I was Betrayed then Reincarnated as a Kitsune

Chapter 148- The Next Morning and the Second Floor

[Luna POV]

When we reentered the guild branch, the receptionist from earlier came up to us.

“Welcome back.”

“Thank you.  Would you like the full map of the first floor?” (Luna)

“It would be helpful.”

I walked over to an empty table and laid the map out on top of it.  Aside from the receptionist, a few other curious employees and a few of the other adventurers that were here came to get a look as well.

“This is such a detailed map.”

“Its the product of high-level cartography.” (Luna)

“This is going to be very helpful.”

“Is there a place to rest here or do we need to set up camp outside.  We need to get some rest.” (Luna)

“We have a barracks, please follow me.”

We all followed the receptionist while she led us to a wooden door.  That door led to a hallway with several rooms on each side.

“Each room can house a party of six, so choose any free one.”

“Thank you.” (Luna)

The receptionist left us when we chose a room to stay in.  We all chose a bed to sleep on and sat down on them.

“Nyaaa.  I had fun today.” (Mio)

“Thats good.” (Luna)

“I agree.” (Ophidia)

I looked over to Soleil and saw she looked a little down.

“Whats up Soleil?” (Luna)

“Im sorry again for what I did earlier.” (Soleil)

“Youre still worried about that?  Its fine just as long as you remember not to do something like that again.” (Luna)

“Alright.” (Soleil)

Velvet then patted Soleils head and Soleil nestled into it.  I then heard the sounds of light snoring coming from behind me and found Ophidia already asleep.

“Oh right, Lunya, can I ask about a few things?” (Mio)

“Sure.” (Luna)

“Ive been wondering since it happened, but why did you use the Goddess of Fates name earlier?  Also, why do you not want people to touch your tail?  And why is your skillset so weird?  I mean what are you, a scout or a mage?  And how can you use so much magic without feeling tired at all nya?” (Mio)

“Ok first of all, slow down, I can only answer one thing at a time, and second, before I answer any of those, promise me you will keep what you hear a secret.” (Luna)

“Of course, as my eternal friend, your secrets are my secrets.  No one will ever learn them, even if Im tortured nya.” (Mio)

{Such a dark way of thinking.}

“Well, I doubt it will ever come to that, but ok. *snap*” (Luna)

I set up a domain just in case someone tried to eavesdrop on us.

“First of all, I used Atmoss name because I know her personally.” (Luna)

“Seriously!?” (Mio)

“Yep, shes going to be my sister-in-law, so of course I would call her by her name.” (Luna)

“You have a divine protection nya?” (Mio)

“Yep.  My wife will be Tamamo, the Goddess of the Moon, Night, and Gravity.” (Luna)

I then pulled out my mirror and Tamamos face appeared.

{Nice to meet you Mio.}

“Goddess nya!  Its very nice to meet you nya!” (Mio)

“To answer your second question, I dont want people to touch my tail since its really bad for their mental health.  That is due to my title as the Abyssal Fluff.” (Luna)

“Nyever heard of it nya.” (Mio)

{We wouldnt expect you to.  Just know that since you and Luna are considered family now, you will one day have to get used to it.}

“If its as bad for mental health as you say it is, can it wait for when we are done with the dungeon nya?” (Mio)

“Yes.  Though the same doesnt apply to Velvet since she will finally be completely submerged before tomorrow.” (Luna)

“I thought we were going to wait for when we finish the dungeon for me as well?” (Velvet)

“Nah, youre almost done, so why put it off any longer?” (Luna)

“*Sigh* Fine.  Hand me the brush.” (Velvet)

I pulled out my brush from my inventory and tossed it to Velvet.  She caught it and moved to sit next to me.

“The reason my skillset is so strange and mixed up is because Im a reincarnator and have the skill from my past life.  That time I was a scout, this time Im a mage, though I guess I can be considered an allrounder technically.  Also, due to my divine protection, I can learn and level up skills faster then normal people.  Thats why most of my skills are max level.” (Luna)

“I dont even know how to respond to that nya.” (Mio)

“And for the question of why I can use so much magic without feeling tired is because I have infinite mana.” (Luna)

“Isnt that impossible nya?” (Mio)

{For mortals, yes, but Luna is a demigod, so that doesnt apply to her.}

“If you have a hard time believing that; I can show you proof.  Be ready Velvet.” (Luna)

“Just do it.” (Velvet)

I took off my necklace my other four tails appeared.  When I looked at Mio again, I saw her eyes sparkling.

“This is amazing nya!  So many tails nya!  They look so fluffy and huggable nya!” (Mio)

She was about to jump at them when I told her to stop.

