I was Betrayed then Reincarnated as a Kitsune

Chapter 21- An Anticlimactic Solution

[Luna POV]

I woke up the next morning in a daze.  I think Tamamo has improved her brushing technique.

‘Tamamo, how am I ever going to surpass you if you keep getting better at brushing my tail every time, I see you? I asked, remembering the feeling.

{Luna, my love, you are about 1,000 years too early to be able to surpass me.  Though you are getting better, I think any mortal you brush would turn into a puddle, not that I want you brushing anyone else.} She said that last part quietly, but I still heard it.

After hearing what she said, a dumb grin spread across my face.  I continued talking with Tamamo when a knock sounded from the door.

“Miss Luna, are you awake?

It was the proprietress.

“I am, is something wrong?” I asked opening the door.

“No, I was given a message for you, so I thought to bring it up to you with your breakfast.” She said, handing over a tray.

“Thank you.” I said receiving the tray.

After that she left me alone, I shut the door and sat back down on the bed and started to eat.  After I finished, I picked up the message and started to read.

(Hello Luna, this is Velvet, concerning what we discussed before parting ways yesterday, I have my subordinates looking for a way to lose or seal that skill.  Im waiting for them to report back so if you are worried about the skill gaining even more levels stay in your room at the inn.  If we find something, Ill come and tell you.)

‘Well, it seems like I know my plan for today then. I said letting out a sigh.

{That just means we can spend more time talking with each other, so isnt it fine?}

‘Thats true, isnt it. I said going along with Tamamo. But before that let me check my status.

Name: Luna

Race: Kitsune

Sex: Female

Level: 8

Class: Quad-mage










Skills: Presence detection, Trap detection, Trap disarming, Trap creation, Dagger LV. 9, Short sword LV. 10, Archery LV.8, Poison crafting, Appraisal LV.10, Mana Regeneration LV.9, Stealth LV.8, Charm LV.8, Cooking LV.8, Sewing LV.7, Sleep Resistance LV.10, Restraint LV.6, Brushing Technique LV.9

Magic Skills: Ice Magic LV.10, Lightning Magic LV.10, Healing Magic LV.9, Space Magic LV.8

Race Skills: Illusion Magic LV.10, Spirit Vision, Fox Fire, Fox Transformation, Enhanced Senses, Night Vision, Enhanced Physical Strength

Unique Skills: Status Effect Immunity, Ice Mist, Language Comprehension, Infinite Inventory

Blessings, Divine Protection, and Titles:

Divine Protection of the Moon Goddess, Reincarnated, Fated One of the Moon Goddess, Abyssal Fluff, Master of Ice, Master of Lightning, Master of Illusions, Short sword Master, Magic Swordsman

‘Um, Tamamo, why are most of my stats listed as error? I asked, concerned. Does this have anything to do with what you said last night about the God of Statuses?

{It does.  He owed me a favor and I decided to use that favor to help you.  At the rate your stats grew, your status would look more like a math equation than an actual status panel, so I asked him if he could simplify the way you saw your stats.  It seems like it is still being worked on.} She explained.

‘Do you know how much longer its going to be like this? I asked, relieved I hadnt somehow broken my status yet.

{I dont really know, but probably not long, though this might confuse most of the world when its done.} After saying this I got a bad premonition.

‘What do you mean by that? I asked a little panicked.

{He said it was impossible to modify just one persons status, so he had to make it a whole system update.  You dont have to panic so much though, he told me that he has wanted to update it for a while now and just needed a push to get it done.} She said, trying to calm me down.

‘Thats a relief, I didnt want to be reason for this change of the world to be completely on me. I said calming down.

{What change in the world do you want to be responsible for, then?} She asked, her curiosity piqued.

‘Thats a surprise for when I ascend.  Just know that it will be something that will leave you in tears of happiness. I said with a smug grin.

{Im looking forward to it then.} She said, the expectation in her voice clear.

