I was Betrayed then Reincarnated as a Kitsune

Chapter 26- Aftermath and Repercussions

[Luna POV]

We were heading back to the city after taking care of the undead bear.  After the battle, Velvet picked me up and ever since then, Ive been a bit worried.  At first, I was angry, but when I calmed down, the anger turned into worry.  I was worried because of the Abyssal Fluff titles effects.

‘Tamamo, was Velvet affected by that one title when she picked me up? I asked, my worry evident.

{You dont need to worry about it, the only way that title will affect someone is if they are exposed to your tails fluffiness over long periods of time.  Not to mention that if it was anyone else who touched you, they would have lost their arms almost immediately, and that is if you are generous.}

‘Well yeah, I was just worried that the friend I made would turn into some fluff obsessed zombie.  That was why I warned her, if it was someone else, losing their arms would be a small price to pay for touching something they shouldnt. I said with a huff.

{You really like keeping that promise dont you Luna?} Tamamo said giggling.

‘Of course, I do.  Why do you think I take such good care of my tail?  If its not in top condition when I get to see you in person, then it feels like I lose at something.  Especially since all nine of your tails are always pristine. I said, getting heated. Is it wrong of me to not want anyone elses filthy hands touching my tail except for my wife.  If anything, they should thank me for purifying their hands with ice so cold it feels hot.

{Luna!  Snap out of it!} Tamamo yelled in my head.  {Youre starting to scare poor Velvet over there.}

I looked over to my right to see Velvet slowly inching away from me.

“Whats wrong, Velvet?” I asked, trying to put a gentle smile on my face.

“Are you OK, Luna?  Your face kept getting scarier and scarier for a few seconds.  If its about me picking you up earlier, Im really sorry.  I didnt know you hated it when people touched you.” She said, looking like she was about to start crying.

“Its fine, we can put that incident behind us as long as you know to never do it again.  The only reason I got as angry as I did was because, when I was little, I promised Tamamo that she was the only person besides myself, who can touch my tail, and that promise extends to my whole body when Im transformed.” I said explaining myself.

“Duly noted.” Was all she said.

As we were conversing, the city walls came into view.  It was then that I thought of what I wanted to do for the rest of the day.

“Hey Velvet, do you still have nothing to do after we finish our report to the guild?”

“I still havent thought of anything to do, why?”

“Will you help me out with some teleportation training?  I dont want to feel sick after doing that anymore, so I thought I should just teleport over and over until I get used to it.  I need someone to watch over me so that no one comes and tries anything while Im out of commission.” I asked.

“I dont mind, its not like I have anything to do anyway.”

“What about your job in your organization?  I know I just asked you for help, but is it really OK to go around with me all the time?”

“Its fine, my mother took over my position and even then, all I ever did was listen to reports from subordinates and sometimes give orders.  Honestly, going around with you is so much less boring that I dont think I can ever go back to that job.”

“Well at least Im fun to be around.  I bet no one from back then would believe it.” I said letting out a sigh.  “I wonder how everyone is doing now.”

{It might take me a while, but I can find out for you if you want.  It might be a bit late, but it could give you some closure.} Tamamo said in a warm voice.

‘If you dont mind. Was all I could reply.

The atmosphere around us turned a bit awkward as Velvet didnt understand what I was talking about, but figured it was complicated, so she didnt pry.  I tried to go back to our previous conversation in order to restore the cheery(?) mood.

“Anyway, thanks for agreeing to help.  It means quite a lot.”

“Dont mention it.  Itll help us both out in the long run, anyway.”

“I guess thats true.”

We finally made it to the gate and went inside after showing the guards our I.D.s.

“You want to pick up some skewers or something?  That bear fight made me hungry again.” I asked as we walked.

“I dont mind, I was starting to feel peckish myself.”

After buying some skewers in the square we started to eat.  It was then that I noticed a fancy carriage parked near the guild building.

“Oh right, there was a noble visiting the guild.  We should hurry up and finish our business, I get the feeling that if we dont, well get dragged into something annoying.” I said as I finished up my sixth skewer.

“Where does all of that food go?  You ate a bigger portion at lunch and now you ate six skewers and are starting on a seventh.  Also, I agree, dealing with nobles is a pain.”

“To answer your question, I dont know.  Ive always been able to eat a lot, and the best part is, I dont get fat.  And arent I a noble, technically?”

“Dont ever tell any other woman that, Luna, youll only make enemies by saying that.  And you dont really act like one, so it can be easy to forget.”

We continued to converse like this as we entered the guild.  We walked up to the counter where Shuten was when I saw another demon girl standing next to her.  They looked the exact same with the only exception being the colors at the tips of their horns.

“Welcome back Miss Luna, Miss Velvet, how did the quest go?” Shuten asked.

“It went well, though we need to report something we encountered on the way back, but before that, who is this?” I asked, tilting my head.

“This is my twin sister, Ibaraki,  she is starting her first day as a receptionist, so I am assisting her.”

“Its nice to meet you, Im Ibaraki.” Said the other demon girl, bowing her head.

“Its nice to meet you, Ibaraki.  My name is Luna, this is Velvet,  itll be a pleasure working with you in the future.” I said, while both Velvet and I bowed our heads in return.  “Do you think you can process our completed quest?”

“Sure, just put the proof of completion or subjugation here and we can go from there.” Said Ibaraki, trying her best to be professional.

