I was Betrayed then Reincarnated as a Kitsune

Chapter 31- Capital Exploring: East- Part 3

[Luna POV]

After a few minutes of walking, we made it to an open space like the one where the guild is at.  If I had to compare what it looked like, it would be a bazaar.  Though it was still a little early, there were already a lot of people around.

“Ugh, its so loud.” I complained, folding my ears down.

“If you think this is loud, then its a good thing we got here when we did.  Around noon is the time this place is the most packed, youd probably go deaf.”

“Yeah, lets hurry then.”

Walking around, I saw many people selling many different things.  One person was selling cheap looking weapons, while another was selling some kind of pottery.

“There are so many different things here.” I said, voicing my thoughts.

“The people around here are mostly apprentices trying to sell there works as well as advertising what their teachers make.”

While looking around, I saw a stand that was selling small pendants.  I walked closer to it so I could get a better look at what was being offered.  One pendant that really caught my was in the shape of the sun with a red-orange colored jewel in the center.

“Has this pendant caught your eye, miss?” Said the stand owner.

“It has, where was this jewel found?”

“Its a magic stone that was found near a volcano.  It is what is left over from a bigger piece that my teacher used when making something for a noble.  It has the effect of slightly reducing mana cost of fire spells as well as keeping you warm when its cold, not that it matters much in this kingdom.”

“How much for it?” I asked, thinking I could give it to Soleil.

“5 silver and 20 copper.”

“Here you go.”

“Thanks, and if you ever have any requests, go to the jewelry storeDragons Hoard. We cater to both commoners and nobles.”

“Ill keep it in mind.  I might go there to make a commission when I get more money.” I said, an idea for a gift crossing my mind.

I walked back to Velvet, and we started moving again.

“You have a good eye, Luna.  That shop is quite famous, you might get a discount since you met an apprentice out here, not to mention that pendant is quite high quality for something sold so cheaply.”

“Thats the thing about places like this, you never know what youre going to find.”

“I thought you didnt have any experience with places like this.  You make it sound like youve been here before.” Velvet said, looking at me with suspicion.

‘Crap; I forgot I havent told Velvet everything about myself yet.  For now, Ill just make up an excuse, but eventually Ill have to explain myself.  Maybe after we are done going around the capital.

“You see, I heard about it from some people who talked about it during breaks from training.”

“I see.  How about we go over there, it looks like they have some interesting things.” Velvet said.

I looked over to where she was talking about and saw a stall selling different kinds of masks.  I looked back at her and saw her eyes sparkling.

“You like masks that much?”

“I enjoy collecting them.  My favorite kinds are the ones that cover your whole face, but if any catch my eye, I normally buy it.”

We walked over to the stall and took a look at what was being sold.  There were several kinds of masks ranging from full-face to half-face, ones you could get at festivals to ones you would wear to an opera.  Velvet looked over all the options and picked up one that looked like a pair of butterfly wings.

“How pretty, how much?”

“10 copper.”

Velvet hands over the money and we leave the stall.

“Want me to hold on to that for you so you dont have to carry it all day?” I asked.

“Sure, thanks.” She said, handing me the mask.

We spent another few hours there until it started getting too loud for me to handle.  We moved out of the plaza to a side street.

“Who knew it would get so crowded and loud so fast.” I said, massaging my head.

“Want to get an early lunch?  There is a good place close to here.”


We walked for about 10 minutes until we arrived in front of a door in the back of an alley.

“Is this the place you were talking about?” I asked.

“Yep.  This place may seem like its in a bad place, but they have some of the best pastries in the city and they serve it with this thing they call coffee.  Its bitter but goes well with the food.”

After hearing her explanation, I chuckled inwardly. So, its a hole-in-the-wall café kind of place, how fun.

“Seems interesting, Im looking forward to trying it.”

“Then lets go.” She said as she opened the door.

Inside was a bit dim, but tastefully decorated.  There was some light chatter from other patrons, but it wasnt overly noisy.  At the counter was an older gentleman that could pass for a bartender in a high-class bar.

“This is nice.” I said, “I already like the place.”

“I know right, its a good place to go if you get tired of the crowds outside.”

The older man looked up to see who came in.  When he saw Velvet, he smiled a bit.

“If it isnt Miss Velvet, its been a while since you last came here.”

