[Luna POV]

When we got to the office, dad knocked on the door and entered when mom answered back.

“Hello mom, Ana.” (Luna)

“Hello everyone, to what do we owe the pleasure of your visit today?” (Amagi)

“We just came over because we could.  I wanted to catch you up on the things that have been going on since we conquered the island.  First of which is me getting my fifth tail.” (Luna)

I took the necklace off and the illusion dissipated, revealing all of my tails.

“Congratulations.” (Ana)

“Very nice.” (Amagi)

“I also learned about several things like Apostles and such as well as how all of you are one.” (Luna)

“Its good that we dont have to hide that now.” (Amagi)

“Are you going to explain the whole demigod thing?” (Deacon)

“What?” (Amagi)

“When I got my fifth tail, I became a demigod.” (Luna)

“Thats it?” (Deacon)

“I mean, there isnt that much to explain about it.  It happened and I told you it happened.  When it happened, I got several skills like domain creation and constellation creation along with a few others.” (Luna)

“What about Authorities?” (Amagi)

“They are Space, Fluff, and Stars.  Space is self-explanatory, Fluff comes from me being the Abyss of fluff, and Stars is a bit weird on how I got it, but Im not going to question it.  Also, with the Authority of Stars came stellar magic.” (Luna)

“Ive been wondering what that was about.” (Ana)

“You got it too?” (Soleil)

“It would make sense.  I mean, stars were said to be useful in divination in my previous world, so it only makes sense that it would work the same way here.” (Luna)

“Interesting.” (Soleil)

“I did get stellar magic, but I dont know how to use it.  Every time I try, nothing happens.” (Ana)

“Yeah, we ran into that problem at first, but we figured out how it works.  For now, the only way youre going to get anything out of it is to be with me in a domain.  Me and Soleil can show you later.” (Luna)

“Back on the topic of Apostles, can you make them yet?” (Amagi)

“Well apparently, I made Velvet into one a while back, but to answer your question, yes.  Soleil and Ophidia are in the middle of clearing the requirements to become the Apostles of Stars and Space respectively.” (Luna)

“Speaking of requirements master, I reached level 10 space magic during the mock battle with your father.  Now I just need to get my Int to S level.” (Ophidia)

“Got it.  Well start looking for things that raise that stat once we go back to Onigashima.” (Luna)

“So, youre currently staying in the Demon Empire?” (Amagi)

“I mean technically, my island is in the Empire, but yes.  We are taking a small break from cleaning up a mess before we actually do any adventuring there.  I want to get back to everything tomorrow, but I still need to consult with everyone before committing to a plan.” (Luna)

“What mess?” (Ana)

“Tamamos vampire fanatic.  When we reached Beria, he started seeing me through divination.  I noticed this and was able to see him as well through a mix of my Space Authority and me being an Abyss.  We finished all of our business in Beria and started making our way to Onigashima.  When we reached the Town of Mid, we faced an assassin that tried to poison us.  After that we sped up our travels and made it to Onigashima in two days, I confronted the mongrel and killed him, then we went back to the mansion on the island for some rest.  Am I forgetting anything?” (Luna)

“That sounds about right.” (Velvet)

“*Sigh*  Never a dull moment on your travels is there?” (Deacon)

I just shrugged my shoulders.

“How have things been going here?” (Luna)

“The same as always.  Though next month well be holding the wedding of the second prince here.” (Amagi)

“Will you need my help with anything related to that?” (Luna)

“Not really, though you might need to come as the daughter if a Marquis.” (Amagi)

“Ugh.” (Luna)

“Why are you acting like that?  We have never asked you to do anything related to nobility before this, so you shouldnt have that much aversion to doing this.” (Deacon)

“And Im thankful for that.  I just get the feeling that something will happen if I participate.” (Luna)

“I agree with Luna, though Im biased as her mother, she is a stunning beauty.  There is no telling what some of the noble families with single sons will do.” (Amagi)

“Itll be fine, all she has to do is give her adventurer rank and they should back off.  No one wants to mess with an S-rank adventurer after all.  And if that still doesnt dissuade them, just show them your ring.” (Deacon)

“*Sigh* Fine, just let me know if my participation is required or not and Ill plan accordingly.” (Luna)

“Speaking of weddings, when should we start preparing for yours, Soleil?” (Ana)

“Moooooom.  We havent gotten that far yet.” (Soleil)

“Why wait?  Velvet is immortal already and you will be soon enough, so why not just propose and set a date?  Or are the two of you planning on tying the knot after Luna and the Goddess?” (Ana)

“Thats what I was thinking.” (Velvet)

“I have to agree with Velvet on this.  I will be immortal soon enough so why rush it?” (Soleil)

“I just want to see my daughter in a wedding dress as soon as possible.  Its the pride of a mother.” (Ana)

{Speaking of that, how do you feel about matching dresses, Luna?}

‘Sounds good to me.

{Ok, Ill commission them from the goddess that oversees marriage.}

‘I look forward to seeing them and the sight of you wearing it.

{I feel the same.}

“Luna!  What are you and the Goddess talking about?” (Deacon)

“If we will wear matching wedding dresses and how good Tamamo will look in one.” (Luna)

“And what did you decide?” (Amagi)

“I agreed to it.  Tamamo will commission them later.” (Luna)

“I look forward to seeing the both of you wear them.” (Amagi)

“I know I should feel proud, but I also have a feeling of not wanting this to happen.” (Deacon)

{“Dont even think of getting in our way.”}

“I only feel proud.” (Deacon)

At dads words, everyone started laughing.  Once we all calmed down, we spent the rest of the morning catching up and in the afternoon, I showed mom and Ana my domain and the constellations I made.  Ana and Soleil then started practicing stellar magic together.  When it came time for dinner, I shared some wyvern meat and then me and my party went back to the island.

“Now, do all of you agree to going back to Onigashima tomorrow?” (Luna)

“Thats fine with me.” (Ophidia)

“Sounds good.” (Velvet)

“Lets make the most of it.” (Soleil)

With all of us in agreement, we all headed to bed.

Chaos Realm:

*Yawn* I should head to bed as well.

Atmos: Good night, I ’ll be heading off for the night as well.


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