We were chatting the night away when I remembered something Tamamo told me the other day.

“Now that I think about it, Tamamo said that a V.I.P. was coming to the guild soon.  Do you know anything about that Velvet?” I asked.

She pondered for a bit before saying, “A baron has been improving his territory over the last 10 or so years and has finally reached a point that he can have a branch of the guild opened in his territory.  He is coming over here to talk with the guild master about the procedures he needs to go through.”

“When does he arrive?” I asked, continuing my questioning.

“He and a few others arrived yesterday, discussions like that take a while so theyll probably be here for a few more days.  Why do you ask?” She asked back.

“I was just curious.  Even if I am technically a nobles daughter, Ive never interacted with any nobles.  Though now that I think about it, I do know a few people in higher positions.”

“Really, who?”

“Lets see, theres a goddess, a former hero, and the third princess of a big country.” I replied nonchalantly.

“Those really are people in higher positions, though you should also take into account that your family is a Marquis family.” She said adding my familys noble rank to the list of things I didnt know before.

“So thats my familys noble rank, good to know.” I said, nodding my head.

“You didnt know?” She asked, massaging the bridge of her nose.

“I never cared enough to find out, too much trouble.” I said, shrugging my shoulders.

“How carefree.” She said, astonished.  “Anyway, how are you going to go about raising the charm skill level?”

“Im not going to do much; its leveled up three times since I left home.  Once on the way here, and twice after entering the city.”

“So, its level 4?  Then itll still take a while.” She said.

“No, its level 8, probably close to 9.” I said, correcting her misunderstanding.  “Im just glad that it seems that its less effective on you now.”

“Really, how can you tell?” Her confusion clear on her face.

“The look in your eyes gives it away.  The reason I figured out the skill was becoming a problem was because your eyes started to get the look of someone getting high from a drug.” I explained, “Im really sorry about that, I didnt know that that skill was that potent.”

“Its fine, since its you.  Not to mention that I would have followed you even without a skill like that affecting me.” She said, shrugging off my apology.

“Is it because Tamamo asked you to?” I asked.

“Thats part of it yes, but its also interesting being around you.  Even among my own kind I easily get bored, but after meeting you, even if its only been about two days, I havent been bored at all.”

“And the other reason?”

“Ill get to brag to everyone in the future that I got to travel around with the Goddess of the Moons wife.  Ill become one of the most influential vampires out there.  Not that I really care about that stuff, but it has its perks.”

“Such is the way of the world, I guess.” I shrugged. “Its always better to have more influence.”

“Speaking of influence, how much do you have Tamamo?  Ive always wondered, but never knew how to bring up the subject.” I asked.

{Lets see, if gods with Authority over concepts like fate or time are at the top, then Im at about 3rd from the top along with the God of the Sun.} She said proudly.

“How nice.”

It was then that I noticed the sun coming up.

“It seems weve been talking longer that I thought.” I said looking out the window.

“Looks like it, do you need to go to sleep?” Velvet asked, getting up to leave.

“Nah, Im good.  I have the Sleep Resistance skill at level 10.  I can go about a month without sleeping.” I said, “Why dont we wait a little longer and we can grab breakfast and go to the guild together.  When we get there, we can register as a party.”

“Sounds good to me, how good is the food here?” She asked, her stomach growling.

“Its great, almost as good as mine.” I said confidently.

“You can cook?” Velvet said surprised.

“Of course, I can.  It was a part of my training.  I can also prepare and serve tea, clean a somewhat large house in under an hour, and a bunch of other things.” I proclaimed,  “All so that, when the time comes, I can take care of Tamamo.”

{Dont forget that Im trying my best to improve in those areas as well.  When you ascend, we can see who will be able to pamper the other better.} Tamamos competitive spirit ignited.

‘Youre on, Tamamo. I answered in kind.

“You two are leaving me out again.” Said Velvet, annoyed.

{“Sorry.”} The both of us said.

It was at this time we decided to head downstairs because I could smell breakfast being made.  When we got to the ground floor, every table but one was empty.  The only occupied table had a man resting his head on his arms, asleep.

“Lets sit over there,” I said pointing to the other side of the room,  “It reeks of alcohol over here.”

As we sat down the proprietress came over and greeted us.

“Good morning, ladies.  Find what you needed in all that stuff yesterday?” She asked.

“We did, though it took longer than expected.” I said, making up an excuse for why Velvet was still here.  “After this were headed to the guild to register as an official party and take some quests.”

“Im glad you made a friend then, but the two of you should be careful, I heard a group of nobles came to the guild yesterday.  I dont want two cute girls like yourselves to catch the eye of some perverted noble.” She said, giving us a heads up.

“Are they that bad in this country?” I asked with a head tilt.

“For the most part, no, but there is always an exception.”

“Then well be careful.  Hopefully well get in there before the board is too crowded.”

“Then Ill bring you both some food and get you out the door before that happens.” She said, walking away.  On her way to the kitchen, she woke up the drunk man and told him to either order something or leave.  He got up and left the inn.

“Do you drink, Velvet?” I asked, looking for something to talk about.

“It depends on what mood Im in, but for the most part no.  Do you?” She asked back.

“I just turned 15 so I havent.” I answered.

“Then Ill have to take you out drinking one day, itll be interesting to see you drunk.”

“You wont, being drunk is treated as a status effect and Im immune to them.” I said, dashing her expectations.

{There is an alcohol made by the patron god of the dwarves that gets past that, but Ill save drunk Luna for me alone.} Tamamo said, adding her input and making my face turn red.

“What are you getting embarrassed over.” Velvet asked after seeing my change in attitude.

“Its nothing you need to worry about.  Look here comes the food.” I said changing the subject.

We quickly ate then left for the guild.  When we got there, the board was pretty empty, much to our relief.  We walked up to the board and took a look through the requests for our rank.

“Im never going to get anymore levels from such weak things like goblins or kobolds.  I only went up three levels from everything we killed yesterday.” I complained quietly.

“Only three, but we killed so many things yesterday.” Velvet said, shocked.

“Thats the tradeoff I have for my skills leveling up so fast, slower leveling.” I explained.

“I see, since we are allowed to take a request one rank above ours, wanna try to go for some orcs.  Theyre a little stronger than a kobold leader and they taste delicious.” Velvet suggested.

“You had me at delicious, and if you let me cook them, I might be able to raise my cooking level to 9.” I said taking an orc subjugation quest from the board.

“I need to stop getting surprised by you.” Velvet said under her breath.

We walked up to the counter, accepted the quest, and left to go hunt.

Author ’s Note:

Today ’s chapter is for setting up some events for next chapter.  Also, I hate early springtime, pollen and allergies don ’t mix well and the medicine I take makes me sleepy.  If only I could get a sleep resistance skill, I could do so much more.  Thanks for reading.

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