[Luna POV]

Sitting at the top of the pyramid, I was watching the sunrise.

‘No matter how many times I watch this, its always so pretty.

{Quetz would be delighted if she heard you say that.}

‘Speaking of Quetz, do you think I should let her meet Ophidia?  I mean, she is a serpent as well.

{You dont have to go out of your way to do that.  Theyll meet eventually once you ascend and Ophidia becomes an Apostle.}

‘I guess your right.  Speaking of Ophidia, seems like Skadi likes her.

{I seem to remember Skadi asking me a few things about her the last time we met, though I cant remember where that was.}

‘Same, but enough about that for now, I should probably head inside and start preparing breakfast.

{You saying that is making me hungry.}

‘Ill make us something when we get together.

{Ill help.  I wonder how good something made by the both of us will be.}

‘If its good enough, maybe well both get a fourth Authority.

{Ufufufufu.  While funny, I dont think it works that way.}

‘Oh well, theres the rest of eternity for us to try.


I climbed down the pyramid and entered the mansion.  I made my way to the kitchen and found Velvet and Soleil already there and cooking.

“I wasnt expecting this.” (Luna)

“Oh, we didnt know you were already awake.” (Velvet)

“I was, turns out I dont need to sleep as much as I used to.” (Luna)

“Because youre a demigod now?” (Soleil)

“Yep.  By the way, I plan on looking for a good place to plant that seed today.” (Luna)

“Well come and help you.” (Soleil)

“Thanks, and also I want the both of you to help with something else.” (Luna)

“What is it?” (Velvet)

“Dont ask me how I know this, but Skadi likes Ophidia, so we need to help Ophidia figure out how she wants to deal with that.  I for one, am all for them to getting together.” (Luna)

“Im of the same opinion.” (Soleil)

“*Sigh* You two really like this kind of stuff, dont you?” (Velvet)

““Of course.””

“Haha.  Count me in as well then.” (Velvet)

I joined in with helping them make breakfast and we finished quickly.  When we brought everything to the table, we found Ophidia still somewhat half-asleep sitting at her preferred spot.

“Hello.” Ophidia greeted us sleepily.

“And I thought me and Velvet had a hard time waking up sometimes.” (Luna)

“Heh.  Masssster lookssss sssso fluffy.” (Ophidia)

She started to get up and come towards me but stopped when she smelled the food.

“Hungry.” (Ophidia)

“Fufufu.  I guess I should start getting her used to the Abyss soon.” (Luna)

“I think so too.” (Velvet)

“Speaking of that, what depth are you at now, Velvet?” (Luna)

“90%” (Velvet)

“I wonder if anything will happen when you reach 100%” (Luna)

“Maybe well find out what your Abyssal Blessing skill does.” (Soleil)

“Ooh.  Maybe so.” (Luna)

We all started eating.  Once Ophidia took her first bite, she fully woke up.

“I really wish I can stop making a fool of myself like that.” (Ophidia)

“Dont worry, its kind of cute when you are like that.” (Luna)

“That doesnt make me feel any better, master.” (Ophidia)

“Its a good thing though.” (Luna)

“Do the two of you agree with master?” (Ophidia)

“Yes.” (Soleil)

“I do.” (Velvet)

“*Sigh*” (Ophidia)

“Anyway, do you want to help us find a good spot to plant a tree, or do something else?” (Luna)

“Ill help.  Do you know how bit the tree will be?” (Ophidia)

“If its like the one at Tamamos place, then it will be somewhat large.” (Luna)

{It will be about the same size.}

We all finished breakfast and went outside.

“Any specific area you want to start looking first?” (Velvet)

“Not really.  As long as it has enough space and atmospheric mana, then it should be fine.” (Luna)

“Then lets start looking.” (Soleil)

We started wandering around the island looking for a spot that matches the requirements.  Several hours later we found a spot that fit what was needed.  It was a clearing that used to house some ruins before I picked them up.

