I was Betrayed then Reincarnated as a Kitsune

Chapter 151- A Small Competition

[Luna POV]

The floor after the mountainous forest was a boss floor with a hippogriff as the boss.  Though it was something we considered weak, it was extremely fast, so it took longer to kill than we thought.  Once we did finish it off, we decided to head out of the dungeon for the day.  When we got back to the surface and showed all the maps that were made, it shocked the employees and adventurers that were there again.

“S-rank adventurers are something else.”

“Heh.  I wonder if one of them will fight me.”

“No way dude, youll be beaten in a second.”

“Hey!  Im not that weak.”

“Says the eternal B-rank.”

“Youre no better than me!”

Those two in particular started a fist fight which I found funny.  We then headed to the room we were staying in to rest for the day.

“One moment please.” One of the receptionists called out to us.

“Yes?” (Luna)

“Can I assume that you went to the 21st floor?”

“We did.” (Luna)

“Why is there no map for it?”

“Its a boss floor.  The monster we fought there was a hippogriff.” (Luna)

“I see, thank you for the information.”

“Did you hear that, they fought a hippogriff.”

“Arent those like, extremely fast?”

“Thats what I heard.  I wonder what that fight was like?”

“Dont know, but it was probably intense.”

We continued on our way to the room we were staying in while I was chuckling at the adventurers conversations.

‘Fufu.  If only they knew that the only thing it had going for it was its speed.

Once we got to our room, a wave of drowsiness hit me like a truck.

“Ugh, but its not a full moon.” (Luna)

“Whats wrong Luna?” (Velvet)

“I…dont know.” (Luna)

{Dont worry Velvet, Luna is just being called somewhere like I do when its the full moon.  She isnt going to be hurt or anything.  And Luna, dont fight it.}

“Ok…see you all…later.” I said as I fell onto the bed asleep.

[Chaos Realm]

“Oh, Im here?” (Luna)

“Welcome back Luna, its been a while.”

“Hey Payto.  Whats the occasion that you called me here?” (Luna)

“A special event.  The ascension of a new goddess.”

“Oh?  But I dont have nine tails yet.” (Luna)

{Ufufufufu.  Unfortunately, hes not talking about you.}

“♪Tamamo!♪” (Luna)

“Hey, Im here too.” (Atmos)

“Atmos.” I said with a deadpan look and a monotone voice.

“Cmon, just forgive me already.” (Atmos)

“Hmph.” (Luna)

I moved to sit next to Tamamo.  When I did, a portal opened up in a doorway and Crate, Gear, and Quetz walked into the room.

“Hohohoho.  Im back again Payto.” (Crate)

“Hello Crate, Gear, and Quetz.  Its good to see you all.”

“Hello.” (Luna)

“Oh, you even called young Luna here?” (Crate)

“I did.  I thought she would enjoy watching an ascension before she reached her own.”

“Hohohoho.  It is a rare event after all.” (Crate)

“Gear, put the book down for a while, you have all the time you want to finish it.”

“Fine.” (Gear)

“Oh, and Quetz, you have a butler/paperwork person now.  You can meet them later.”

“Ooooh.” (Qutez)

They all moved to a seat and sat down.  Another portal opened up a few minutes later and Mordred appeared.

“Huh?  This isnt the same room as always?” (Mordred)

“Mordred, what are you doing here?” (Luna)

“Luna?  Whats going on?  Why is this different than normal?” (Mordred)

“Dont worry Mordred, youll meet your special person soon.”

“Who are you?” (Mordred)

“The one that lets you and your partner meet up.  The room youre usually in is her personal room here in my home.  Just go and sit by Luna and wait.”

Mordred did as Payto said, but looked a little dissatisfied while doing so.

“Now all were waiting for is Grey and our goddess to be.”

After a short wait, Grey showed up.

“Am I the last one to arrive?” (Grey)

“Aside from the person of the hour, yes.”

