[Luna POV]

‘Hey Tamamo, is everything on Velvets side done?

{Yes.  I even went as far as making Mordred and her clan the new leaders of the vampires in the Demon Empire and named you as the one to fight Beryl.  Hopefully that will make things a little easier for you.}

‘Thanks.  I think that will make things easier.

{You sound tired.}

‘Im a bit mentally tired.  Travelling what would have been two weeks in two days and everything that has happened today is finally catching up to me.

{Then finish finding Velvet and Ophidia and go back to your mansion for a few days.  Then we can have a day for just the two of us.  After that you can come back here and do whatever you want.  Especially now that all your major problems are dealt with.}

‘Hehehe.  Youre right.  Now I can just focus on adventuring and leveling up without dungeon trauma and a crazed vampire that wants to marry my wife.

We turned a corner and walked down the hallway we found ourselves in.

“Is Velvet close?” (Soleil)

“She should be right behind the door at the end of this hallway.” (Luna)

When we got to the door and opened it, we found Velvet, Ophidia, and Mordred inside a large room.  When we entered, they all turned to look at who came in.

“Is it done?” (Velvet)

“Yes.” (Luna)

“What did you use to end the bastard?” (Mordred)

“Hydra blood.” (Luna)

“Oooooh.” (Velvet)

“Yeah, it was a lot worse than I thought it would be, so Im going to hand the rest over to Grey for disposal.  I no longer want anything to do with hydra blood if I can help it.” (Luna)

“Lady Luna, thank you for dealing with him.  I say this on behalf of all vampires that reside in the Demon Empire.” (Mordred)

“Ill gladly accept your thanks.  Now we need to discuss our plans for the future.” (Luna)

“Im listening.” (Velvet)

“I am as well.” (Ophidia)

“I think we should go back to the mansion for a few days, then come back here.  After that, we can do whatever.” (Luna)

“What do you mean by whatever?” (Velvet)

“Exactly that.  Aside from getting my level to 100, I have no other objectives now.  We can actually focus on adventuring and finding things to raise everyones stats.” (Luna)

“So, you wont be staying in the city?” (Mordred)

“If everyone agrees to this plan, then we wont be here for a few days to at least a week.  After that well be back.” (Luna)

“I understand.  Then the next time all of you are in the city, come see me and Ill let you stay in the temple for however long youre in Onigashima.  Its the least I can do for your help in getting rid of Beryl and his brother as well as your relationship with the Goddess.” (Mordred)

“Thank you, Mordred.  Now, what is everyones opinions on that plan of action, or would it be inaction?” (Luna)

“I think its fine.” (Ophidia)

““I agree.”” (Velvet and Soleil)

They looked at each other and let out small laughs.

“Oh right, Ophidia, can you take Velvet to Savanna at one point in the next few days so that we can let Sonia know how things went here?” (Luna)

“Consider it done, master.” (Ophidia)

“Go-*yawn*-od.” (Luna)

My party members all came up to me so that we could teleport away.  I turned to Mordred one last time.

“See you again soon, Mordred.” (Luna)

“Youre welcome here at any time.” (Mordred)

With that, we went back to my island.  We appeared in my room and I immediately jumped into my bed.

“Im going to sleep for a while, please dont wake me up unless absolutely necessary.” (Luna)

“Got it.  Soleil, lets go and take a nap ourselves.” (Velvet)

“Of course.” (Soleil)

“I might as well do the same.” (Ophidia)

They all left my room to go to their own.

‘*Yawn* Ill see you…whenever I…wake up…Tama…mo.

{Ufufu.  Have a good rest, Luna.}

When I next woke up, it was dark outside my window.

‘How long was I asleep?

{Several hours.  By the way, what were you dreaming about?  You had a nice face for a while.}

‘I was just dreaming about you.

{You flatterer.}

‘Is it flattery if its true?

{Cant it be both?}

‘Both is good.

{Felling refreshed?}

‘Very.  By the way, is it normal that Ive been feeling less and less sleepy since I got my fifth tail?  I know I have sleep resistance, but this feels different from that.

{Id say its normal.  The closer to godhood you get, the less you need things that mortals do.  Of course, that wont stop you from enjoying those things, but they wont be necessary.}

‘Interesting.  Ive always hated sleep, so its nice that I need less of it now.

{Really?  When you slept next to me you seemed to really enjoy it.}

‘Thats because you were there.  Ill always enjoy anything when you are involved.

{I feel the same way.}

I got up from my bed and stood in front of my window.  I looked up to the sky and watched the moon.

‘The moon is beautiful, isnt it.

{I feel the same.}



I stared at the moon for a few minutes then moved away from the window.  I left my room and the mansion as well and went to the top of the pyramid.

‘Much better.  Now Im just a little closer.

{You know we could be even closer if you set up a domain.}

‘True, but not yet.  I want to plant the Lunar Sakura first.  By the way, so you know how to gather spirits?

{I do.  Why do you need to know?}

‘They need to be present for the tree to sprout and grow.  I would like to try summoning some and see if it grows differently depending on what kind of spirit is summoned.

{What kind do you want to summon?}

‘I would say fluff, but something is telling me that that would be a bad idea.

{I get the same feeling.  The world may not be ready for them yet.}

‘That just means Cres will remain the only fluff spirit in the mortal world for now.

{So, with the exception of fluff, what kind of spirit do you want to summon?}

‘I was thinking space, but maybe we could try to get some for my other Authority.

{What would they be called, star spirits or stellar spirits and do you know if any even exist yet?}

‘I think stellar spirits is the name.  As for if any exist, I think so.

