)

“And if I dont?” (Mordred)

“I end the le Fay clan.  You know just as well as everyone else what my standing is, one word and every vampire in the world will hunt you and your clan to the last.” (Beryl)

“Im surprised youre being so rebellious Mordred.  Especially in front of our Goddesss husband.” (Mortem)

“No one asked your opinion.” (Mordred)

“Grrrrrrr!” (Mortem)

“Calm down Mortem and shut up Mordred.  Go, I want Luna Reeds head  presented to me by the next full moon.” (Beryl)

“Whatever.” (Mordred)

“Dont worry brother, I will make sure that she suffers for everything shes done to you.” (Mortem)

As we were leaving, a cake appeared out of nowhere and hit Beryl in the face.


I left the room before I could start laughing.

“I expect you to be ready to go in 15 minutes.” (Mortem)

“Go step in sunlight.” (Mordred)

Author ’s Note:

Grey: Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Atmos: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Skadi: Hhahahahahahahahahhahahahaha!  Good one Atmos.

Atmos: Holy crap, even Skadi praised me.  Did you hear that Tamamo?

Tamamo: …

Atmos: Tamamo? *Turns to look at Tamamo*  Tamamo, no!  Calm down, you aren ’t allowed to use divine judgement unless the world is going to end.

Tamamo: Don ’t stop me Atmos, those two have gone too far.

Atmos: I ’m going to stop you, do you want me to be the one to tell Luna you got sealed for doing something stupid?  Don ’t put me in that position.

Tamamo: *Clenches fists so hard she draws blood*

Grey: You shouldn ’t worry that much Tamamo.  That vampire Mordred seems to hate those two just as much as you do, not to mention that they won ’t be able to do anything to Luna in the first place.

Tamamo: What about Velvet, Soleil, and Ophidia?  If they actually get hurt, I don ’t know what Luna will do.  I can ’t go down to stop her rampage unless she sets up a domain, and with her strength, the closest person that could stop her is Skadi, but she won ’t get there in time to stop Luna if she goes berserk.

Atmos: You know Luna is one of the best healers in the world.  Even if those three got hurt, she ’ll heal them before any real damage is done.

Tamamo: This is so frustrating.

Grey: I get it, but Luna can handle this.

Tamamo: I know, I just want to be able to do more than just watch as things happen.

Atmos: Then how about instead of focusing on what you can ’t do, you focus on what you can.  Namely thinking of ways to pamper Luna the next time the two of you are together.  If things go as they should, by the time she ’s done dealing with the one sent to kill them, the two of you will see each other the next day.

Tamamo: You ’re right, I may not be able to do anything physically, but I can do my utmost in taking care of Luna when she is done dealing with that insignificant mongrel ’s brother.

Skadi: Grey, I think I understand why no one tries to get Lady Tamamo angry.

Grey: Yeah, this was even worse than the time she cursed that hero and saint.

Skadi: Why hasn ’t she cursed those two vampires then?

Grey: Crate and Gear asked her not to curse anyone again.  Apparently when gods as powerful as Tamamo curse people, it can cause problems in the mortal world, something about them being too powerful or something.

Skadi: I see.

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