“Well, at least Im not late.” (Grey)

“Thats true.”

We all spent the time waiting chatting when suddenly a black and purple portal opened up in the center of the room.  The person that came out of the portal was a cat beast person with silver hair and violet eyes.  She also had two tails that had some kind of purple aura coming out of them.  She was also short, like loli short.

“About time you showed up.”

“Nyahahahahahahahaha!  Its important for the guest of honyor to show up fashionyably late, right?” (???)

“Thats true, I guess.  Anyway, let me introduce you to everybody that doesnt know you.  This is Tonya, the soon to be Goddess of Insanity, Void, and Sleep.”

“Nyahahaha!  Nyice to meet you all that dont knyow me.  Oh, and hello Mordred, sorry we havent been able to see each other in a while nya.” (Tonya)

“Hello.” Mordred said while blushing.

“Seems like that relationship progressed well.” (Luna)

{Thats kind of unexpected.  I didnt know they were together.}

“Werent you there when it was discussed?” (Luna)

{If I was, I didnt pay much attention to it.}

“Oh.” (Luna)

“Hmmm.  Payto, isnt this one of your friends that shows up every so often?” (Atmos)

“Yep.  Things happened and she is now becoming a Goddess of this world.”

“Mmm-Hmm.  About time too nya.  You dont get how long Ive been waiting for this nya.  Like seriously, its taken sooo long nya.” (Tonya)

“You talk like Mio.” (Luna)

“Thats right, Lunya, Im from the same continyent after all nya.” (Tonya)

“Hmmm.  Cool.” (Luna)

“I knyow, right.  Nyow Payto, what do I do to finyally ascend?” (Tonya)

Payto snaps his fingers, and a complicated looking magic circle appears in the center of the room.

“Stand in the middle of that.  Itll keep the explosion of power contained so that it doesnt affect the world and relax.  Ill monitor it so that nothing bad happens.”

She does as Payto asks and stands in the center of the circle.  It started to glow brightly for a few seconds and then died down.

“Everyone, get ready.  Luna, watch closely, youll get to experience this later.”

After those words left Paytos mouth, the sounds of chains breaking, and glass shattering sounded everywhere around us.  A purple, black, and pink aura started emanating out of Tonyas body that intensified with the sound of chains and glass.


All of the auras intensified and then began to mix together.  Once they became thick enough that you couldnt see Tonya anymore, it began to condense and be sucked into Tonyas body.  When all of that finished, Tonya reappeared a slight bit taller, but still a loli, and her eyes changed a little bit.  They now were a mix of purple and pink with some black flecks and they were glowing like everyone elses in the room.

“Now the fun part.”

Payto stood up from his seat and placed his hand on the barrier his magic circle created.  Then I felt a pressure start to descend on the room.  It was something I only ever felt when I first met Atmos.  It was suffocating.  Small crack started to appear on the barrier, but they were repaired with Paytos mana.  The pressure continued to mount until it suddenly disappeared and the sound of an explosion happened.

“That should do it.  Tonya, take a few minutes to acclimate to your new strength and Ill let you out.  Mordred, think about what kind of Apostle you want to be, Insanity, Void, or Sleep.”

“Yeah, yeah nya.” (Tonya)

Tonya sat down in a meditating posture.  I looked over to Mordred and she was deep in thought.  She then looked up and toward Payto and Tonya.

“I think void will be best.” (Mordred)

“Got it.  Now, let me help you with the conditions as a service.”

Payto walked over and tapped Mordred on the forehead.

“There we go, I changed your dark magic to void magic and increased its level for you.”

“Ugh, that felt weird.” (Mordred)

“Hohohoho.  Youre just as absurd as always Payto.” (Crate)

“Eh, got to be absurd and Chaotic sometimes.  I wouldnt be me if I wasnt.”

“Heeeey  Payto, let me out nyow nya.” (Tonya)

“Im coming.”