{Well, we can try.  Do you remember the spirit contract magic circle?}


{Its similar to that one.  The only difference is that you need to add a part to it that corresponds to the type of spirit you want to summon.  For a stellar spirit, youll need to add a part to the magic circle to account for stellar magic.  I can help with most of the circle, but you will need to figure out the stellar magic part.}

‘I think I can do that.

{Ok.  Where do you want to do the summoning?}

‘Right here should be fine, right?

{Probably.  Now what Im about to do may be a bit uncomfortable, but bear with it.}

When Tamamos words finished, some information was pushed into my mind.

‘Ugh.  That felt weird.  How did you do that?

{I just telepathically sent an image instead of words.  The discomfort was due to the information the image contained.}

‘Who knew telepathy was like an e-mail.

{Whats that?}

‘Something this world doesnt have.  Dont worry about it.

I then started to draw the magic circle that Tamamo showed me.  When that was done, I needed to figure out what I needed to add for stellar magic.

‘Hmmm.  Oh, I know.

I started to add images of dots connected with lines to mimic constellations.

‘What do you think?

{Looks good to me, though you will need to remember what you did here since this will probably be the kind of thing any stellar magic circles will need in the future.}

‘Ill make a copy of it on paper real quick then.

When that was done, I faced the magic circle and started to channel mana into it.  It started to glow and after a few minutes nothing happened.

{It should have worked.}

‘Hmmm.  Maybe there arent any stellar spirits yet after all.  Hmmmmm.

After thinking for a short while, I got an idea.  I created a domain that encompassed the pyramid and sat down.

{What are you thinking Luna?}

‘Well, if there arent any stellar spirits yet, shouldnt I try to make one?  I technically did it once already with Cres, so why shouldnt I be able to do it again?

{Why not.  Not like youll lose anything by trying after all.  Do you have an idea on what form it will take?}

I smiled at her question.

‘I do.

I shut my eyes and an image surfaced.  I then started using constellation creation to turn that image into a constellation.  When I opened my eyes again and looked up, the new constellation I created was there.

{Its very pretty.}

‘Thank you.  Now for the important part.

I stood up and cleared my throat.

|My stars that exist in the heavens, heed you masters command.  Send forth an envoy to the world.  Spirit of the Stars, I Luna Reed, Demigod of Stars command you to appear.|

When my chant finished, the new constellation started to shine in a blinding light.  It did this for several minutes before dying down.  Once it stopped completely, I looked down to my feet.  Laying there was a fox with black fur dotted with white.

{How adorable.}

‘I agree.  This is what all great stellar spirits will look like in the future.

{Does the constellation have any other effect?}

‘No.  Its one that only I as the holder of the Authority of Stars can use.  Soleil will be able to use it too when she becomes the Apostle of Stars.

{I see.}

While me and Tamamo were talking, the fox at my feet woke up.  When it looked up at me, it started to speak in a feminine voice.

[Hello, my goddess.  Thank you for creating me.]

“Hello, my new little friend.”

[Is there anything you need me to do?]

“At this exact moment, no, but when I find a good place to plant a certain seed, I will summon you.  After that, you are free to do whatever you want.”

[Then can I make a request?]

“Im listening.”

[Will you find me a mortal to contract with?  I would like to see the world that me and my brethren will live in once you fully ascend.]

“It may take a while, but I can do that for you.  I even have the perfect person in mind.”

[I am grateful, my goddess.  As for time, it matters not.]

“Ok.  Where will you go once I dissolve this domain?”

[I will go to the domain of spirits.  Now that I exist, we will have a space for us to live until you assume your full Authority.  Once that happens, lesser stellar spirits will start appearing in the world and greater spirits like myself will be allowed to freely travel between the mortal world and spirit domain.]

“I see, then I will summon you soon.”

[I will eagerly await your summons.]

With that said, I dissolved the domain.

{That spirit was so much calmer than Cres was.}

‘I agree.  I hope he hasnt been causing any trouble for Lia.  It will reflect poorly on me if he has.

{That just means that you will have to discipline him the next time you see him.}

‘Guess so.

-Meanwhile in the Elf Nation-

[Oh dear.]

“Whats wrong, Cres?” (Lia)

[I do not know, contractor.  It feels like I will be in trouble the next time I see my goddess.]

“Have you done anything that would make her angry at you?” (Lia)

[I dont think I have.  The most I have done is try to teach some of the elves the true amazingness of fluff.  So what if they seem to have become somewhat obsessed.]

‘*Sigh*  So thats what happened to them.  I hope Luna goes easy on him if she ever comes here. (Lia)

[Why do you have that look of pity on your face, contractor?]

“Dont worry about it, Cres.” (Lia)

[I understand.]

Chaos Realm:

Luna: It ’s been a while since I was last here.

Welcome back.

Skadi: Hello Luna.

Luna: Hey Skadi, I wasn ’t expecting you to show up here.

Skadi: Yeah, I just randomly showed up here one day and have been visiting frequently ever since.

By the way Luna, you can hand me the hydra blood you have and I can dispose of it here.  No need to go through Grey.

Luna: Can I really trust you with it?

Skadi: You can.

Luna: If Skadi says it ’s ok, then fine.

*Luna pulls out several full bottles of hydra blood from her inventory and places them on the table*

Luna: This is all of it.

Ok, I ’ll take it from here.

*I snap my fingers and the bottles move themselves into two crates.  I pick the crates up and leave the room.*

Luna: As mysterious as always.

Skadi: As expected of the God of Chaos.

Luna: The what of what now?

Skadi: I ’ll explain while he is gone.

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