I was Betrayed then Reincarnated as a Kitsune

Chapter 13- Saying Goodbye Before the Grand Adventure

A few days have passed since I leveled up to level five.  In those days I got the Restraint skill.  It was hard to get because I had to hold on to an extremely fragile piece of ice and constantly put pressure on it without breaking it.  My goal is to level it to at least level five before I make it to the capital where I will register as an adventurer.

Today is the day we are holding the coming-of-age ceremony.  I was standing in front of the mirror in my room.  I grew my hair out to about shoulder length.  The black color really contrasted with the white of the traditional dress.  I grew to about 5ft. 4.  I sat down on my bed and started to brush my tail.  It was the same color as my hair but the end of it was silver, the same as my ears.

I was taking extra care because Tamamo said she had a surprise for me today.  I picked up a hand mirror to check if the traditional makeup was satisfactory.  The makeup seemed to make the silver color stand out.  Once I was sure it was perfect, I left my room.

I walked over to where my mother was waiting for me in front of the door to the innermost part of the shrine.

“Once we go inside, I need you to kneel in the middle of the room and close your eyes.  Put your hands together and empty your mind.  When you do that, you should hear a voice saying your skill is unsealed after a few minutes.  Once that happens the ceremony is over.” She explained.

“That seems to be a bit lackluster.” I said.

“Normally there is a lot more, but since its you, its different.  We dont want to reveal your connection to the Goddess in front of everyone.” She said.

“Fair enough.  Shall we go then?”

“Yes.” She then opened the door and led me inside.

I did what I was told earlier and kneeled in the middle of the room, put my hands together, closed my eyes, and emptied my mind.  After waiting for a few minutes, I heard some movement from in front of me.

{You can open your eyes, you know.}

I opened my eyes and looked up to see Tamamo standing in front of me.

“Tamamo!  What are you doing here, I thought gods werent allowed to descend to the world?” I said, shocked.

{I got permission to come down here for a short while to see you and celebrate this occasion.} She said with a playful smile.

While I was sitting there stunned, I heard my mother speak behind me.

“It is nice to meet you, Goddess.” My mother said while prostrating herself.

{Ufufufu.  You dont need to be so formal; you know.  You are my mother-in-law after all.  If anything, I should be thanking you for taking care of Luna all this time.} She said to my mother.

“Its only natural.  She is my daughter after all.” My mother said while sitting up.

After that, they spent a while talking about me, causing my face to turn as red as a tomato.  When they were finished Tamamo walked back over to me.

{Stay still for a second.}

I did as she said and stopped moving.  She placed a finger on my head and a bright light began to shine.


{That should take care of that.  Now, mother-in-law, can you take me to meet father-in-law so that I can give him my regards.  I cant stay much longer, so I want to at least meet him once.}

“Of course, please come this way.”  My mother stood up and we walked out of the room.

It took a few minutes before we found my father training with his soldiers.  My mother called out to him.

“Deacon!  Come with us for a little bit!”

At first my father was confused until he saw me and Tamamo.  He then rushed over to us, and we went to a private room.  Once there Tamamo began to speak.

{It is nice to meet you father-in-law, I am Tamamo.} She said, introducing herself.

His eyes widened in surprise.  He was about to start kneeling on the ground when Tamamo stopped him.

{Please dont, I dont have much time so there is no need for all that.}

“I see, then to what do I owe the pleasure of meeting you today?” He asked, still nervous.

{I came down here to surprise Luna as well as to give my regards to the two of you.} She said, smiling.

“Then it is a pleasure to meet you.” He said.

After the greetings were over, we all spent a while chatting when Tamamo started to shine in a golden light.

{It seems my time is up.  It was a pleasure meeting the both of you.} She said.

“It was a pleasure meeting you as well.” My mother replied.

“Goddess Tamamo, please, take care of my daughter in the future.” My father said, trying to put up a strong front.

{No need to worry, she isnt the only one who has been training to take care of someone.  By the time she joins me in the divine domain, I will be the perfect wife.} She said.

“Then I need to step up my training as well,  I dont want fall behind.” I said.

{Ufufufu.  Im looking forward to it.} She said before completely disappearing.

After a few seconds of silence my father spoke up.

“Luna, make sure you treasure her in the future.”

“No need to tell me that, I already know.” I replied.

“Good, now if you excuse me, Im going back to training.” He said as he stood up and left the room.

“He seems fired up.” I said.

“He gets that way when he is extremely happy.  He will calm down after moving around for a bit.”  Mother said.

“You do realize that you have the same expression, right?” I said.

“Oh.  Well, I cant help it.  Its not every day you get to meet a Goddess.” She said.

“I guess thats true.” I replied.

“So, now that all your affairs are put in order, when are you going to set out?” She asked.

“I will go around and saying my goodbyes to everyone thats taken care of me until now then set off tomorrow.” I answered.

“I understand, I will tell your father in a little bit.  He has some things that he need to hand over to you.” She said.

“OK, Ill head out then.” I said and left the room.

Author ’s Note:

Here is another chapter for today.  I have some plans after this but when I ’m done I ’ll try to get at least one more chapter out today.  Now hurry, they ’re taking the Fluff to Isengard.

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