I was Betrayed then Reincarnated as a Kitsune

Chapter 142- Finishing Up at the Shrine

[Luna POV]

Once the starting signal was given, the both of us rushed toward each other.  When Skadi swung her sword, I ducked under it and slashed at her with mine.  She used the momentum from her swing to dodge my attack and backed off before charging at me again faster than before.  I teleported backwards and avoided the large sword, then I teleported behind Skadi and created illusions of myself.

Skadi turned around quickly and looked around at the innumerable number of mes.  She grinned, took a stance with her sword, and swung while channeling mana into it.

“What the hell!  She has a freaking sword beam!” (Blake)


“Shut it, Blake.” (Ana)

“Yes.” (Blake)

The sword beam cut through and wiped out most of my illusions, but not all of them.  The ones that remained started running towards Skadi and started attacking with their swords.

“Hahahahahahaha!  Physical illusions, youre making good use of your infinite mana well!” (Skadi)

All the illusions spoke at the same time.

“Of course, it makes things so easy, for example, above you.” (Luna)

She looked up and saw a giant ball of ice falling toward her.  She knocked all of the illusions away and brought her sword up to cut the ice.  When the sword met the ice, she struggled a little but started cutting through it a bit.  Just before she cut it I spoke again.

“Now what about the second one?” (Luna)

“Eh?” (Skadi)


The second large ball of ice crashed into the first one, increasing the weight that was falling on Skadi.


Skadi increased the strength in her arms and her sword and it started cutting through the ice.  Sounds of creaking and cracking could be heard then a loud crack could be heard.  Shortly after that sound, four loud booms could be heard and Skadi could be seen standing in the middle with ice surrounding her.


Looking at Skadi, her eyes were glowing brightly.  I teleported back to the battlefield and charged my entire body with lightning.  It increased my all things related to Agi and added it to my already high Agi, then I used my Agi boosting stellar magic.  I took a step and I was already on the other side of the domain.

‘I think that was faster than teleportation.

I looked back toward Skadi and saw her looking at me with a smile on her face.  She had a scratch on her side.  Seeing that she was barely hurt, my own smile widened.  I started opening Gates all across the battlefield, covered the ground in ice, spread mist, and prepared my lightning and stellar magic.  The second Skadi took a step, I attacked as well.

[Amagi POV]

“Deacon, I blame you for raising our daughter to like fighting like this.” (Amagi)

“Hey, I wasnt completely at fault for this.” (Deacon)

“Yeah, she was like this in the past as well, just not to this level.” (Blake)

“So, this is a fight between S-rank adventurers.” (Lobo)

“For the record, I cant do this much.” (Velvet)

“Master seems to be having so much fun, I want to join in so much.” (Ophidia)

I looked back at the fight.  While the battlefield was covered in Lunas mist, I could still see flashes of sparks from swords clashing and magic.  This lasted for several minutes while the sounds of maniacal laughter could be heard.  All of a sudden, several columns of light that came from the sky hit the ground and caused it to shake.

“What was that!?” (Lobo)

“Stellar magic.  Look up.” (Soleil)

We all looked up and saw glittering shapes in the sky.

“How stunning.” (Lobo)

{Isnt she?  Have you ever seen such a beautiful person in this world?}

“I was talking abou-goddess!” (Lobo)


“Hello Goddess.” (Amagi)

{Hello Amagi.  When are you going to start calling me by my name?}

“Its hard to break a lifelong habit.” (Amagi)

“I see.  I have to admit that I thought Luna always exaggerated how beautiful you looked, but now I can see she wasnt kidding.” (Ana)

{Come to think of it, youve never seen me before, have you?}

“I have not, but Im happy to be able to meet you personally now.” (Ana)


“Is this normal?” (Lobo)

{No, the only reason Im here is because were in Lunas domain.  I couldnt hold back any longer from just watching in the divine domain and decided to come and watch her fight in person.}

There was another loud boom and everyones attention back to the fight.  The mist had cleared and Luna and Skadi were clashing their swords.  Skadi looked pretty roughed up, but Luna still looked pristine.

{Shes healing herself with her healing magic as well.}

“Shes a one-person army.” (Lobo)

“Ugh.  Ill never be able to beat her now.” (Deacon)

{Of course not.  And this isnt even the end, she still has four more tails to go.}

“Doesnt she only have one…extremely…fluffy……tail?” (Lobo)

We all turned to look at Lobo and saw his eyes losing their light.

{Shes mine.  You cant have her.}

Goddess Tamamo glared at Lobo and he snapped out of his daze.