“Remember what I said earlier Mio, no touching, at least not yet.” (Luna)

“Right nya.  Sorry nya.” (Mio)

“Its fine.  Now, I have a question for you.” (Luna)

“Im listening nya.” (Mio)

“Though I planned on asking you this once we finished here, Ill ask you now.  Would you like to continue to travel with us once were done with this quest?” (Luna)

“Hmmmm.  Can you let me consider it for a while nya?” (Mio)

“Yeah, I wasnt expecting an immediate answer.  Take as long as you want to figure out what you want to do.  Just let us know before we finish up in the Empire, whenever that will be.” (Luna)

“Thanks nya.  Now, Im gonna try and get some sleep nya.  See you all in the morning.” (Mio)

The second she put her head on the pillow, she fell asleep.

“Ugh.” (Velvet)

“Whats wrong Velvet?” (Soleil)

“Nothing is wrong, its just that almost oppressive feeling I get when I touch Lunas tails is gone.  Hang on, Luna, did your tails get even fluffier?” (Velvet)

“No?  Theyre as fluffy as always.” (Luna)

{I see.  Now that Velvet has been fully submerged, she can feel the full effects of the Abyss unhindered.}

“You mean all this time; Ive never felt the full fluffiness of Lunas tails?” (Velvet)

{Ufufufufu.  Welcome to the club Velvet.  You have finally learned the full force of just how amazing Lunas tails are, though I guess it was only a matter of time since you are her Apostle.}

“I wonder if I can use Abyssal Blessing now?” (Luna)

{Want to try it out?}

“Im down, what about you, Velvet?” (Luna)

“Sure.” (Velvet)

I turned to face Velvet and put my hand on her head.  I then closed my eyes and tried using the skill.  I felt it taking effect and opened my eyes again.

“Anything different?” (Luna)

“My Res stat raised to SS, my dark magic became level 10, and I got the title: One Who Dwells in the Abyss.” (Velvet)

“Do you know what the title does?” (Soleil)

“It gives a passive buff to stats when Im near the Abyss, so basically whenever Im close to Luna, Ill be stronger.” (Velvet)

“Interesting.” (Luna)

{Luna, can you turn that effect on and off?}

“I think so, let me see.” (Luna)

I closed my eyes again and focused on the connection I share with Velvet since I felt it grow even stronger when I gave the blessing.  I tried restricting it a little and it returned to how it felt before.

“I think I did it.” (Luna)

“You did.” (Velvet)

“Guess we all need to work on submerging ourselves then.” (Soleil)

“True, but that can wait for another time.  For now, try to get some sleep.” (Luna)


Like that Soleil laid down and Velvet moved over to the bed she would sleep on.  I let the blessing take full effect again and then laid down as well.  I put my mirror away and started talking to Tamamo in my head.

‘And with this, another day is over.

{Indeed.  Are you going to leave that domain up?}

‘Yeah, I dont feel like sleeping with my necklace on tonight, so Ill just leave it up till morning.

{Fair enough.  Are you actually going to try and sleep?}

‘I think so.  Im a bit tired mentally speaking.

{Good night then, my precious Luna.}

‘Good night, my lovely Tamamo.

Chaos Realm:

Atmos: So Velvet has finally felt the full force of the Abyss.

Tamamo: Indeed.  It ’s been a long time coming.

Yep.  I wonder who will be next?

Atmos: My money is on Soleil.

Tamamo: I think Ophidia.

I ’m going to bet on Amagi.

Atmos and Tamamo: Really?

Tamamo: Why do you think that?

Neither of you noticed?  Last time Luna let her brush her tails, she managed to resist a little more than normal.  Not at the level Velvet did in the beginning, but she still resisted the pull.

Atmos: Really?  When was the last time Luna let her do that?

Tamamo: Before they left the shrine again.

Atmos: How come we didn ’t see it?

I ’ve said this before, it ’s not like I ’m watchin every aspect of Luna ’s life.  We don ’t need to see every small detail.

Tamamo: And I ’m thankful for that.  Especially when me and Luna are in a domain alone.

Atmos: Back on subject, do you know how far Deacon has been submerged?

Barely any.  I don ’t know the reason for that though.

Tamamo: Luna said she feels awkward when she lets Deacon brush her tails.  That ’s also why Rex and Blake haven ’t done it either.

I know this is probably just me, but I find that weird that she feels awkward about that considering she used to be a man and all.

Atmos: You know, I forgot that was the case.  She really doesn ’t act like it.

Tamamo: That ’s because she full embraced who she is now a long time ago.

I see.

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