[Tamamo POV]

As Luna fell asleep and disappeared from my divine domain, I was left feeling the warmth of the hug she gave me earlier.  While reveling in the feeling, I sensed a visitor come here.  When I looked to see who it was, it turned out to be the Goddess of Fate, Atmos.

{Hello, Atmos, to what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?} I asked.

“Hello, Tamamo,  I just wanted to meet that little partner of yours.  I was going to show up earlier but when I saw the look on your faces, I couldnt let myself interrupt you.” She said.

{Thank you for your consideration.}

“Dont worry about it.  If anything, I should be thanking the both of you.  You should have seen the look on your face when she announced that you were the only one allowed to touch her tail.  I dont think I have ever seen you so happy.” She said teasingly.

I could feel my face heat up.  In order to hide my embarrassment, I asked her if that was really all she wanted.

“Unfortunately, that isnt all.  It was my main purpose in coming here, yes, but there is something else too.  I need you to send a divine message to those people and tell them that they will be busy in a few years.” She said, her expression changing from teasing to business.

{Do you mean the vampires?} I asked for confirmation.

“Yes, the vampires.  Something big is going to happen soon and they will be necessary in stopping it.” She said.

{Should I also tell some of them to go and protect Luna as well?}

“No, she should be fine.  If anything, them learning about her right now would prove to be detrimental to her growth.” She said.

{Noted, anything else?}

“No, thats all for now.  Next time she comes here, let me meet her, I want to tell her some stories from when you were younger.” She said, going back to teasing me.

{You.  Will.  NEVER. Tell.  Her.  ANYTHING.} I said slowly, while narrowing my eyes.

“OK, OK, I got it.  I wont say a word, but I still want to meet her.” She said.

After saying this, she left.  Now alone again, I got down to working on relaying the message.

[Amagi POV]

The day after Lunas birthday.

“Ana, will you go wake Luna, its time for me to start her magic training.” I said to Ana.

Normally, she would go immediately, but this time she held back.

“Lady Amagi, are you all right, you seem to be acting strangely ever since you saw Lady Lunas status last night?” She asked, concerned.

“Im fine, Im just happy she finally told us what she was trying to hide all these years.  Sure, I was surprised by a lot of it, but no matter what, she is still my daughter.” I said.

“You should have heard what Deacon was saying before going to sleep.  He just kept going on and on about how special his daughter is.  It was quite difficult getting him to stop from packing his things and travelling to the Demon Empire to brag.” I said with a smile.

“I can understand where he is coming from.  Now Im extra motivated to give Soleil some special training, so that she can help Lady Luna in the future.” She said with unconcealed pride as she left the room.

After a few minutes Ana returned with Luna following behind her.  The first thing I noticed was that Luna had a beaming smile on her face.  She looked extremely happy.

“What happened to make you smile so brightly this early in the morning, Luna?” I asked, amused.

“Hehehehe, Its not much.  I got to see Tamamo last night, and now I can finally talk to her whenever I want.” As she said this, her smile widened even more.

“I see.”

That was all I could say.  If it was anyone else, I would have written it off as just a dream, but since Luna has the Divine Protection of the Moon Goddess, what she just said is very likely what happened.

“By the way, neither of you can touch my tail anymore.” She said her blissful expression tuning serious.

“Why not!” Both me and Ana said in unison.

“Lady Luna, please reconsider.  What do you think would happen if we couldnt brush your tail for you?” Ana said in panic.

“No means no Ana, besides I dont think its good for you to keep doing so.  What you just said makes you sound like an addict.” Luna reprimanded Ana.

Thinking back on it, the fluffiness of Lunas tail has always drawn both me and Ana in like a drug.

“Lunas right Ana.  Though it will be hard, we must respect her wishes.” I said trying to sound dignified.

“Luna, though I agree with you, can you at least tell us the reason for this decision?” I asked Luna.

“Its because I promised Tamamo last night that she is the only one allowed to touch my tail.  Of course, this promise extends to her as well.” She said, her serious expression turning into a smug grin.

“Luna, although its fine around us, you really shouldnt be using the Goddesss name like that.  I understand that, out of everyone else here, you have the most right to say it casually, but others may not like that.  I dont want you to get in trouble one day just because you said something like that.” I told her.

“OK.” She said her shoulders slumping.

When she did that, I felt a pang in my heart.  Although it hurt, I must remain firm with this.  Clearing my throat, I moved on to the next topic.

“Luna, from today until you turn 15, your father and I are going to train you.  It will be difficult, but I know you will manage.  I will oversee training your magic and racial skills.  Your father will help you with close quarters combat and swordsmanship.  Once we deem you ready, Ana will teach you survival skills like camping.  I understand that you have some experience from your previous life but that was just a small part of it.”

“This time you have several years to prepare.  Once you have gotten Anas seal pf approval, you will be allowed to start hunting monsters.  By the time you are 15, I want you to be at a minimum of level five. Do you understand?”

“Yes!” She stood up and saluted.

“By the way mother, I know Im getting ahead of my self by asking this but, what monsters are around here that would help me level up to the minimum standard?  Due to the divine protection, my leveling will be slower than normal.” She asked.

“You dont need to worry about that for now, but if you must know, the usual monsters around here are things like kobolds and sometimes lizardmen come up from the wetlands in the east.” I said.

“At least its not goblins or orcs, I had fought some of them in the past and I remember them smelling horrible.  I dont know what I would do if I smelled them now that my senses are better than a humans.” She said while shuddering.

“Dont worry about that, one of the first things your father is going to teach you is how to hold back your senses.” I said as I watched the relief wash over her.

“Now, let us head out to the practice grounds and start you magic training.” I said, a wide smile spreading across my face.

“I wish you luck, Lady Luna, you will need it.” Ana said as she went off to do her other duties.

“What did she mean by that?” Luna asked, her face cramped.

“Its nothing you need to worry about.” I said.

Author ’s Note:

Here is the last chapter before the next time skip.  Sadly there will be no training arc since I have no confidence in being able to write one well. Thanks for reading, and may the Fluff be ever in your favor.

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