“I think this place is good.  It has enough space, and the atmospheric mana is enough.” (Luna)

“Is there anything else needed to grow the tree?” (Ophidia)

“Yes, but I have that part handled, just give me a few minutes.” (Luna)

I teleported to the top of the pyramid and poured magic into the magic circle I made last night.  A minute later, the stellar spirit appeared.

[I have come, goddess.]

“Good, lets head to the place.”

The spirit hopped up onto my shoulder and I teleported back to everyone.

“What did you need to get, big sis?” (Soleil)

“Use your spirit vision.” (Luna)

Soleil did as I said and her eyes widened in surprise as she saw the spirit on my shoulder.

“What kind of spirit is that?  Ive never seen one like that.” (Soleil)

“A great stellar spirit.  Shes going to help make the tree grow.” (Luna)

“*Sigh* When was this one born?” (Velvet)

“Last night.” (Luna)

“Of course it was.” (Velvet)

“Why are you still surprised by the things big sis does Velvet?  You should be used to it by now.” (Soleil)

“At this point, Im not really sure.” (Velvet)

Ignoring their conversation, I pulled the seed out of my inventory.  I walked over the center of the clearing and dug a little hole, dropped the seed in, and covered it.

“Now, all we need to do is pour some mana into it.  Spirit, you do the same.” (Luna)

[Yes goddess.]

The spirit hopped off my shoulder and stood in front of the spot with the seed.  We both started to pour mana into the spot and a few minutes later, a sapling started to grow rapidly.  It stopped when the top of it was just above my head.  Its leaves were a mix of silver and black with what looked like a starry sky inside of them.

{Interesting.  I look forward to what this tree will look like once it fully grows.}

‘I agree.  Im intrigued by the leaves that arent silver though.

{I am as well.  I wonder what the flowers will look like.}

‘All we can do is wait to see that.

As I was talking with Tamamo, the spirit came up to me.

[Goddess, may I look around this place before I depart?]

“Go ahead.” (Luna)

[Thank you]

With those words, the spirit walked off in a random direction.  I turned around and faced everyone else.  They all had mesmerized expressions on their faces.

“Is something wrong?” (Luna)

“No, its just that Ive never seen a tree as pretty as this one.” (Soleil)

“I had heard that they were beautiful, but this is beyond expectations.  I look forward to what it will look like when fully grown.” (Velvet)

“I feel like this tree would be a nice place to take a nap in in my serpent form.” (Ophidia)

“You can do that when its fully grown.” (Luna)

“Ok.” (Ophidia)

“Do we need to do anything to take care of it?” (Soleil)

“No, itll take care of itself, but we can come and check on it sometimes.” (Luna)

“Ok.” (Soleil)

“So, now what do we do for the rest of the day?” (Velvet)

“No idea.  I guess we could practice Soleils stellar magic and Ophidias space magic.  Is there any magic you want to work on Velvet?” (Luna)

“I could practice my dark magic.” (Velvet)

“Then lets do that.  Ill set up a domain so that we dont have to worry about any collateral damage.” (Luna)

With that decided, we went back to the area near the mansion to practice magic for the rest of the day.

Chaos Realm:

Atmos: That is going to be an impressive looking tree in the future.

Grey: I wonder if Luna will let us come and see it when it ’s fully grown.

Tamamo: I don ’t see why she wouldn ’t.

Skadi: Ophidia was right, it looks like a good spot tp take a nap at.

Grey: I wonder if those starry leaves have any effects.

You know divinations like horoscopes and stuff?

Grey: Yeah.

Those leaves will help in making those clearer, but only after Luna ascends and makes the stars.

Skadi: So Luna ’s star Authority has some sway over divination?

Yeah.  Luna doesn ’t know it yet, but several diviners got stellar magic when the Authority was created.

Tamamo: Then why does Soleil have stellar magic?

She had the aptitude for it.  Diviners have a higher chance to be able to have it, but no one NEEDS to be a diviner to have the aptitude.

Tamamo: Does that mean Anastasia can use it as well?

Maybe.  She ’s your Apostle so ask her.

Grey: Did Beryl get stellar magic as well?


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