I placed the proofs on the prepared tray and Ibaraki took it away to be checked.

“While she is doing that, what did you need to report?” Shuten asked moving on to our other business.

“When we left the forest, we stopped to make lunch, while we were eating a bear came out of the forest.  Normally I wouldnt report this, but the thing is, the bear was undead.” I said, explaining the events from earlier that afternoon.

“That definitely is strange.  Ill make a report to the guild master later, youll both probably need to explain it again after that, but it can wait until the guild master and his guest are done with their discussions.” After Shuten finished speaking, Ibaraki came back.

“The processing is complete, congratulations on completing your quest.  If you put your cards here, you can rank up to rank E since you have met the requirements.”

We put our cards on the designated place and then a light shone.  When the light died down our cards were there but in a different color.  Before, it was a dark grey color, but now it was a reddish-brown color that reminded me of rusted iron.

We received our upgraded cards and thanked the both of them.  We turned around to leave when someone started to call out to us.


We started to walk to the door doing our best to ignore the arrogant voice.

“Hey!  Stop ignoring me!”

We almost made it to the door when I felt something tugging on my tail.

I stopped walking.  Velvet noticed and looked over.  When she saw what was happening, her face went beyond pale straight to blue.

“EVERYONE GET OUT OF HERE!” She shouted running to get to the door.

[3rd person POV]

All the people in the guild stopped moving around after someone yelled telling them to escape.  They were all confused until they all felt it.  Killing intent was starting to flood out from close to the door.  Along with that, the temperature was dropping rapidly, and a light mist was starting to spread.

The more experienced adventurers began to move first, snapping the less experienced adventurers and gild staff out of there confusion.  The ushered the people away from the commotion before it got even worse.

All of this happened without the cause of this incident knowing.  The perpetrator was a short, fat wolf beastman who looked more like a blobfish than a wolf.

“You should know better than to ignore a noble, you dumb fox.  Im the younger brother of Baron Du-Fis, Jarred Du-Fis.  You are quite the beautiful woman, I wouldnt mind making you a concubine of mine, so come and follow me.” Said the Pig noble.

“Sir Jarred, I think you should let go of her or you will lose your hand.” A knight came up and said.

“What are you talking about my hand is fi…” The being lower than a mongrel  started to say when he felt something off.  He looked at his hand to find a lump of ice that was slowly spreading up his arm.  The farther the ice went, the less feeling he felt.  “GYAAAAAAAAA!  STOP!  WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME!”

The knights were also being affected by the dropping temperature, the closest of the two already starting to get frostbite.

It was then that a voice rang out from the stairs.

“What in the name of the spirits is going on here!?” Yelled the guild master, followed closely by another wolf beastman who was also trying to learn of the situation.

When he looked over the room at the only two who were in there, he started to yell angrily.

“You idiot of a younger brother, what did you do this time!?”

He ran over and pushed the poor excuse of a person out of the way.  The shock shattering his frozen arm into diamond dust.  The guild master also came over and noticed who the other person was.

“Lady Luna what is going on?” He asked but never received an answer.

He walked around to get a look at her face only to find it with an expression of such fury, it could kill a true dragon.  The most terrifying thing though, was her eyes.  Their normal calm shine was gone, replaced by a furious silver glow.

It was then that she turned around and slowly walked toward the sniveling piece of trash.

“No one is allowed to touch me.  Not you.  Not her.  No.  One.” Luna said, her voice colder than the room.

She was about to crush the garbage that even roaches would avoid when someone ran through the door of the guild.

“Im sorry about this, Luna, but you need to calm down.” The new arrival, Velvet, said as she slammed her scabbard against Lunas head, knocking her out.

She caught Luna before she fell to the floor, at the same time, the temperature started to slowly return to normal.

The guild master spoke up, “Will you please bring Lady Luna up to my office?  Baron Du-Fis please come as well; it seems we are going to postpone our discussions for the time being.”

“I agree, but can you tell me who this is?”

“She is a new adventurer as well as the daughter of Marquis Deacon Reed.”

Upon hearing this, Baron Du-Fis paled.  He looked at the thing that he was unfortunate enough to be related to and said, “You really screwed up this time you idiot.  Be prepared to face serious consequences for this.  You two, bring him to the infirmary here, get his arm some first aid, and drag him up to the guild masters office.”

“It will be done, Milord!” Said the knights in unison.  They picked up the barley sentient dung heap by the arms and dragged him onto the guilds infirmary.

When that was done, Velvet, the guild master, and the Baron all went upstairs while the unconscious Luna was being carried in a princess carry.

Unbeknownst to all of them, in the divine domain, Atmos, the Goddess of Fate, was laughing.

“Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!  You go, Luna!  Im so happy you are going to be my sister-in-law!  Everything you do is so entertaining!”

{Will you calm down, Atmos, youre being annoying.} Tamamo said.

“I cant help it, that was hilarious!  Did you see the look on his face, it was priceless!”

{While I wholeheartedly agree, it still doesnt warrant being so loud.}

“Oh you, and your sensitive ears.  You should have seen the look on your face as well, I could practically see the hearts in your eyes.”

Tamamo blushed a bright red.  {I cant help it, Luna looked so cool just then, especially her eyes, the way they shone silver was mesmerizing.}

“I cant disagree.”

Author ’s Note:

It felt good writing this chapter.  That ’s all I got to say.  Thanks for reading.

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