I was Betrayed then Reincarnated as a Kitsune

Chapter 44- Talking about Recent Events

[Luna POV]

“So, where is the place we need to get the supplies at, the east or north?”

“The company that the supplies were ordered from is located in the north, so we should check there first.”

We headed to the northern part of the city, and after about an hour of searching, we found the place we were looking for.  The place looked more like a warehouse than an actual merchant office.  We went inside and were greeted with a hectic scene.

‘This place looks like Wall Street.

{Whats that?}

‘Something from my old world.

We looked around for an empty or less occupied line and eventually found one.  Velvet and I chatted while waiting and an hour passed.  The line we were in was about half as long as it was when we got in it, but it was moving faster than most of the others.

After another hour of waiting, we finally made it to the front of the line.

“Welcome, how can I help you today?”

“We accepted a delivery quest from the adventurers guild, here are the documents.”

“I see, wait here for a second.”

The lady we were talking to said this then went into the back room.  After about two minutes she came back with a middle-aged man behind her.

“Are you two the adventurers that accepted this quest?”

“We are.”

“Follow me then.”

We followed the man into another door that led to the back of the building.

“Im grateful that you two took this quest, we posted it last week, but no one took it.  We were worried we would have to deliver this stuff ourselves.”

“This place does seem to be very busy.”

“Yeah, we won the right to lead the capitals Vanquishing Festival this year, so we have most of our people out and about right now.”

“Won the right?”

“All us merchant companies hold a competition to choose the lead of the festival each year.  We got lucky that last years lead decided not to participate this time, so we won the competition and now we have to prepare the festival.”

“What do you get out of leading the festival?”

“We get our name out there.  The publicity we get for this will let our company grow and expand outside the country.”

“I see, then I wish you luck in your endeavors.”

“Thanks missy.  Here we are, everything ordered for the shrine village is in this cart.  I hope you dont meet any problems on the road, or youll end up being late.”

“Well be able to handle anything that we come across.” I said while chuckling inwardly.

Velvet was also chuckling at my side.  The man had left us alone and went back to his other business and we checked for everything with the list he gave us.

“Are we missing anything?”

“No, just dont forget about the list and well be good.  Youre up.”

I stored everything in my inventory, and we left the company.

“I wonder how confused theyll be when they see that the cart is still there.”

“Maybe you should have stored it too, we dont want them thinking we stole everything.”

“If we did that, then why would we leave the cart.  If I was going to steal something, I would take the cart provided then switched it in a different location.”

“I guess thats a good point.  Anyway, where do you want to teleport away from, somewhere inside the city, or a bit away from it?”

“Lets head over to that alley over there.”

We entered the ally and I grabbed onto Velvets arm.  I invoked the teleportation spell and in a split second we found ourselves in my room at the shrine.

“Its nice to see this room again.”

“So, this is your room?  How minimalistic.”

“I just like to keep it clean and organized, its an old habit.  Thats enough about me though, lets go and tell my parents were here and deliver the quest items.”

“Lead the way, then.”

We left my room and I started to lead the way to where we would most likely find my mother when I heard something coming towards us at a fast pace.


Soleil rounded a corner and sprinted towards us.  When she got close enough she leapt straight into a hug, knocking me to the ground.

“Ouch!  Soleil what have I told you about doing that?”

“Sorry big sis, itll happen again in the future.”

“It should be not happen again.  How did you even know I was here?”

“I could hear it calling me.”

“Here what calling you?”

“Nothing.” She said, a little panicked.

“What are you hiding from me, Soleil?”

“Who is this, big sis?”

“Shes Velvet, my party member and the person I was telling you about in my letters.  And well talk about whatever youre hiding from me later.”


“So, this is the little sister Ive heard so much about, its nice to meet you, Im Velvet.”

“Im Soleil.  Big sis, what are you doing back?  Did you decide to quit adventuring or something?”

“No, we took a quest to deliver some things for the Vanquishing Festival here, also dont be rude.”

While I was scolding Soleil, Ana turned the corner, clearly looking for Soleil.

“Sol, what are you running off for?  You still have things you need to do.”

When she saw what was happening, her eyes widened in surprise.

“Lady Luna, what are you doing back?”

“Hello Ana, were here on a delivery quest.  I though that it would be extremely easy to finish since I could just teleport here.”

“That makes sense.  Oh, pardon my rudeness, my name is Anastasia, I assume you are Lady Velvet, Lady Lunas party member.”

“Yes, I am Velvet, its nice to meet you.”

“Ana, do you know if mom or dad are busy?”

“Your mother is in her office going over documents regarding the festival, while your father is training the newest soldiers.  Hes going extra hard on one of them this time.”

“Does this person only have one arm?”

“Yes, how did you know?”

“Because Im the reason he lost one arm.”

I glanced over to Soleil to see if she would try to go off and fight the guy, but she just stayed the same place she was sitting at.

“Ana, is Soleil alright?  I kind of expected her to run off and tear that guys throat out.”


“She has been relatively tame since you left and has gotten even calmer since a few weeks ago.  Im guessing you figured out a way to get rid of Charm?”


“Yeah.  So, she was affected by that skill after all.”


“She was, but now that she isnt she should be less, fanatic, about you.”


“Thats good, but it doesnt explain how she knew I was here.  I never sent a letter before hand.”


“We can talk about that later, for now lets go meet your mother.”


“So, you learned the telepathy skill, Lady Luna?”

“Yep.  Got it when I first used fox transformation.”

“How did you figure out how to use it?”

“Using fox fire in combat.”

“Interesting, well have to record that for the future.”

We all walked to moms office.  Velvet asked Ana and Soleil several questions about the shrine and how things work here.  Ana answered most of them while Soleil took several glances at Velvet, but never spoke to her.

‘How am I ever going to get these two together?

{Just let it happen naturally, you got them to meet, and that is the hardest part.}

‘I think the hardest part will be getting Soleil to acknowledge Velvet.

{If that doesnt happen while they are around each other now, youll just have to wait for Soleil to officially join you on your adventure.}

‘I guess youre right.

As I was talking with Tamamo, I walked right into a door.


“Lady Luna, you really need to fix that bad habit of yours.”

“Shes right, Luna.  You cant just ignore the world around you when you talk with her.”

“Even I cant defend you on this point, big sis.  Its a real problem.”

“Even you, Soleil?”

“Of course, you always do this, big sis.  If you dont fix this problem, theres no telling what trouble youll get yourself into.”

“Whats going on out here?”

Mom came out of the room whose door I ran into.

“Oh, its just you, Luna.  Did you lose focus again while talking to the Goddess?  Wait, what are you even doing back here, Luna?”

“Ill explain shortly, but can we call dad here first?”

“Sure, can you go get him, Ana?”

“Of course, Lady Amagi.”

Ana said this and left to get dad while mom let us in and told us to sit down.  The second we all sat down, Soleil placed her tail in my lap and, out of habit, I pulled out my brush and started brushing her tail.

Author ’s Note:

Here is the chapter.  I ’m going to sleep now.  Thanks for reading.

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