[Velvet POV]

While I was distracting the undead bear, Luna was preparing to deal with it.  It was then that I heard her say;

“I see, so thats how I do it.  Things are about to get interesting.”

I jumped back to give myself distance and to see what happened with Luna.  When I positioned myself to see what happened as well as keep an eye on the bear, Luna was gone.  In her place was a black-haired fox.  Floating around the fox were a dozen dark blue flames.  It was then that I heard Lunas voice in my head.

“Dont be so distracted.  Were still in a fight, though not for much longer.”

After saying this she ran towards the bear, two of the blue flames then covered her front feet or more accurately her claws, and she began slashing the bear.  It let out a mangled roar from whatever was left of its throat and began swiping at Luna, but she was too quick.

She then took some distance and shot six of the flames at the bear.  It didnt look like it did much damage but then I noticed that the flames werent burning the bear but purifying it.

“Luna, what skill are you using?” I asked as I ran up and parried a paw swipe that was aimed at where Luna was going to land after she jumped up and slashed the bear again.

“Its the purifying version of Fox Fire.  This bear being undead means that purification works wonders on it.  I could also use healing magic on it to kill it but that would require me to basically ride it and I dont want to do that; it really stinks, and I dont want that smell on me.” She said while dodging another swipe.

The Fox Fire continued to purify the bear when it stood up on its hind legs and started to charge forward.

“Velvet, think you can slash open its chest?” Luna asked with some sort of plan in mind.

“I can, what are you going to do?”

“Im going to make a concentrated ball of purifying fox fire and shoot it inside, purifying it from within as well.”

“Got it, one flayed undead bear, coming right up.” I said as I dashed into the charge of the bear.

When I got close enough, I extended my sword and cut upwards.  After that I dodged the swipe of its arms and went back for another cut.  After repeating this a few times, there was a big enough gash for Luna to slip in her fox fire.

“Youre up Luna, finish it!” I yelled as I jumped back.

“Perfect timing.” She said as a large ball of blue fire shot past me and right into the opening I had made.

When the fire hit the bear, it stopped in its tracks.  I could see the fire raging through all of the holes in its rotting flesh.

“Its a good thing purifying flame dont physically burn something or it would smell even worse than it already does.” Luna said, pawing at her nose.

As I was looking at Luna, I got the irresistible urge to pick her up.  I acted on that urge and when my hands touched her fur, it was like a whole new world of softness was opened up to me.


I got a strange title the second I picked up Luna. 

“Velvet, put me down.  If you dont, bad things will happen.  Im only giving you a warning since I consider you a friend.” Luna said, her voice becoming colder after every word.

“Im sorry!  I dont know what came over me, I just had this urge to pick you up and acted on it before I knew what was happening.” I said as I quickly but gently put Luna back down.  When I did, I felt a sense of loss.  “Luna, what do you do to make yourself so soft?  If anyone were to pet you for extended periods of time, they could get addicted to that feeling.”

“Its a mix of thorough care, lots of brushing from both me and, when we meet, Tamamo, and a title.  That addiction is also a part of that title, that why I hate it when people besides Tamamo touch my hair or tail.  You should be happy I didnt turn you into a vampire popsicle.” She said, her voice still cold.

“Whats a popsicle?”

“Dont worry about it.  Im going over there to turn back and redress myself, dont come over here.” She said as she walked away.

“Did I mess up?” I asked to no one in particular.

{Not necessarily, shes just keeping a promise we made to each other.  Shell calm down in a little bit.  Im more interested in the title you got.} The Goddess said, amused.

“You noticed the title?” I asked, surprised.

{Of course, I did.  Who do you think I am.  But to think Luna already made an Apostle.  How very intriguing.  Shes not even a demigod yet.}

“Do you know what the effect of this title is?” I asked.

{Lets see,  it grants the softness effect that Luna talked about earlier, negates the addiction from softness and fluffiness, and once she ascends, you will be appointed as her representative in the mortal world, as well as given access to come and go from the divine domain at will.  This tells me a great many things about Lunas potential as well.} Tamamo said, her pride in her future wife growing.

“What do you mean potential?” I asked, interested in just how much Luna will be able to achieve.

{Well as she is right now, she already has the potential for dual-Authority, which only a few of the stronger gods have, but now she can possibly gain a third, like me.}

“Wait, you have three Authorities?  I thought you only had one.” I said astonished.

{No, I have three, Im just most well known for the moon.  The Authorities I possess are over the moon, the night, and gravity.} Tamamo said like it was common knowledge.

“I see, then do you also have an Apostle, Goddess, and how many can you have?” I asked, my curiosity growing.

{Gods can have the same number of Apostles as they do Authority.  Since I have three, I can have three Apostles.  As for your other question, I will, but who it is its a surprise for Luna, so dont tell her.  Got it?}

“My lips are sealed, this time.”

{Good.  Also dont tell Luna about the title either.  Let me teach her about these things as she grows.  She can appraise you, but she wont because she respects others private information.} She said in a tone that implied no was not an option.

“I understand.” Was all I could say.  Just then Luna returned.

“Shall we head back?” She asked, her previous coldness long gone.

“Sure, but what about the bear?” I asked turning around only to discover a pile of ashes.  “Never mind.  What should we do when we get back?”

“Report our quest completion first, then we report about the bear, after that, Im not sure.” Luna said, putting her hand on her chin in a thinking pose.

“Alright then, we can figure out what to do after when we get there.” I said as I started walking back to the city, Luna following behind me shortly after.

Little did I know that, when Luna said she warned me because I was her friend, she was completely serious.  As I would soon find out.

Author ’s Note:

Here is the chapter I promised last night, please enjoy.  It was so much easier to write when not fighting off sleep.  I ’ll see you all again soon.  Thanks for reading.

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