‘Now that I think of it, I havent tried to figure out how to use my Fox Transformation skill yet. I said. Do you have any advice?”

{Depends, some people just instinctually know, others need a stimulus for the first time.  There was this one guy a few hundred years ago that transformed after doing a weird dance.  The only thing that was common between all of them was the image.} Tamamo explained like a teacher.

‘So, its like magic, then? I asked.

{Yes and no, it is in the sense that it needs an image but only for the initial step, once transformed, no image is needed to maintain the transformation.  This is the easy part, its the rest that people often have trouble with.} She explained in more detail.

‘Thank you, Miss Tamamo. I said like a student to her teacher.

{Ufufufu.  Dont think I dont know what youre thinking.} She said, trying to tease me.

‘I wasnt trying to hide it in the first place. I teased back.

We started flirting again and lost track of time.  I dont know how long it lasted, but after a while I heard a knock on the door.

“Luna, its me, Velvet.  Ive got some information that could help you.” Velvet said through the door.

I got up and let her in.  She was carrying a large bag filled with what I assumed was books.  She put it down on the ground with an audible thunk.

“All of these are books about ways to suppress or seal skills, as well as others that can counteract them.” She said while massaging her shoulder.

“Thanks, those must have been heavy.”

“Sure, they were, but its nothing that bad.” She replied.

“Come over here for a second, Ill use some healing magic.” I said, offering to help her out a bit.

“Its really not necessary to…” She started to say.

“Just be quiet and get over here, youre helping me out so its the least I can do.” I said, interrupting her.

After realizing I wasnt taking no for an answer, she walked over to me, and I used some healing magic on her.

“Damn that was effective, even old training injuries feel better.  Just how good are you at healing?” She asked, astonished.

“Almost level 10.  Its not that big a deal.” I said matter-of-factly.

“Did no one ever teach you common sense?  Anyone at your age normally only have skills at level four, maybe five.”

“Were you trained by spartans since the age of five?” I said, remembering all of the training I did.

“Even then, it doesnt make sense.” She said, still trying to figure out the reason behind my strength.

{Just tell her about the Divine Protection, she already knows about our relationship, so theres no reason she shouldnt know.} Tamamo gave her input.

“The reason that and most of my other skill are maxed out or close to it is because of Tamamos Divine Protection.” I said, following Tamamos suggestion.

After hearing my words, she froze completely.  She turned around slowly like a rusty machine.  When I could see her face, her eyes were wide enough that her eyeballs could roll right out.

“So, youre a Fated One?” She said, her voice really quiet.

“I have that title too.” I confirmed.

“This is a much bigger deal than I thought it was.  I thought that you were just a mortal that caught the eye of the Goddess.  Its nothing new for gods to find mortals they favor and bless them, but Divine Protection is on a completely different level.  Luna, no Goddess Luna, do not under any circumstances let anyone else know about this, unless you want people to worship the ground you walk on.” The more she said, the more she moved away, eventually trying to prostrate herself in front of me.

“Please dont start doing that, and I already know.  The only reason I revealed that is because Tamamo said it was OK.” I said, exasperated.

“But I cant show you any disrespect.” She said, still prostrating.

{Like Luna said, dont.  Remember the reason I even told you about her in the first place.  You and your mother are the only two vampires in this city that arent basically fanatics.} Tamamo said to both of us.

“As you wish, Goddess.” Velvet said, immediately changing tune.

“You change tune really quickly.” I noted.

“I may not be as fanatic as other vampires, but I still respect the Goddess, and anyone closely connected with her.” She said explaining her point of view.

“Well anyway lets get to reading, I dont want to be cooped up in a room for the rest of my life.” I said while pulling out the books Velvet brought and putting them on the bed.

Author ’s Note:

Here is a late chapter today.  I had something to do today that I learned about like 15 minutes before I had to go and do it so this chapter might not be as good as previous ones, so sorry about that.  I ’ll try to get into the groove and get another chapter out tonight, hopefully it will be better than this one.  Thanks for reading.

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