I was Betrayed then Reincarnated as a Kitsune

Chapter 133- The Rest of the Morning

[Luna POV]

Waking up the next day, I was alone in the bed and the domain was gone.  I rolled over and groaned.

“I guess even if I dont need much sleep anymore, its still annoying waking up.”

{Good morning, Luna.  Did you sleep well?}

“I did.  Especially since you were here for a while.  I will always sleep soundly when youre involved.”

{Ufufufu.  And I have to say, your sleeping face is absolutely adorable.  Especially when your ears twitch.}

I got up from the bed and stretched, then I pulled out a change of clothes from my inventory and started changing.

{As beautiful as always Luna.}

“Why thank you.  You look just as stunning.”

{But Im not even there for you to look at me.}

“Does that matter?  I have your image burned into my mind, so I dont need to see you in person, though I will always welcome it if I can.”

{Fair enough.}

I finished changing and then I heard a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

When the door opened, Soleil and Ophidia came in.

“Morning Soleil, Ophidia.” (Luna)

“Good morning, master.” (Ophidia)

“You seem to be in an extra good mood today, big sis.” (Soleil)

“Fufufu.  I spent a little time with Tamamo yesterday.” (Luna)

“I should have figured as much.” (Soleil)

I looked over at Ophidia who hadnt said anything after greeting me.  She was looking at the roof.  When I followed her gaze, I noticed the starry sky.

“Oh yeah, I forgot I made that illusion last night.” (Luna)

Soleil looked up as well and sighed.

“No matter how many times youve shown that to us, I still find it extremely pretty.” (Soleil)

“Indeed.  Its a sight that mesmerizes me every time.  It makes me want to see the real thing more and more.” (Ophidia)

“Im glad you enjoy it so much.” (Luna)

“Come to think of it, can you use an illusion like that for stellar magic?” (Soleil)

“No.  Ive tried it before, and it doesnt work.  Ive even tried using constellations from my previous world to see if that did anything, but it didnt.  Only the constellations that I make work with it.” (Luna)

“I see.” (Soleil)

“Are you going to keep this up for as long as were here, master?” (Ophidia)

“No, Im about to dispel it.  Thanks for reminding me it was up there.” (Luna)

“Wouldnt keeping an illusion like that going eventually drain your mana?” (Soleil)

“Infinite mana, remember.” (Luna)

“Oh right, I forgot about that.” (Soleil)

“Is Velvet still asleep?” (Luna)

“Yes.  The both of us stayed up late talking with each other.  I didnt go back to my room until really late, or would it be early?  Anyway, she is still asleep.” (Soleil)

“Should we go and wake her up then?” (Ophidia)

“Ill do that, the two of you can go and find breakfast.” (Soleil)

“Ok, just dont fall asleep again when she most likely pulls you into the bed while half asleep.” (Luna)

“Ill do my best to resist.” Soleil said in a monotone voice.

Soleil then left the room, leaving me and Ophidia alone.

“Before I forget, Ophidia, Im going to make your letter box soon, do you have any requests on a design?” (Luna)

“Ill leave it up to you master.” (Ophidia)

“Ill hand it over when its done then.” (Luna)

We left the temple and headed into the city in search of something to eat.  We eventually found something close to the center of the city and sat down on a bench that was nearby.  While I was sitting and chatting with Ophidia, I kept feeling a gaze on me from somewhere.

‘I wish whoever is staring at me stops soon or I will have to make them stop.

“Is something wrong, master?” (Ophidia)

“Someone around here is staring at me and its getting annoying.” (Luna)

Just as I was about to get up and find whoever it was, the feeling disappeared.

“Theyre gone now.” (Luna)

“It must be troublesome for you master.” (Ophidia)

“What do you mean?” (Luna)

“Always having people stare at you wherever you go.” (Ophidia)

“Oh that.  Not really since Ive learned to just ignore it.  I only ever get annoyed by it when someone keeps staring like whoever it was just now.” (Luna)

“I see.” (Ophidia)

[??? POV]

As I was walking around the city like I do every morning, I saw two gorgeous women sitting on a bench and eating.  Though they were sitting, I could tell they were quite tall.  One of them looked like a human with black hair with silver streaks and a chest that was slightly larger than average.  The other one was a kitsune with black hair and tails with silver tips on her ears and tail and a large chest.  The kitsune was absolutely stunning and my heart skipped a beat when I saw her.

I wanted to go and talk to her, but I didnt have the time since I needed to meet with my father today.  I stood there staring unconsciously for several minutes when I saw the kitsune start getting up with an annoyed face.

‘Did she notice me staring at her?

I started to panic a bit and left the area.  I made my way back to the noble district and entered my home.  I went to fathers office and found him sitting at his desk and drinking some tea while looking out the window.  When he heard me enter the room, her turned in his chair and looked at me.

“Did something happen while you were out, Morax?” (Damon)

“I saw a very pretty lady in the city who caught my eye.” (Morax)

“Oh, thats great news.  Did you talk to her?” (Damon)

“No.” (Morax)

“*Sigh* Give me a description and Ill see if I can help you out.” (Damon)

“She is a black haired kitsune with sliver tips on her ears and tail.  I think she had silver eyes as well.” (Morax)

The more I described the lady I saw, fathers expression darkened.

“I think you should give up, Morax.” (Damon)

“Why?” (Morax)

“Because the person you just described to me is Deacons daughter.  She is an S-rank adventurer and also already engaged to someone.  Who she is engaged to, I dont know.” (Damon)

“Thats a shame, I would have really liked to court her.” (Morax)

“It truly is a shame, but at least you gave me some good information.  I should invite her here as a greeting.  You can be here when that happens and you can at least try to befriend her.” (Damon)

“Thats fine as well.  Maybe I can court the person she was with.  She was a beauty as well.” (Morax)

“That depends on them.” (Damon)

Father then rang a bell and our butler entered the room.

“How can I assist you, Sir?”

“Seb, I need you to find out where a kitsune by the name if Luna Reed is staying and send her an invitation to meet with me.  You should go and ask at the adventurers guild to see if they know anything.” (Damon)

“I shall take care of it right away.  If youll excuse me.”

Seb then left the room.

“Now we wait.” (Damon)

Chaos Realm:

Atmos: At least Damon recognized it was Luna from that description.

Tamamo: He has met her once and Luna ’s appearance isn ’t one most people would forget.

Atmos: That ’s true.

I ’m still surprised she hasn ’t attracted more annoying people to her.

Tamamo: I assumed either you or Atmos had something to do with that.

I haven ’t done anything to prevent that.  I don ’t know about Atmos though.

Atmos: I just meddled a little bit.  Don ’t want thigs to get repetitive and such.

Tamamo: I suppose I should thank you for that then.

Atmos: As thanks, can I get one of those moon jewels you sometimes make?

Tamamo: Sure, but I want to know what you need it for.

Atmos: Nothing much.  I was going to consult with the person I ’ve been getting my newest mischief stuff from if they had any idea what it could be useful for besides being a very pretty jewel.

Tamamo: Fine.

*Tamamo condenses power in the palm of her hand until it turns into a sparkling silver-white jewel*

Atmos: Thanks.  If any of you need me, you know where I ’ll be.

*Atmos then leaves the room*

I hope she keeps whatever she makes with that tame.

Tamamo: I hope so too.

Should I call Gear here just in case?

Tamamo: No, I think me, you, Luna, and Skadi will be enough if anything happens.

Got it, just know I can bring him here if we ever need him.

Tamamo: Good to know.

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