I was Betrayed then Reincarnated as a Kitsune

Chapter 9- Fifth Birthday and a Reunion

When everyone moved into the large open area behind the shrine.  There are many tables are set up with a large variety of food and drinks.  I can already see some people are tipsy.  This is going to be a long night.

After everyone started to go around and catch up with others, mt mother walked up on a makeshift stage.

“Good evening, everyone.  Before this celebration really starts, I would like to welcome all of you.  To all the soldiers here, welcome back, as the Head Shrine Maiden, I thank you all for putting your lives on the line in the battle against the King of Fiends.  Tonight, let us celebrate your victory and safe return.”  She said as she raised a glass in a toast.

Everyone then raised a glass as well.  I had procured myself some juice and joined in.  When I did this a few people around me let out sound like they just saw the most adorable thing in the world. 

After some time of just people watching, I started to get hungry, so I walked over to a table with food.  This particular table was piled high with meat.  I picked up a piece and bit into it.  When I did, I thought my taste buds ascended.  The meat was so good that before I knew it, I had eaten four more pieces.  While I was lost in the flavor of the meat, my father walked over.

“I see you found the wyvern meat, Luna.  Its quite delicious, isnt it?” He said with a chuckle.

“Wyvern meat?” I asked.

“Yes, its one of the best ingredients out there.  Its also one of the most expensive.” He said with a distant look.

“Are wyverns difficult to hunt?” I asked tilting my head.

“Yes, they are.  It takes a party of six A rank adventurers or a platoon of high ranked soldiers to take down one.  I remember the first time I hunted one, it was quite terrifying.” He said with a proud look.

“I see, then I need to get stronger.  When I do, I will hunt down all the wyverns.” I said while clenching my fist in determination.

“Hahaha.  When you do, I hope you will share some of the meat with me.” He said, not taking me seriously.

“Naturally, though I will keep most of it.” I said.

“OK then.  That would only be natural.  Say Luna, what do you want to do in the future?” He asked.

“I want to be an adventurer and go around the world.” I said, there is more I want to do but I will keep that to myself for now.

“I see, then when you get old enough, I will train you so you can hold your own.” After he said this, he walked away.

At this time, I didnt know that my father was quite the spartan when it came to training.  After eating more wyvern meat, I started to walk around and look for a place to sit and people watch again.  It was then that I noticed that Ana was talking with Blake.  Anas face was red, but she was smiling happily.  Over the months that Blake has been here, he and Ana would interact with each other quite a bit.  I had a feeling that she liked him, so I guess she plucked up the courage to confess to him.

“I guess I should be happy for them.  Especially Blake, back in our previous world, he would always complain to me about how he couldnt find a girlfriend.  Though I will need to make sure he takes care of her.” I said to myself.

At that time Blake looked over and noticed me looking at them.  I gave him a thumbs up then went back to looking for a secluded place to sit in.  When I found a spot, I sat down and started looking around.  After a while, I started to doze off.

[Deacon POV]

After talking with my daughter while she was eating wyvern meat, I made my way over to Amagi.

“Amagi, there is something I want to talk about regarding our daughter.” I said with a serious expression.

“Is it regarding how she acts, or something else?” She asked.

“While I am wondering about that, I will ask about that later.  Its about her future, when she turns five, Im thinking about training her.  I need you opinion on how much I should.” I said.

“I see, we will both be busy training her then.” She said, surprising me.

“You as well?”

“Yes, while I dont know to what extent, she has the aptitude to use magic.  Although she has been trying to hide it, I know she trains herself to increase her MP every day.” She said explaining.

“Thats interesting, do you know what affinity she has?” I asked.

“No, no matter how much we try, we cant appraise her.  I do know she has at least two affinities with ice being one of them.” She said.

“So, the same as you.  How far are you going to train her?” I asked, my curiosity peaked.

“I plan to get her to at least my level, if not more.” Amagi said with a smile.

“I hope she is prepared; you can be quite the spartan, you know.” I said.

“Quiet you, its not like you are any better.” She said with a small pout.

“Am I really that bad?” I asked.

“When you get into it, yes.” She said.

“I see.”

After that we continued to discuss our plans for our daughters future.

Author ’s Note:

I have awoken!  As I said in a previous chapter, the next two chapters will have some time skips.  One will be relatively small, but the other one will be longer.  To hopefully appease you all of this we will finally get some Tamamo interaction next time.  Hopefully I can write a decent amount of sweetness to meet the expectations of everyone.  Thanks for reading, and may the Fluff be with you.

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