“It has been a while, hasnt it?  Howve you been, Mister Bart?”

“Ive been well.  You and your people have been good to me.”

“Thats good.  Let me introduce you to my new friend here.  This is Luna Reed, she just got to this city about a week or so ago.”

“Hello, I am Luna Reed, its nice to meet you.” I said, introducing myself.

“Greetings, Lady Luna, my names Bart, Bart Ender.”

“Youre a noble?” I asked, a little surprised.

“I used to be, I passed my position down to my son a few years ago and decided to open up this place to pass the time.”

“How nice.” I said.

“Is there anything I can get you ladies?” Mister Bart asked.

“Well have the pastry set with coffee, please.” Velvet said, ordering for the both of us.

“Very well, then.  Take a seat where you like, and Ill have it right out to you.” He said before going into the back to prepare our order.

We went and sat down at a table near the wall.

“You know, if Tamamo could come down here, Id love to bring her here on a date.” I said, giving voice to the thought I just had.

{That does sound nice.}

“When you see her on nights with a full moon, can you use magic?” Velvet asked.

“I can, yeah.” I answered, confused.

“Then cant you use your illusion magic to replicate the place and people?  I mean youve mastered it to the level you can make physical illusions, right?” Velvet suggested.



“Velvet, are you a genius?  Because I think youre a genius.”

{I agree.}

“As a reward for giving me such a good idea, I will pay for the both of us.” I declared.

“You dont have to do that though.” Velvet began to protest, but I stopped her.

“I already declared it, so the only thing you can do is accept, Velvet.” I said jokingly.

“Fine, my gracious friend.  Allow me to impose upon your kindness.” Velvet said, playing along.

We both started to giggle when our order arrived.

“Here you go, ladies, please enjoy.  If you need anymore coffee, just call me over.”

After we nodded our heads, Mister Bart walked back to his spot from earlier.  I picked up my cup and took in the aroma.  It brought back memories from my previous life.  I must have looked strange because Velvet gave me a look of concern.

“Are you all right, Luna?  You seem kind of sad right now.”

“Its nothing, the smell of the coffee just made me remember something from a long time ago.  Ill tell you about it later.”

“OK, just know Ill listen whenever.”

We continued to eat our pastries that came with the coffee.  They really did pair well.

“How did you find out about this place, Velvet?” I asked curiously.

“Mister Barts family has been close to our organization for a long time, I even think one of my relatives married into his family at one point, but thats not important.  When he retired, he came and asked my mother for help in opening this shop.  They made a deal where she funded the shop and he agreed to let our people stay in here during the day.”

“I see.”

“What do you want to do after this?  We can either go to the place where they sell clothes or the place that holds auctions.”

“Lets go to the place where they sell clothes, I feel like if we go there, well end up spending the rest pf the day there.”

“OK then.  While were at it, lets decide where well go tomorrow.”

“Which area of the city has all of the places like blacksmiths and alchemy shops?”

“That would be the west.  Is that where you want to go tomorrow?”

“Yes, I need to resupply on some trap making things and to get some throwing knives, not to mention I want to get some poison making materials.”

“It sounds like youre preparing to go through a defensive battle.”

“You never know when youll need stuff like this.  Better to hoard it now than not have it when you might need it.”

{That makes you sound like some of the heroes from the past.  They always went around picking up even the smallest things.  I never really understood why they did it, but it was funny when, after they lived out the rest of their lives, their inventories suddenly dropped everything that was in there.  The reactions from other people were hilarious.  Atmos even passed out from laughing a few times.}

‘That is hilarious.

“Whats so funny?” Velvet asked.

“Tamamo was just telling me how I sounded like past heroes.”

Velvet looked convinced when I said that; “That makes sense, heroes always were a little weird.  Speaking of past heroes, I think I know the first shop Ill take you to.”

“Oh, is it run by a hero?”

“It was at one point, but its been like 200 years since then.”

“Where you around for that?”

“No, while not true for a lot of vampires, Im as old as I look.”

“So, youre around 20?”

“Spot on.”

“Ok, then were closer in age then I thought.”

We finished up our meal, I paid our bill, and we left to go to our next destination.

Author ’s Note:

Here is part 2 of 3 for the east.  I ’ll try to get part 3 out tomorrow morning at the earliest, so until then.  Thanks for reading.

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