He walked over to the barrier he set up and tapped it.  It then disappeared and Tonyas aura could now be fully felt.

“Restrain your aura.  We have two people here that can still be affected by it.”

“Im working on it nya.” (Tonya)

She closed her eyes and the oppressive feeling disappeared.  She then walked over to Mordred and picked her up in a princess carry.

“Nyow, to make you my Apostle so we can spend as much time together here as we want and so we can talk to each other whenyever like Lunya and Tamamo.” (Tonya)

She then kissed Mordred on the lips and she started to glow in a black light.

“*Sigh* I should have expected her to do it that way.”

Once they broke apart, Tonya had a somewhat mad smile on her face and Mordreds had a sloppy smile while also being redder than a tomato.

“Is that how Apostles are supposed to be made?” (Luna)

{No, so dont go kissing Soleil and Ophidia when they reach that point.  Thats a privilege only I have.}

“Fufufu.  I understand Tamamo.  My lips are only for you.” (Luna)

“*Sigh* I need to find myself someone as well.” (Quetz)

“Hohoho.  Dont worry young Quetz, you will find someone someday.” (Crate)

“If were done here, Ill be leaving, I have other things to do.” (Gear)

“Yeah, whatever you killjoy.” (Atmos)

With Atmoss words, Gear left through a portal he created.

“Nyahahahaha!  Hey Atmos, lets get together sometime and mess with him nya.” (Tonya)

“Sounds fun, we can discuss this more later.  Luna, bust out the wyvern meat, we need to celebrate this occasion.” (Atmos)

“Huh?  Did you say something Atmos?” (Luna)

“Are you just ignoring me now!?” (Atmos)

“No, she and Tamamo were in their own little world, so she actually didnt hear you.” (Grey)

“*Sigh* I asked if you could bust out some wyvern meat so we can celebrate.” (Atmos)

“Oh.  I dont see why not.  Payto, where is the kitchen?” (Luna)

“Over there.”

I got up and headed in that direction with Tamamo following behind me.

{Ill help out as well.}

“Yay.” (Luna)

After a while, me and Tamamo finished cooking a wyvern feast and set it all on the table.  Everyone was seated with Tonya at the head of the table in the seat of honor.  I even gave her the biggest piece of wyvern meat.  Payto then lifted a glass in a toast.

“To the Goddess of Insanity, Void, and Sleep.  May she be forever prosperous.”


We all dug into our meal.

“Lunya!  This is sooo good nya.  Maybe I should kidnyap you and have you cook for me all the time nya.” (Tonya)

{You will do no such thing.}

“Nyahahahahahaha!  It was a joke nya.  I have an agreement with Payto here nyot to interfere with Lunya as much as possible nya.  Not to mention that we will be working together in the future anyway nya.” (Tonya)

“What do you mean?” (Luna)

“Void is a sub-Authority of Space, so youll be seeing a lot of each other in the far future.”

“Oh, then glad to be working with you.” (Luna)

“Same here nya.” (Tonya)

We all continued to eat and chat and after a few hours, it was time for me to head back.

“Just know thisll be the same as usual Luna, most of the memories here will be sealed until you come back.”

“I know, see you all again later.” (Luna)

“Mordred, since youre an Apostle now, you get to keep some more memories, as for telling people about your new status, tell people or dont it doesnt matter much I guess.”

“Ok.  Tonya, I look forward, to talking with you more later.” (Mordred)

“Same here cutie nya.  Ill pop in and out to see you sometimes, so always be vigilant nya.” (Tonya)

“Can you let me know in advance?” (Mordred)

“Nyope.  Where would the fun be in that nya?” (Tonya)

With that, a portal opened up in front of Mordred and she walked into it.  I waved to everyone and walked into the one in front of me and then woke up on the bed I was laying on.

Note: Tonya is the character from the story Insane Descension by Crisis, feel free to go and check it out.

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