[Luna POV]

We appeared in front of the guild masters desk while he was in the middle of some paperwork.  When he heard our sudden entry, he put himself on guard.

“Guild master we have a big problem.”

“Miss Luna, what happened?”

“We took a request to hunt in one of the forests and when we got there it reeked of death.  We entered to find our quarry and found undead; we took care of them, but I heard large numbers of more undead everywhere.  Somethings happening and we dont have time to waste.”

Just then someone ran into the room.

“Guild master!  Strange ominous light is coming from every forest around the capital.  Its a mix of black and purple and getting brighter as we speak.”

The guild master stood up suddenly and started walking to the door in a rush.  We all followed him, and we ended up on the second floor of the guild.


All the adventurers present started to run and get what they needed.  Most of them ran out of the guild while others grouped up and started talking strategy.

“Luna, any idea on the exact numbers?”

“No, but I feel like army is a better term to use than hoard.”

“I see, go and prepare then, I am going to contact the King and get him to issue orders to the knights and soldiers.  Any idea which place will have the most trouble?”

“I think the south.”

“Any reason?”


“Good enough.”

After saying that he went back upstairs.

“The real reason, Luna?”

“Tamamo and Atmos.”


“Velvet, when we get to the gate let me give your sword a temporary enchantment with my fox fire.”

“You can do that?”

“I think so, fox fire feels like magic more than a skill, so I dont see why not.  Plus, your sword wont be able to fully stop the undead efficiently.”

“What do you mean?”

“Were facing large numbers here.  Were outnumbered, you wont have the chance to fight one-on-one, the more you take out at a time, the better.”

“Fine then.”

We were finally reaching the south gate and saw a lot of adventurers gathering.  A few of them were explaining the situation to the gate guards and they started to let the people who were trying to enter the city in quickly.

I could see the black-purple light coming from the forest and a scowl crossed my face.

“Whats up Luna?”

“I remember seeing ominous light like that before.  When we were summoned, we were taught about fiend magic and shown an example with a captured fiend.  It was the same colors.”

“Damn it.  I think I know who is behind this then.”


“Its a cult that worships fiends.  Our organization is one of many that have tried to wipe them out, but its leader always managed to escape and rebuild his following.”

“Why didnt you say anything earlier?”

“I didnt know, every time they appear, they use different methods to try and fulfill their objectives.  My mother faced them last time and she told me they tried to destroy a coastal city with sea monsters and tsunamis.”

Before we could continue our conversation, the light flashed brightly and disappeared.  Everyone that was here noticed and started watching the forest.  Several moments of silence passed when I started hearing the clanking of armor and weapons from behind us.  I turned around and saw lots of knights coming this way.

“Report!  Has anything changed?”  The person I assumed was the leader aske to one of the adventurers.

“The light has gone out.  Whatever is coming is about to show up.”

Those of us with good hearing heard it first.  The rattling and footsteps.  We all looked towards the forest and saw tons of undead running this way.

“Velvet, draw your sword.”

She did and I started trying to enchant it with my fox fire.  It was easier than I thought it would be.  Her sword was now covered in a blue haze that gave off no heat.

“That was surprisingly simple.”

“Lets just hope its as effective as it needs to be.”

All of the knights and adventurers left the south gate and it was shut behind us.

“No backing out now, not that I would have.”

“You seem a bit excited, Luna.”

“I am a bit, two weeks of doing nothing and now were facing an army of undead.  I have a chance to let loose with my magic and skills on full blast, plus who knows how much Im going to level up with this.”

{Luna, calm down a bit, youll get distracted in battle.}


After about an hour, we could finally feel the ground rumbling with the approaching army.  I set up several balls of fox fire and surrounded myself with them.

“Those of you with magic, start preparing for a starting shot, archers do the same.” The knight leader called out.

I could feel the mages around me condensing their mana and archer drawing their bows.


All of the arrows were fired, and magic flew.  I called down bolts of silver lightning that crashed into the undead with explosive sounds.  I also shot out some ice spears that hit some skeletons and then started freezing groups once they made contact.  I couldnt help but grin.

“This is fun.”

“Mages, archers, back up, theyre getting too close to continue with bombardment, vanguards get ready!”

“Velvet, youre up next.”

She didnt answer, only nodded her head, and readied her sword.  Once the undead entered her range, she extended her sword and swung horizontally.  The blue haze from my enchantment leaving traces in the air as well as on the undead hit or scratched by Velvets sword.  The let out silent screams as they were purified and turned to ash.

Several knights and adventurers glanced in our direction but quickly turned their attention back to the fight.  I pulled out my new throwing knives and covered them with fox fire and started throwing.  I was given about 20 knives and by the time I finished throwing 10 of them, they started to return to me.

My grin widened as I said; “Now this is convenient, they return after about a minute after striking their target.”

One ghoul made it through Velvets swords extended range, so I shot five fox fires at it.

“Thanks Luna it would have taken too long for my sword to retract.”

“No problem, heads up, a second wave of skeletons is coming.”

I started to condense my magic and made a giant silver lightning bolt fall from the sky.  It struck the group of approaching skeletons and ghouls causing them to explode into bits and pieces.

A few made it through but were shortly taken care of by Velvet and some other vanguard fighters.  One of them got a bit overwhelmed and getting bit and scratched by a ghoul.  I ran up, purified it, and dragged the guy to the backline.  I used some healing magic on him.

“Thanks, miss.”

“Youre welcome, now lets get back to it, were nowhere near done.”


He stood back up and ran right back into the fray.  I started throwing knives again and we continued to hold off the undead for several hours.  When we hit a lull in combat, I asked Velvet a question.

“How many are there?  This is way too much for that forest to have hidden.”

“Not if you think about how long it would take to prepare all of this.  The ones who are the cause have been hiding for at least 60 years, so I think this is a reasonable number.”

It was then that a chilling howl sounded.

“Seems like a strong one has appeared.”

“That was a curse wolf, Luna.  Those are bad news for normal people.  You will be fine since curses dont work on you, but itll be difficult for most others here.”

“Then I might as well go take it out.”

“Luna stop!  Youre being reckless!  You cant just charge in like that!”

{Shes right Luna, youre getting too heated.}

“Fine, but what should we do?  Someone has to take it out before it causes a problem that cant be fixed.”

The knight leader came up to us and started speaking.

“I overheard your conversation, is it true that curses dont work on you lass?”


He was mulling over my words when the curse wolf howled again.

“Tch.  Lass, this will be a difficult fight, we will cover you so you dont get trampled by the rest of the hoard, if you and your friend here can take out that wolf, do it.”

I looked to Velvet to see if she agreed with his plan, and she nodded.

“Not really many options left at this point so lets go with that.  Luna, refresh those enchantments on my sword, were going to need them to be more than just a haze if we want to scratch that thing.”

I did as she said and we prepared for our toughest fight of the day.

Author ’s Note:

Here is a quick chapter for this morning.  I don ’t like leaving you all on a cliffhanger, but I have life things to take care of so I have to.  I ’ll try to write the next one when I ’m done so hopefully it ’ll be done today.  Thanks for reading.

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