I was Betrayed then Reincarnated as a Kitsune

Chapter 149- Dont Scare the Fox

[Luna POV]

I was the second to wake up the next morning.  When I looked around, I was surprised to see Mio was the first.

“You know, for someone who falls asleep so much, you wake up pretty early.” (Luna)

“Its an essential skill for an adventurer nya.  Sleep easy, wake easy.” (Mio)

“Fair.” (Luna)

“So tell me, why cant I get out of the room nya?” (Mio)

“Oh, thats because I used one of my skills to make this room a separate space so we could have our talk last night.  Dont want people listening in you know.” (Luna)

“I get it nya, but could you please let me out nya.  Its urgent.” (Mio)

I snap my fingers and the domain dissolves.

“Youre good.” (Luna)

“Thanks, nya.” Mio said as she rushed out of the room.

Once Mio left the room, I put my necklace back on and four of my tails vanished.  I then got up and stretched a bit.  I then saw Ophidia start to stir and after a few seconds, she woke up.  Her eyes still looked a bit unfocused and when she turned to me, she smiled a bit.

“Hello massster.” (Ophidia)

“Morning Ophidia.  Wake up.” (Luna)

“Im awake.” She said as she tried to get out of the bed but fell face first onto the floor.

“Ouch.” (Ophidia)

“You fully awake now?” (Luna)

“Yes.” (Ophidia)

{You two are so alike.}

‘How so?

{There is a high chance that the both of you end up face first on the floor when still half asleep.}


{Its cute so its fine.}

‘Ill agree with that.

“Wheres Mio?” (Ophidia)

“She had some urgent business to take care of, shell be back in a bit.” (Luna)

“Ok.  Should we wake them up?” (Ophidia)

“Probably.” (Luna)

I turned to the two still sleeping and grinned a bit.  I dont know when, but it seems like Soleil got up at some point during the night, transformed into her fox form, and got into Velvets bed.  Now it looked like Soleil was Velvets hug pillow.

{Ufufufufu.  How cute.}

‘I agree.

{How about one of us tries this next time?}

‘Ok, we can decide who later.

I moved over next to Velvet and started shaking them awake.

“Its time to get up you two, we have a busy day ahead of us.” (Luna)

“You can stop shaking me you know.” (Velvet)

“Im not shaking you; Im shaking the one youre holding.” (Luna)

“Eh?” (Velvet)

Velvet opened her eyes and saw a fox in her arms.

“Hehehe.  My cute Soleil.” (Velvet)

Hearing her words, my grin turned into a wide smile.

“You can be the one to wake her up now.” (Luna)

“Nn.” (Velvet)

It was then that Mio came back.

“I have returned…nya.  Whats with this cute atmosphere?” (Mio)

“It just happened.” (Luna)

“Nyahaha.” (Mio)

While Velvet was waking Soleil up, the rest of us got whatever we needed ready for our trip into the dungeon.  After a few minutes, we all heard a poof sound and I turned around to see Soleil back in her normal from with her head still being hugged by Velvet.

“While I wont lie and say Im not enjoying myself, will you please let me go, Velvet.” (Soleil)

“*Sigh* Fine.” (Velvet)

They both got up and started preparing as well.  Once we were all done, we left the room and headed into the main lobby.  Once one of the receptionists saw us, they brought over the map I made yesterday.

“Here you go, we made a copy of it so you can take this one with you.”

“Ok.  Were headed in now.” (Luna)

I took back the map I made yesterday and we all headed to the stone doors and the dungeon entrance.  Once we were inside, I opened the map to find the path to the stairs.

“We heading to the second floor today?” (Velvet)

“Yeah.  Follow me.” (Luna)

I led the way to the stairs and after about 30 minutes of walking, we made it there.  We started descending and after several more minutes, we came out onto a dreary looking plane.  It had ankle high mist and dead looking trees scattered sparsely around.  It also smelled of death.

“Ugh.  Smells like a floor of undead.” (Luna)

“At least we have two people here with a skill that will make progressing through here easy.” (Velvet)

“Thats true.  Soleil, be ready to use fox fire.” (Luna)

“Got it.” (Soleil)

I prepared several balls of blue fox fire and they started floating around me like little blue suns.

“How pretty nya.” (Mio)

“Thank you.” (Luna)

Like the last time, I made a map of the floor, but there wasnt much to it since the area was just a flat area from end to end.

“There isnt much here so we can just head straight to the stairs.” (Luna)

Everyone nodded at my words, and we started on our way.  Not much happened until we got to the center of the room.  Once we reached that point, we heard sounds of movement from all around us as all types of undead started to rise out of the ground like in a horror movie.

I immediately deployed my fox fire and purified as many undead as I could with that volley.  Soleil was a few seconds slower but did the same.  We continued to move in the direction of our destination while holding back the sea of undead.  Though they werent really a challenge, they did slow us down considerably.  We reached the stairs after an hour and once we crossed the threshold, the undead following us turned around and ambled off.

“Even though that was easy since the two of you were here, I feel gross nya.” (Mio)

“Indeed.” (Ophidia)

“Reminds me of that one time.” (Luna)

“It does, doesnt it.” (Velvet)

“Oh right, that was how you got your second tail, wasnt it, big sis.” (Soleil)

“Yep, defending a city from a crazy fiend cult and their horde of undead.” (Luna)

“That sounds like a good story, you have to tell me about it later nya.” (Mio)

“Me as well.  You havent told me that one yet.” (Ophidia)

“I didnt?” (Luna)

“Nope.” (Ophidia)

“Then Ill tell it when we finish in the dungeon today.” (Luna)


With that, we headed down to the third floor.

Chaos Realm:

*Sounds of Grey muttering while looking into the distance*

What ’s up with him?

Tamamo: He ’s going through every dungeon to try and find Atmos ’s prank chests.

Ah.  Is he having any luck?

Tamamo: Maybe?

That ’s better than a no.

Tamamo: Well, anyway, the second floor of the dungeon wasn ’t even a challenge.

Nope.  Undead are a poor match when Luna is around, though Soleil did get some practice in with her fox fire.

Tamamo: That ’s true.

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