I was Betrayed then Reincarnated as a Kitsune

Chapter 166- The Morning After the Festival

[Luna POV]

For the rest of the day, me and Tamamo walked around and visited stalls.  For lunch, we found a place that sold kitsune udon and we both ate more than I we should have.  After that, we went back to the shrine and took a nap.  When I woke up, the sun was setting and the festival was truly about to start.

“Hey Tamamo, wake up.  The sun is setting and the fun part of the festival is going to start soon.” (Luna)

{Mmmm.  30 more years.}

“While I dont thing I would mind watching you sleep for that long, I would like it if you woke up.” (Luna)

I shook her a bit, but even then, she didnt wake up.  Thats when I got an idea.  I leaned over and kissed her.  The second my lips met hers, she grabbed my head and her tongue invaded my mouth.

“Mmmmmm!” (Luna)

She broke away with a smile on her face.

{Thats better.}

I couldnt respond.  I could feel my face burning and my mind was in a mess.  I instinctively pulled Tamamo into a hug and laid my head between her shoulder and neck.


She started running her hand through my hair and I closed my eyes, enjoying her caresses.

“♪My Tamamo♪” (Luna)

{Now I should be the one saying that we should go.}

I pouted at her words.

“You tease.” (Luna)

{Now now, the night is still young, Luna.  We can continue later.}

“Ill hold you to that.” (Luna)

{I dont go back on my promises, Luna.}

“I know that.” (Luna)

I stood up and offered Tamamo my hand like I did earlier in the day and she took it.  We started making our way back to the festival when we ran into mom and Ana.  Going by the way she was dressed, it seemed this year Ana would be the main performer.  When they saw us coming towards them, they stopped what they were doing.

“Have you had fun so far?” (Amagi)

{We have.}

“Thats good.” (Amagi)

“Im guessing youre the lead tonight, right Ana?” (Luna)

“You are correct.  I have a nice show in mind, so be ready to watch it.” (Ana)

“Well either be there or close by, but we would never miss it.” (Luna)

{I agree.  Im looking forward to seeing what you will do.}

Ana smiled at our words.  We chatted for a few more minutes before me and Tamamo left them to finish their preparations.  When we got to the main street of the village where all the festival stalls were, Tamamos eyes lit up.  She looked around at everything like a child on Christmas morning.

“Fufufu.  Is it that shocking?” (Luna)

{Not necessarily, its just so much prettier when I get to be here in person.}

“Silly Tamamo, youre the one thats dazzling.” (Luna)

{Are you sure youre not talking about yourself, Luna?  Because I think that youre the one thats dazzling.}

“Then shall we agree that we are both dazzling?” (Luna)

{Fine by me.}

We started to walk down the street.  We stopped at a few stalls here and there and looked at what they were selling.  Some of them had small games that I played and gave Tamamo the prizes I won.  We continued to do this for a while until it got close to midnight when the big performance would begin.  I led us to the central plaza, only to find it was packed.

“Hmmm.  Where should we go to watch?” (Luna)

We both looked around when something caught Tamamos eye.  She grabbed onto my arm and led me to a spot on the edge of the plaza.

{How about we watch from up there?}

She pointed at the roof of the building we were standing beside.

“Fine by me.” I said as I picked Tamamo up in a princess carry and blinked us to the roof.

I then made us a couch to sit on with illusion magic and placed Tamamo on it.

“How is this?” (Luna)

{Very good.  Now we can see everything, and no one will bother us.}

I sat down next to Tamamo and she intertwined her tail with mine.

“Oh.” (Luna)

{What, is it uncomfortable?}

Though she asked that, by the way she was smiling, she already knew my answer.  I smiled back.

“Of course not.” (Luna)

We sat there and stared into each others eyes for a few minutes until all the noise below us quieted down.  From somewhere in the plaza, music started to be played and Ana appeared in traditional shrine attire and a white fox mask on her face.  She carried two torches in her hands and placed them on the bonfire pile on the center of the plaza and it went up instantly.

She then performed a dance around the fire that was quite beautiful.  Once the dance was over, she raised her hands into the air and pieces of the fire started to float.

{Oh.  Shes doing this with gravity magic.}

“I see.” (Luna)

The floating fire moved toward small lanterns that were littered around the plaza and lit them, and the lanterns started to float as well.  Ana moved her hands again and all of the lanterns started float towards her.  Instead of stopping when they reached her, the lanterns moved in mesmerizing patterns, almost like they were dancing.  It was then that I noticed something.

“Shes making the shadows move as well.  Thats the real show.” (Luna)

Tamamo and I looked around at the shadows that the lanterns were causing and saw scenes of a story.  What was shown was the story of fighting the fiends.  It started at the first discovery and ended with the victory against them.

“Its fitting for the festival.” (Luna)

{Why wouldnt it be?}

“Because people forget over time.  I bet a lot of people didnt even notice the shadow play.  They only come here to enjoy the festival, not the meaning behind it.  Not that were any different.” (Luna)

{True, thought here is significant meaning in this festival, Im more focused on my time with you than its meaning.}

“I was going to say the same thing.” (Luna)

I moved in closer to Tamamo and she did the same to me.  When we were touching, I looked over to her and saw her doing the same.  We both smiled as we leaned into each other as we brought our lips together.

Chaos Realm:

…*Sound of falling over*

Grey: Are you alright?

Grey: Payto?  Payto!?  PAYTO!!!

Atmos: Shall we pray for his departed soul?

I ’m not dead.

Atmos: Then get up.


Atmos: Don ’t take that attitude with me.

Shut it.  You don ’t get how I feel right now.

Grey: What do you mean?

Watching this is like poison for single people.  A good poison that is addicting.

Grey: Ah, I think I get it now.

You really don ’t.

Grey: Hey, I was human at one point, so I understand the struggle of being single.

Yeah, but you still had the chance to get with someone.  I barely have that chance by the nature of what I do and what I am.

Atmos: Hey.


Atmos: You know we could probably introduce you to someone, right?

…I ’ll think about it.

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