It has been about a week since I reincarnated.  During this time, I have realized just how boring it is to be a baby.  I have little to no control over my body yet, I am unable to stay awake for long, and I am at the mercy of the adults around me.  I tried testing some of the new skills I got, and they turned out pretty interesting.  The first skill I tried out was Spirit Vision.  As the name suggests, this skill allows me to see spirits.  They appear as small balls of light with different color depending on the element.  Watching the spirits float around is like watching fish in a fish tank and has been one of the few sources of entertainment I have at the moment.  I also tried my Ice Mist unique skill but couldnt really get a feel for it yet because Anastasia noticed the drop in temperature and came running.

I also tried to use my magic and learned that out of all the magic I can use my ice magic and illusion magic are the best.  If I had to rank my magic on how easy it is to use it would be: ice, illusion, lightning, space.  Im not sure how proficient I am with healing magic because there is nothing for me to use it on but if I go with my gut feeling, I would put it between lightning and space.  If my mana pool wasnt so small, I could practice more but there is only so much I can do right now.

Aside from all of the testing I did, I also tried to get any information I could regarding the world during my two years of being dead.  From what I was lucky enough to overhear is that the hero party still hasnt defeated the King of Fiends that is the reason that they were summoned to kill in the first place.  I am honestly surprised that it is taking them as long as it is to finish their mission, but then I remembered what the two who are leading the summoned heroes are like.  The person who had the Hero class, Shin Grayson, is an idiotic narcissist.  The one who got the Saint class, Sara Grayson, is the heros twin sister and is just as narcissistic as her brother.  Shin is the muscle while Sara is the mind.

If I had to guess the reason it is taking them so long to kill the King of Fiends, it would be because they do not want to lose the privileges that they received when we were all summoned.  When we were brought to this world it was explained to us that we were stronger than the average people of this world and our aging was stopped for as long as the King of Fiends remained.  The reason we were given for this was so that we could train and remain at our peak physical condition until we finished our mission.  I honestly find it stupid to stall this for so long.  There is nothing stopping the native people of this world from summoning more people to fight if the current summoned people refuse to do so.  The longer they put this off, the more they will be resented in the end, this world isnt as nice as Earth.  I wouldnt risk being lynched just for the sake of longevity.

I also learned that my father is a general of the beast kingdom Savanna and was recently sent to the front lines to defend the kingdoms border from the fiends.  It seems that he is a part of a unified army made up of several elites from many countries to defend against the fiends.  This unified army is made up of all the races that live on this continent and is sent to guard the borders of the Land of Fiends and to clear a path to allow the heroes to get to the King of Fiends.  I have a feeling that the unified army is having quite a hard time due to the heroes taking so long.

“I hope someone comes along to light a fire under the heroes so that they get their job done soon.”

I say this as I go back to watching the spirits float around and try to come up with something else to keep me entertained.

Author ’s Note:

Sorry it took me so long to get this chapter out, school is a pain and it has taken up a lot of my time.  I hope you enjoy the chapter and tell me what you think I can improve.  Thanks for reading and I will write some more soon.

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