“What was I saying?” (Lobo)

“Dont think about it.” (Amagi)

“Ok.” (Lobo)

The sound of thunder sounded and we turned our attention back to the fight again.  Luna was covered in crackling lightning and glittering lights floated around her.

{How mesmerizing.}

“What are those lights that are floating around her?” (Ana)

{Probably constellations, there are more than just the bows she was attacking with earlier.}

The two of them lunged at each other again and passed by each other.  Luna then turned toward Skadi again and more openings in space appeared around her.  Cains shot out of them while another glittering chain manifested from the sky.  They all went after Skadi, and she started dodging them.  Luna didnt let up however and every chain that missed flew into another opening and shot out yet another while the stellar magic chain chased Skadi like a snake.


While laughing, Luna entered the fray with her sword and ice magic.  She even seemed to disappear into thin air, but differently to teleporting.

“Is she using her stealth skill?” (Blake)

{Yes.  She uses it every time Skadis sight is blocked by either her own sword or one of Lunas chains.  Shes probably about to start using illusions again as well.}

“Shes been doing that for a while actually.  One of her favorite tactics to use when fighting is messing with perception through illusions.  I think thats another reason she seems not to be touched while Skadi is getting worn down.” (Deacon)

“Did you teach her that, Deacon?” (Lobo)

“No, even if its racial magic, Im terrible at it.” (Deacon)

“As the one who trained her magic skills, I didnt teach her that either.” (Amagi)

“Shes reincarnated, remember?  Its probably something she learned about in her past life that shes putting in to practice.” (Blake)

{I remember her telling me that a lot of the original magic she uses comes from references in her past life.  Just like those Gates she keeps opening.}

“Yeah, though its scary how effective she is at controlling all of this at the same time.” (Blake)

“Hmmm.  Why is Skadi avoiding that chain that came from the sky so much?” (Lobo)

“That chain has the effect of sealing anything that gets trapped by it.  The second Skadi gets caught by it; the fight will be over.” (Velvet)

“Isnt this stellar magic a bit too strong then?  Just one person with it could cause massive trouble.” (Lobo)

{While I wont deny that it is powerful, so is all other magic.  Not to mention that the effects are boosted for Luna since she holds the Authority over it and her numerous titles that help with magic.  Any other mortal with stellar magic at the same level as Luna wouldnt be able to do half the things, she is able to with it.}

The battle continued to rage for several more minutes when Skadi started to get trapped by Lunas normal chains.  The stellar magic chain then managed to capture Skadi and she dropped to the ground like all of her strength just disappeared.  Luna walked over to Skadi and pointed her sword at her throat, marking her as the winner.  Once the battle was over, we all walked over to them and clearly saw all of the destruction that had happened.

“If this happened outside of this place, we would have to redraw the map.” (Lobo)

“If its any consolation, Id do it for you.  Im quite good at making maps.” (Luna)

[Luna POV]

Lobo chuckled a bit at my words.

“And would I have to go through the guild to request that from you?” (Lobo)

“Of course, why do a job like that and not get paid for it?” (Luna)

My gaze crossed over the entire group and I smiled when I saw Tamamo.  I knew she appeared since I could feel it when she enters my domain.  I then turned back to Skadi and healed her with my magic.  After that was done, I dispelled the stellar magic chain and undid the normal ones.  Once she was free. She stood back up and smiled at me.

“I wont lose next time.” (Skadi)

“Im looking forward to it.” (Luna)

I then stomped my foot and all of my weapons that I shot out of my Gates looked like they were absorbed into the floor or disappeared into puffs of smoke.

“Oh, by the way, sorry for putting you at a disadvantage the whole time.  I didnt know if your water domination worked with moisture in the air, so I made it as dry as possible here without making it a desert.” (Luna)

“Dont apologize, it just means you were prepared to face me and took measures to ensure you had the upper hand.  Id never be angry about that.  Im more annoyed by the fact that you healed any damage you took during the fight.  I never knew healers were so annoying to fight.” (Skadi)

“Thats because most of them hide in the back and dont fight personally, though maybe I should start getting people to train like that.” (Deacon)

“I agree, I should get the healers at the in the royal guard to train in combat healing as well.” (Lobo)

While dad and Lobo started talking with each other about how they were going to branch out onto training combat healers, Tamamo came up to me and hugged me.

{I was very impressed, Luna.}

“Ehehehehe.” (Luna)

“Hey Amagi, they look so good together.” (Ana)

“I agree, they compliment each other very well.  I mean you could tell since the beginning, but actually seeing them together like this proves it even more.” (Amagi)

“Havent you seen me and Tamamo together once already?” (Luna)

“I did, yes, but its even more apparent now than it was back then.” (Amagi)

{With that, I should go.  Although I would like to, I cant stay down here forever and Luna need to dissolve this domain sooner or later.}

“See you again soon, Tamamo.  And remember our promise.” (Luna)

{Ill never forget a promise I make to you.}

With those words, Tamamo vanished in a flash of light.

