[Luna POV]

After waking up the next day and going through our usual morning routine, we started preparing to head back to Onigashima.  Once that was done, we all convened in the living room.

“Is everyone ready to go?” (Luna)

“I am.” (Ophidia)

“We are.” (Velvet and Soleil)

“Then lets head off.” (Luna)

We then teleported into the room we were last in in the Temple of Night.  Mordred was in there sitting behind a desk and when we appeared she instinctively drew the sword she had next to her.  When she realized who we were, she put it away.

“Sorry about that, I wasnt expecting you all to show up like that.” (Mordred)

“Its fine, that reaction is only natural after all.” (Luna)

“So, are all of you here to stay for a while?” (Mordred)

“Yeah.  Well be here doing adventurer stuff and dungeon diving until next month, then well probably be gone again for a bit, then come back.” (Luna)

“Is something happening next month?” (Mordred)

“The second prince of the Beast Kingdom is getting married and Ill most likely have to show up since Im the daughter of a Marquis.” (Luna)

“I see.  Then let me know if any of you need anything while you are here.  I will have rooms prepared here for you all to stay so you dont need to find an inn.” (Mordred)

“Thanks.  Can you tell us the location of the guild?” (Luna)

“Its in the center of the city, you cant miss it.” (Mordred)

“Thanks.  Oh, and before we go, I have a message for you.” (Luna)

“Im listening.” (Mordred)

“The love of your life is nearer than you think.” (Luna)

After relaying the message I herd in a dream, Mordred grew very confused.

“What do you mean by that?” (Mordred)

“Not too sure myself, I just know I was supposed to tell you that.” (Luna)

With that, we left the temple and headed for the center of the city.  We got there two hours later due to us taking our time exploring a bit.

‘Aside from the temple district, this city reminds me so much of Kyoto.

{Is that the place you were from in previous world?}

‘No.  Me and my class were on a trip to there when we were summoned to this world.  I was from a different country.

{I see.}

‘If Im totally honest, I like how this city feels more than my previous home.  It feels more vibrant and clean.  Not to mention that its like I can feel the history of the city just by walking around.

{Im not surprised by that, this is one of the oldest cities in this world.  Since the demon races have the longest lifespans aside from vampires or gods and our Apostles, the places they live change very little.  The way this place looks is most likely how its looked since it was first built.}


“Big sis, what are you talking with the Goddess about?” (Soleil)

“Just how this city looks.  It reminds me of a place I visited in my past life.” (Luna)

“Thats interesting, I wonder why its like that.” (Ophidia)

“If I remember the explanation correctly, its because several people in my previous world had divination abilities and used them unconsciously.  That is the reason for many of the fictional things that came to be there, though we can add architecture to that list now.” (Luna)

“Im interested in seeing how that world looked, would you be able to show us some time?” (Velvet)

“Sure, Ill show you a few things the next time we go into a domain.” (Luna)

“Im looking forward to it.” (Velvet)

“Suit yourself, but it wont be that special.  Unless of course, you like the dull colors and tall buildings.” (Luna)

Velvet shrugged her shoulders and said, “I think that is just your opinion, it might be impressive to us.”

“Fair enough.” (Luna)

We walked into a bustling plaza in the center of the city and Soleil and I immediately increased the potency of our sound dampeners.

“So loud.” (Soleil)

“I agree.” (Luna)

We looked around and saw a tall, pagoda style building with the adventurers guild symbol on it.

“We really cant miss it, can we.” (Luna)

“Yeah, that reminds me, doesnt one of Shuten and Ibarakis family members work here?” (Velvet)

“I believe it was their mother and she is the guild master here.” (Luna)

“Rrriiiggghhhttt.  When do you think we will meet her?” (Velvet)

“Probably once we show our guild cards.” (Luna)

“What are we waiting for, lets head in.” (Soleil)

We all went and entered the guild.  The first floor looked like every other guild weve been to, though it lacked the bar that the one in Celestia had.  Once the doors shut behind us, a few people looked over to us, then went back to what they were doing.  I looked around for a few seconds and noticed something.

“Is it just me, or are the only people here lower ranked adventurers?” (Luna)

“I agree.” (Velvet)

“How can you tell, master?” (Ophidia)

“The gear that everyone has matches with what people just starting out would usually have.” (Luna)

While we were discussing this, a guild employee came up to us.

“Excuse me, is this the first time you have come to this guild before?”

“Yes, this is our first time in Onigashimas guild building.” (Luna)

“May I ask your ranks?”

“Me and Velvet here are S-rank.  Soleil here is B, and Ophidia is D.” (Luna)

“T-two S rank adventurers!”

Me and Velvet took our guild cards out to prove my words and the employee nearly fainted out of surprise.

“Can you calm down; youre causing a scene.”  I said.

“M-my a-a-apologies.  I-if you c-c-come with me, Ill t-take you t-t-to the guild master.”

The employee started to speedily walk towards the stairs and we followed.

‘He doesnt need to be that scared of us.  Its not like we bite.

{I dont know about that, Luna.  Ophidia is a snake and Velvet is a vampire.  Not to mention that you bite sometimes.}

‘You do as well.

{Ufufufu.  Anyway, I think he is more nervous about offending you or Velvet.}

‘Our fuses arent that short.

{What does that mean?}

‘It means that we dont lose our tempers that easily.

{Oh.  Well, I think this is the usual kind of behavior weak people show in front of stronger people.  Once your name as an S-rank adventurer becomes more well known, this might happen more often.}

‘Guess I should just get used to this then.

{Once you ascend, you wont have to worry about it much.}

‘What do you mean much?

{Youre a bit special Luna.  Once you ascend, your place in the divine domain will be one of the top positions due to your Authority over Space.  If Crate and Gear are the top two, you will become the third.}

‘Thats surprising.

{Not really.  Even without the Authority over Space, you would have been in the same position as me and Quetz in the top of the top.}

‘What exactly are the top positions in the divine domain?

{We have Crate and Gear, the gods of creation and time, then Atmos as the goddess of fate and now mischief, then there is me and Quetz as the goddesses of the moon and night and sun and day.  If you didnt have Authority over Space, you would be added next to us as the goddess of stars.}

‘So, the three of us are goddesses of the sky?

{Ufufufu.  I guess youre right.  Anyway, youre almost at your destination, so I wont distract you any more.}

‘Fufu.  Silly Tamamo, youre never a distraction.

We all stopped in front a large pair of heavy looking and highly decorated wooden doors.  The employee knocked on them and the person inside told us to enter.  The employee pushed the doors open and we went inside.

Chaos Realm:

That was a good sleep.

*I leave my room and head to the living room*

Luna: Morning, or is it evening here?

Time doesn ’t really matter here, so whenever I get up is what I call morning.

Luna: Then good morning.

Nn.  Want some coffee?

Luna: I ’ll never turn down coffee.

Then I ’ll go make some.  Any request for what kind?

Luna: No.

Got it, I ’ll be right back then.

*I walk into the kitchen to make some coffee*

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