“What promise did you make this time?” (Amagi)

“Shell massage my shoulders the next time were alone together.  My shoulders are a bit stiff and its annoying.” (Luna)

My words caused Velvet, Soleil, Ana, Ophidia, and Skadi to look down, then back at me, then down again.


Me and mom looked at them all, while the men started to look at us for few seconds.  When we all glared at them, they looked away and focused on something else.  I then decided to dissolve the domain.  As it disappeared, all of the environmental damage disappeared with it.  This shocked Lobo.

“Amazing.  Was that high level space magic?” (Lobo)

“I said it earlier, its a skill, and before you ask, no, no other space magician can do this.  Even if they max out their space magic level and have high mana reserves.” (Luna)

“How unfortunate.  Things like this could be so useful to help with training.  Everyone could go all out without worrying about breaking the training area and they would all improve.  Of course, I can invite you to stay at the castle as a court magician and you could work with the royal guard-*smack*-ouch!  What was that for, Deacon!” (Lobo)

“Stop trying to solicit my daughter.  This is the reason we never told you about any of this until recently.  Even if youre my friend, youre still the king.  I know youre just looking out for the country, but none of us will budge on this, especially Luna.” (Deacon)

“Fine, but you didnt have to smack me in the head, and it was only a joke in the first place.” (Lobo)

“Thats the thing, I can never tell if youre joking or serious.” (Deacon)

“You should really learn how to do that.” (Lobo)

The two of them continued to argue like that for a few minutes when we all heard someone stomping toward us, clearly angry.


“Ah crap.” (Lobo)

We all turned around to see the queen coming this way.

“So, this is where you were.  We were supposed to leave two hours ago, but we couldnt since the king of the damn country wasnt there.  I send the royal guards to look for you but no one can find you, then when I start looking myself, I find you arguing like a child with Deacon.  Hurry up and get to the carriage.  Oh, hello Amagi, its been lovely seeing you after so long, you should really come to the capital more often.  Id love to chat with you about our daughters.” (Blanca)

“Ill find some time to do so in the future.  I think I need a break from all of the paperwork I have to do.” (Amagi)

I looked over to the dad and Lobo and saw they were sweating bullets.

“Lobo!  What are you still doing just standing there!?  I said go to the carriage!” (Blanca)

“*Sigh*Bye Deacon, Amagi, its been a pleasure.” (Lobo)

The king then started to slowly walk towards the entrance to the training grounds.  Queen Blanca smiled to all of us then did the same.

“Seems like I need to go as well.” (Skadi)

“Aww.” (Ophidia)

“Dont worry, well see each other again.  I guarantee it.” (Skadi)

Skadi then left the same way as the rest of us stood there in silence.

Chaos Realm:

Atmos: That was exhilarating.

Grey: I agree.  That is what a fight between demigods should be like, though I would have liked to see Skadi use her power over water.

Well, Luna made sure that she couldn ’t.

Grey: True.  I think it would have been a much closer result if she didn ’t do that though.


Atmos: I ’m curious about something.


Atmos: Why didn ’t the spectators  react much to all the force that obviously should have reached them every time Luna and Skadi clashed and when Luna used big magic attacks?

She partitioned the domain.  Basically, everyone was watching from a separate room.

Atmos: Ooohhh.

I ’m kind of surprised you didn ’t go down there to watch in person as well.  It would have gotten an even bigger reaction from Lobo than just Tamamo showing up.

Atmos: Gah!  A missed opportunity!

Grey: Aside from initially, he didn ’t seem too shocked to see Tamamo appear.

On the outside maybe, but his thoughts were going crazy.  He ’s just a master at hiding it.

Grey: You can do that as well?

Of course I can.  I can do everything any of you do.  That ’s what Chaos is, the primordial beginning of everything, so obviously as the God of Chaos, I can do basically everything, though I ’m better at some stuff over others.

Atmos: All that impressive build-up led to a mediocre conclusion.

Hey, I ’m sleepy, so don ’t point out my flaws like that.

Grey: How does that have anything to do with you being sleepy?

It ’s because I ’m just saying whatever random things I think of while we ’re talking.  So, if either of you need me, I ’ll be in my room asleep.  Good whatever time it is.

*I walk off to my room and shut the door*

Atmos: Well, that happened.

Grey: Indeed it did.

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